Happy Friday 7/9/21

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? My twin sister and her fam are in town for a few days so we’re playing and relaxing and trying to pick all the ripe cherries on our cherry tree before the birds get them. I wish we lived next door to each other, but I’ll take all the long weekends with her I can get :) Hope you have a good one!


Here are some fun links from the week…

Don’t play with your kids. Seriously. (nytimes)

You should probably give your house a name - here are some lovely suggestions. I’ve been trying to name our farmhouse since we first moved in (or at least give it an IG hashtag), but still haven’t come up with the right one. (apartmentthereapy)

What a simple, gorgeous, perfect kitchen for an old house! Jessica Helgerson can do no wrong in my book and this Iowa City kitchen does not disappoint! (@jhinteriordesign)

This salad! I wrote out the dressing recipe on a recipe card and have it on my countertop for easy access - it’s that good! (nytimes)

Did you catch our impromptu new remodel project? Eek!

Thinking about this pink camera for Daphne’s upcoming birthday. Hoping it will keep her from swiping my phone and filling up my camera roll every day…and also hoping I can borrow it ;) (amazon affiliate)

How fun is this colorful, cozy, and oh so collected home in London?! (houseandgarden)

The link between self-reliance and well-being. (theatlantic)

Would you ever put a skirted cabinet in the bathroom? I’m a hard YES on that and this whole bathroom! (@whitneymcgregor)

I’ve been listening to this deliciously fun novel this week. Highly recommend! (amazon affiliate, indiebound)

Have a great weekend!