Happy Friday! 10/12/18

Happy Friday! I have to say, no matter how many times I go to New York, I’m always amazed by it. The architecture, the people, the bustle. And this time around we got to share the experience with our kids, which was amazing on a whole new level. It doesn’t actually take much to impress our small town kiddos (an escalator or elevator will do) so you can imagine what the subway and skyscrapers did to them.

One thing I love about visiting big cities with young kids is that you can just pile them into a stroller and walk or ride everywhere. This visit we made it to the Natural History Museum, the Bronx Botanical Gardens, Times Square, the West Village, Central Park, and every playground we found along the way and we didn’t get into a vehicle once. It was great!

Well enough about our trip (and I apologize for the barrage of vacation photos – it was nice to take our cameras out of the house for a change ;). I found lots of good links from around the web. Dig in!

Stunning doesn’t begin to cover this Brooklyn townhouse. I’m completely in love with the kitchen/patio space and the backstory behind the owners.

Loved Cassandra’s dark October mood board. And I have to wonder, is the Tacoma Converted Garage kitchen going moody just because we’re feeling all the Fall feels right now? Hmmmm…

And speaking of October mood boards, Sarah’s was right up my (dark) alley too.

Dominick’s talk on ‘drift’ kind of blew my mind, so I stopped and went back to episode 33. I’ve been looking for some inspiration on using my time better because, if I’m being totally honest, it’s been a sh*t show around here lately. I can’t seem to get the laundry folded or remember what day my son’s soccer practice is on. And I’m always struggling with being present with my kids and getting enough dedicated time to work on this here blog, which I’d probably do 50 hours a week if I had it. Anyway, the podcast is a start…

Beyond excited to see Rifle’s new rug line. Also from Instagram lately: loft inspiration, and this kitchen, which I’d like to transport to our Farmhouse. And add some large doors and a patio ūüėČ

Serena and Lily’s¬†friends and family sale¬†is on now and 20% off with code “homelove”. Lots of you have asked about our¬†hanging chair¬†and this is the sale I bought it at (I love their textiles¬†too!).

Hope you have a great weekend!



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Happy Friday 10/5/18

Happy Friday! We’re off to New York City this weekend to visit family and spend as many waking hours at the Natural History Museum as our kiddos can muster (dinosaurs are kind of a big deal in our family ;). We’ve been meaning to take the kids to NYC for a couple of years now, but we finally pulled the trigger after getting an Airbnb booking at the Farmhouse. Please send any kid-friendly recommendations our way!

Speaking of Airbnb, we’re learning that renting out our primary residence is easier in the summer than during the school year. Weekend stays feel much more disruptive when you’re dealing with lunches and backpacks and all. the. paper. coming in and out of your front door every day. Going forward, we’ll probably limit these rentals to the summer and big breaks.

Our Farmhouse // entryway, rug

We finally got a new rug in our entryway. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug so you can literally hose it down. It’s taken me 2 years to decide on a rug for in here. That’s longer than it took us to renovate an entire house. Sheesh. And don’t even get me started on the light fixture. At some point last week I realized that the main floor of our Farmhouse is just¬†difficult for me. I’m not exactly sure why – maybe all the wood or the history or the daylight that only comes in the morning and evening – but all of the rooms on this floor are only half decorated. Sometimes spaces are just tricky, you know?!

Waste not want Not: Time, Money, and Trash.¬†“Hopefully, a