Happy Friday 6/15/18 + Clutter-Free Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Happy Friday! And happy Father’s Day to all you indispensable men in the world! We get to celebrate both Garrett and our 5-year-old, Wilder, this weekend since the former is an amazing dad and the later had his birthday earlier this week. Woe is me, these kids are growing up entirely too fast (said every parent, ever ;).

via @themoderncaravan

Back to Father’s Day for a minute…we’ve shied away from gift-giving on small holidays, but we still like to make the day special for the dads in our life. I wanted to share a few simple ideas for inexpensive, clutter-free gifts that we love. We’ll definitely be doing a few (or all) of these this weekend!

A Story by the Kids – Wilder wrote a story for Garrett this year and it was just so sweet. Wilder dictated the story to me, I typed it up, printed it, and folded it like a book. It was an adventure story full of dinosaurs and Wilder was so excited to give it to Garrett that he couldn’t wait for Father’s Day. Ha! I’m pretty sure it was as fun for Wilder to create as it was for Garrett to receive!

Hike/Bike/Nature Walk – get outside for a hike with the kids! Getting into nature is my favorite way to relax and renew with Garrett and I love getting to enjoy it with the kids too.

Brewery Trip – You may have already noticed that we love to go to breweries. For a day like Father’s Day, I like to pack a little treat like fresh-baked cookies or some seasonal fruit and bring it to our local brewery (which allows outside food and kids). We get to enjoy a beer and community and the kids get to hang out with us. If you don’t have a local brewery, you could always pick up a 22oz-er of his favorite microbrew and enjoy it at home!

Family Pancakes – our family really does breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, crepes, and eggs are on a weekly rotation around here. But we’ll make Father’s Day breakfast extra special by making a compote or picking up some seasonal fruit.

Help Him Work for a Day – offer Dad an extra pair of hands around the house for the day. Together you can finally prune those shrubs or pressure wash the house. Bonus: you’ll get to spend hours together!

Go Camping – there’s nothing like a night in the woods to bring the family closer together! We have always been tent sleepers, but a vintage Airstream wouldn’t be a bad option, either ūüėČ

Make a Sweet Treat! – nothing says “we appreciate you” like a hot pan of brownies or a DIY version of Dad’s favorite candy (like these).

I’d love to hear if you have any other easy/inexpensive/clutter-free gift ideas for the holiday! In the meantime, it’s Friday again, so I rounded up lots of great links from the week. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Molly Yeh has a show coming to the Food Network! I can’t wait to see more of Molly and loved reading about her experience filming a pilot (so different from our experience!).

Wilder is always asking to borrow Garrett’s leatherman so this birthday we got him one of his own! This kid’s version¬†comes without a knife blade (you can add it in later) so it’s safe for a 5-year-old. I’m kind of obsessed with how cool these are!

via @themoderncaravan // Airstream renovation by Kate Oliver + Ellen Prasse

I’ve been staking @themoderncaravan‘s Instagram feed for a few weeks now (the photos in this post are both theirs!). Kate and Ellen do an amazing job fixing up vintage Airstreams and their feed has become one of my favorites on IG. Crossing my fingers we’ll get to tackle our own Airstream renovation one day.

Messy people, minimalism is for you.

This 1928 Spanish-Colonial is gorgeous! I especially love the living room and outdoor space.

Going gray, gracefully. I’m trying to figure out how to do just that!

Have a great weekend!



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Happy Friday 6/8/18

Happy Friday! Is your June off to a good start? We had a great trip to Orcas Island this week! It was a free-spirit, breeze-in-your-hair kind of vacation with some of our best friends. We explored the rocky, beautiful beaches, ate oysters we shucked ourselves, toured the beautiful Moran mansion, and played Pitch late into the night. It was one for the books! And about that mansion…

That is the Moran Mansion at Rosario on Orcas Island. And as beautiful as the home is, my favorite thing about our visit was learning about the people behind the home, seeing how they lived, and catching glimpses of the changes made to the home over the past 110+ years (why, why is that copper pipe running below the wood box-beamed ceiling?!). Can you believe that last photo is the master bathroom of this glorious home. Well one of two master bathrooms, because Mr. and Mrs. Moran had different master suites, of course. And there were no master closets – just¬† a series of drawers in each bedroom. The master beds were maybe a full size and the bedrooms were relatively tiny compared to the size of the home. I found that all so…refreshing! Oh and did I mention the flooring? White hexagon tile and hefty wood herringbone. Swoon!

Well it’s Friday again, so I rounded up¬†some of my favorite links from the week.

This podcast. It was a recommendation of Joy the Baker and super entertaining. We listened to it on our drive, right after our 4-year-old caught up on Wow in the World (highly recommend that one for kids, too!).

This rose-covered exterior stopped me in my tracks.

Why it’s important to work hard. I certainly relate to this, especially as Joshua Becker defines work (Becoming Minamilist). Related: Mr. Money Mustache thinks all retirements should include work (Bigger Pockets Money Podcast).

Yes please! I’ll definitely be trying these chocolate chip hazelnut cardamom cookies this summer (Dishing up the Dirt).

Have you heard of travel hacking? A few tips from this full-time traveler on flying for free (be my travel muse).

Apparently we’re not the only ones interested in Orcas Island…Oprah bought a home there last month.

What should the next HGTV show look like? Interesting thoughts on the impacts of all those expensive, instant, and sometimes unnecessary renovations (curbed).

Have a great weekend!



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Farmhouse Friday 6/1/18

Happy Friday! And welcome to June. Our small town has a historic house move going on this weekend, and I’m pretty excited about it! (If you’re local, you can read more about it here.) The old home is being moved to make way for apartments, I believe, and it’s new location will be right across the street from where I grew up. I love creative solutions to preservation like this one.

I have to say that one of my favorite things about moving home to Ellensburg has been all the events our small town puts on. There are farmer markets in the summer, beer festivals, parades, story times at the library, and all number of holiday going-ons. Recently Garrett and I took part in a different kind of event: Love and Logic parenting classes. I know, I know, parenting classes. Ugh. But these have been a game changer for us. The series of classes was put on for free at our local library and they are hands down the best thing to happen to our family since Daphne’s arrival. Our mornings, especially, run 100% smoother and our whole home is happier for it. Anyway, just thought I’d share in case any of you have wondered about them.

Our Bryant House renovation (now an Airbnb) // Master Bedroom

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I’ve rounded up lots of great links from the web. Grab a cup on coffee and dig in!

What to do with an ugly carport. Holy moly, Sarah this makeover is gooooood!

We’re taking the kids to Orcas Island this week for camping and fun. The boys have their own sleeping bags and I wanted to get Daphne this cutie, but Garrett convinced me to wait another year until she’ll actually be able to use it. Always the realist.¬†pssst:¬†If you have any kid-friendly restaurant and activity recommendations for Orcas Island please share them!¬†

Ten ways minimalism will improve your life.

Baked coconut donuts. These are definitely on my to-do list for National Doughnut Day, which just so happens to be today (so go treat yourself!).

Inspiration from Instagram: this vibrant wallpaper (and spindle bed), fun family living in an RV, a dreamy project, a cute henhouse, and this layered bedroom.

An outdoor space in the desert. This almost makes me want to live in the desert…almost ūüėČ

Have a great weekend!



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Farmhouse Friday 5/25/18

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend (hey, summer!)! We had a good and busy week, spending quite a bit of time in Seattle and Tacoma. Yup, we’re still working on the Tacoma Converted Garage project, albeit slowly since we’re in our rental ‘busy season’. We finished the Tacoma dining room over two days last weekend and it turned out SO cool! It’s industrial and traditional, and I’m beginning to think that might just be Garrett and my combined style to a T. Watch for that room to hit the blog this summer.

We’ve had some help with this project in the form of an intern, Bella. Can you believe we have an intern? She’s an interior design student in Seattle that reached out this Spring to see if we could use some help this quarter. Initially I didn’t think we could, but Garrett pointed out that we have the Tacoma Converted Garage so we said yes. And thank goodness we did because she’s amazing. She’s helped put together paint colors, finishes, and drawings for this space. And I have to say it’s been really fun to have another person besides just Garrett and I in the mix. You’ll get to see her amazing skills when we share more of the Tacoma project!

via @buildingwalnutfarm // design and photo Angela Wheller

This kitchen (errr greenhouse) stopped me in my tracks. Angela’s Walnut Farm is really something. And those oak cabinets…oh my! Almost makes you want to build a home, right?!

If you’ve ever wondered about living through a renovation, especially with kids, this about sums it up. I feel you Mandi.

Did you catch the ‘no makeup’ home tours that went around this week?

Nate Berkus chats with Oprah about design, surviving the 2004 tsunami, and coming out. This is an oldie but worth a listen.

600sf can be cheery and bright. Loved this home tour of a small family!

Low cost index funds are the talk of the Financial Independent community and this article was super helpful on exactly why.

And in case you’ve been waiting for a sale to buy something for your home (good for you!), a few of my go-to retailers are having Memorial Day sales:

For lighting and rugs: Rejuvenation, 20% off everything + free shipping.

For curtains, lighting, and accents: West Elm, 15% $100.

For wallpaper, knobs and whimsical touches: Anthopologie, 20% full price decor/furniture item + up to 40% off sale.

For sheets, blankets, and curtains: Pottery Barn 15% $100.

Have a fun and safe weekend!



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Farmhouse Friday 5/18/18

Happy Friday! How is May treating you? This week, as I gathered links for this post, I noticed that most of them have a bent towards minimalism and simplifying. It’s a popular theme around the Farmhouse lately as we’ve been gravitating towards the simple in all aspects of our lives. In all honesty, we’re too ambitious and have too many young children to lead a life of complete simplicity, but it’s something we’re striving towards.

I think the word ‘simplify’ is a bit overused these days, but for us it’s about removing the negatives, thoughtfully spending time and money on the positives, keeping our priorities and mind, and becoming, as Mr. Money Mustache would call it, “happiness maximalists”.¬†Have you heard that phrase before? Happiness Maximalists. It means the thoughtful and deliberate pursuit of happiness when considering where and how to direct resources, or atleast that’s what we think it means.¬†Garrett especially has related to that and it’s been a focus in our discussions as we’ve planned for what’s next for our family.

Well it’s Friday again (phew!), and I’ve rounded up all my favorite links from the week, so grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

When the stuff you own keeps you from your dreams. This is the good stuff right here, and I think everyone can relate.

An NFL veteran who donated everything to travel the country in a van. I love this story. Living simply (there’s that word again), adventure, a dog, and a fresh start…it’s all here.

Our complicated relationship with stuff, a podcast from Young House Love. They talk about this book, which inspired John and Sherry’s own shopping ban. I’m going on a year without buying clothes but would love to try a wider-reaching shopping ban like they did!


source / design: Sarah Gibson / Photo: Sarah Gibson

Sarah’s mudroom reveal contained some of my favorite art ever. And even better…she painted them herself! This is definitely one of my favorite rooms to come out of the One Room Challenge this Spring – check it out here!

The best chef in the world’s home kitchen. I love so much about this space, especially the wood beams and the hood vent.

Melissa’s minimalist wardrobe. My sister read this article (thanks for sending it, sis!) and immediately ran upstairs to pull unloved and unworn clothes from of her closet. Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be a big task.



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Farmhouse Friday 05/11/18

Happy Friday! Guys, I’ve really fallen in love with Spring this week. Fall used to be my favorite season and then Summer and now Spring is giving me a run for my money. It’s just so beautiful. The flowers are in full bloom, the grass is oh so green, and in-between all the sun we’ve had the best rain storms. Keep it up, Spring, and that top spot will be all yours!

Our Farmhouse // master bedroom // Skyline rug (on sale!), Swing-arm sconce (on sale too!)

I snagged lilacs from Nana and Papa’s old house last week. I can’t quite believe this, but their home sold within 10 days and we moved the last of their stuff this past weekend. It’s the end of an era. Garrett and I started dating when we were 18, about a year after they built that house and there are so many wonderful memories wrapped up in it. I drank my first wine cooler while dipping my feet in their jetted tub with my sister and future sister-in-law.¬†I played countless games of Perudo and cribbage around their dining table. I spent my first Christmas as a mom there and too many¬†birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to count. And of course, I fell in love with an incredible man there at that house. Needless to say that home will be missed. But we’re all very excited for new memories at their new home, the Porch House!

Well it’s Friday again and I’ve found lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

Modern traditional style (and furniture). I’m very, very in! I often find it hard to define my style, but it’s definitely along those lines. Also: the alternative names readers gave are even better:¬†‚ÄėMillennial Primitive‚Äô, ‚ÄėModern Country‚Äô, ‚ÄėContemporary Farmhouse‚Äô, and ‚ÄėMinimal Traditional‚Äô.

The Why of Financial Independence¬†(an oldie from Choose FI podcast). “Not only is this about happiness and reclaiming your time. But it’s about freedom. It’s about freedom to have potentially decades back in your life that otherwise would have been spent at a job that you may or may not like.”

Reusable wool dryer balls. Do you use them? I’m a recent convert and kind of obsessed.They decrease drying time (when we’re not line drying) and cut out dryer sheets altogether, something Garrett is dead set against using.

via: NY Times // design: Leanne Ford // photo: Tessa Neustadt

Leanne Ford is a very talented designer (and new HGTV host) and her little cabin in the big city. I sure can appreciate her love of white and neutrals.

Made these smashed chickpea salad sandwiches this week. The verdict: easy and good (my 4 and 2 year-olds ate them too).

Does outsourcing unpleasant chores lead to happiness? It’s an interesting question. Maybe you shouldn’t outsource everything after all.¬†

Have a great weekend…and enjoy the Spring!



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Farmhouse Friday 5/4/18

Happy Friday! Can we talk about the joys of a clothes line for a minute? I know, it’s such a simple thing but also kind of profound for me. Garrett put a clothes line up behind the Farmhouse last month and it’s blowing my mind. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats that line-dried-fresh scent in my book. For you too? Plus air drying uses the sun and wind to dry instead of consuming energy and racking up electricity bills so it’s really a win-win-win. I’m all about small life victories and decreasing our footprint where we can.

Another fun happening from around the Farmhouse lately: egg hunts. It turns out that if you let your chickens free-range they will nest in places besides their nest boxes. So we’ve found caches of 12 plus eggs all over our property plus the odd one or two in the bottom of the stroller (yes, really!) or in the corner of the deck. It’s kind of like a daily Easter egg hunt. ¬†Now how do I get them to lay Cadburry Mini Eggs instead of regular eggs;)

This podcast had Garrett and I both nodding our heads and laughing our asses off. Real estate investing is not rocket science but it is best done creatively and with a sense of humor. Also: vacuum the truck…it’s great advice that we’ve taken through our week!

The complicated world of a couple who both parent and own a business together. I can so relate!

I saw these pendant shades hanging in a Seattle restaurant last week and thought they’d be perfect for Daphne’s little reading chair so I hunted them down online! Can you believe that price (they were at a fancy restaurant, so I was worried they’d be way more expensive)?! I’m making my way to a store today to pick one up!

Sometimes the picture perfect life is an unhappy place to live.

source // photo by Jamie Beck

I’ve really been enjoying following Jamie Beck’s year in Provence on Instagram¬†(the photo above is actually from Florida). She’s an amazing photographer and shares a lot of the behind-the-scenes from her photo shoots and life in France. From a recent post on her blog about traveling back to the US: “The limitations I have in France actually make my life easier. It is supposed to be the opposite, having everything possible is supposed to make like better but it doesn‚Äôt for me. It‚Äôs just ‚Ķ too much. The¬†paradox of choice. Too much noise in my head. Too much packaging screaming at me for attention.”

Up your Cinco de Mayo game with these easy¬†homemade tortillas. We make veggie tacos at least once a week and these tortilla have become a go-to. Once you taste homemade, you won’t go back to store bought!

An oldie but timely post on how to shop Craigslist from the Makerista. Spring is the time for home refreshes, right?

Have a great weekend!



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Farmhouse Friday 4/27/18

Happy Friday! Have you gotten any sunshine where you live this week? It was so beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest that I was reminded exactly why it is we live here ūüėČ I wanted to thank all of you who came out to the meet up last week. It was really fun to meet so many ‘home people’! One thing that struck me was how many of our conversations revolved around house hacking, rentals, and real estate. Seattle is a hard market to buy in these days, but so many people are living creatively, making their housing situation work for them instead of the other way around. I find it inspiring!

With less than 2 weeks left on the ORC, our entire family is hard at work on Daphne’s nursery. We’ll be spending a little more time on that project this weekend (it goes a little slower with three little people helping ūüėČ plus we’re prepping our rentals for summer, which is our busy season. Honestly, we’ve been overly busy too often this past year, so I’m not looking forward to feeling that way again. When we quit our jobs and moved to the Farmhouse we thought things would slow down, but if anything, they’ve been more chaotic. So we’re looking to pare down this year, really assess what we want to be doing and focus our effort in that direction. Hopefully that will mean more family travels, time outside, and creative work and play.

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I found lots of great links from around the web. So grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

The amazing connection between generations of woman. I find this so very special.

Jersey Ice Cream Co is at it again! And this Historic Catskills retreat does not disappoint! Also, Percy can really make a piece of furniture. That four-poster bed has me weak in the knees!

via Francois Et Moi

This back hall makeover (above) is really good and so simple in the best possible way.

I broke out my trusty Birkenstocks this week and that is definitely one of my favorite feelings of Spring. Other favorites: the sun on my face while I swing below a large tree. Listening to the choir of frogs outside the Farmhouse at night. Being in the yard during that golden hour in the evening with my family.

I have to admit I’ve never made an ‘olive oil’ cake but this one sounds so interesting I may just have to try it!

Have a great weekend



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Farmhouse Friday 4/20/18

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week! We were up to a little bit of everything this week: Daphne’s bedroom, spending time with the kids at the Farmhouse, a working trip to the Tacoma converted garage project, turning our Airbnbs in Seattle, and helping get Nana and Papa’s country house ready for sale. All in all, it was a fun week, but I’m definitely ready for the weekend! Speaking of the weekend, if you’re in Seattle tonight (Friday), come to our meet up at Fremont Brewery from 4-6pm! We want to build community with all of you DIYers, renovators, house-hackers, old home enthusiasts, new home enthusiasts, homebodies, etc. Plus the boys and I baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they aren’t going to eat themselves!

Tacoma Converted Garage project // salvaged light fixture from Second Use

Let me back up to the Tacoma converted garage project for a minute. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the 50s-era converted garage owned by Garrett’s sister (it’s the old garage behind her 1800s duplex, which was converted to a rental unit decades ago). We got some work done over there this week on the rough-in plumbing and planning/design. We’ll be getting into this project more here on the blog next month (ish) but you can see a tour of the space in my Instagram highlight reel (@thegritandpolish). While old houses will always be my jam, it’s definitely a fun change of pace to work on an industrial/modern/timeless project. I literally cannot wait to see this project come together!

Well it’s Friday again, so I’ve rounded up lots of great links from around the web.¬†Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

This home tour is just right for Spring.

I recently started reading¬†this architecture book¬†(on the recommendation of my¬†friend), and I am enamored. It’s all about designing homes and the architectural elements you should use and those you should avoid. I’m only a week in (and admittedly my ‘reading weeks’ are light these days), but love the authors’ thoughts on building a home “in which we love to live over time. That’s how a building proves its worth, not just in the short term, but forever.” Amen. Also: in my book, that’s why design matters.¬†

source // designer: Christine Dovey // photo: Ashley Capp

A designer’s kitchen goes from pink and pretty to chic and contemporary. I’m a (big) fan of the chic and contemporary!

I like the title of this article: “Day-Ruining Study Shows How Drinking May Shorten Your Life“. You should probably wait until Monday to read this one (especially if you’re meeting us at the brewery tonight ;), but definitely good information.

I just love this ritual and can’t wait to read more of ‘treasury’.

Sixteen ways to decorate your home for free. This could come in handy should you, say, ban shopping for a year (or a month).

Design inspiration from Instagram this week: a simple bedroom, pink in the bathroom, everything pretty, and this whole situation!

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 4/13

Happy Friday (the 13th)! For you folks in Seattle, Garrett and I will be doing a meet-up next Friday (4/20) from 4-6pm at Fremont Brewery. So if you’re in town, come chat with us…about houses, renovations, kids, house-hacking, the weather, anything! We’re chatty people and we want to meet you! Per our usual, some or all of our kids will be with us, so don’t hesitate to bring your little people. And if there are any changes, I’ll update you on Instagram, so check there. We’re excited to meet you!

About this week: we staged Nana and Papa’s house is two hours. Two hours! It was crazy and super fun and our kids were troopers. We’re hoping to get back over there to take photos since we didn’t get the chance, but in the mean time…

It’s Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

I watched a couple great shows online this week: the One Room Challenge series debut (I’m sooo impressed by what Candis and Andy are doing and Natasha‘s beautiful space) and Nate and Jeremiah’s show. Both are so good!

house_1924 // design and photo: Leigh and Ben

Leigh and Ben (of house_1924) are some of my favorites on Instagram and this little set up here has me weak in the knees!

So very, very impressed by the imagination and gumption of Josie (aka Moonshine Penguin) and her husband. Honestly I’m not quite sure what to say about this post/article/bio, but read it. Especially if you’re interested in house-hacking, early retirement, what to do with money, and living a fuller life on less. It’s SO inspiring…and now a boat seems like a good idea.

The Henhouse Kit Shop is up and running with lights you can assemble yourself. This is So Cool!

The Minimalist Kitchen is here! Melissa at the Faux Martha is one of my favorite bloggers (and has the prettiest home!), so of course I already ordered her cookbook! ¬†Tell me I’m not alone!

Dining room design rules. Pin this because you’ll want to go back again and again.

Have a great weekend!



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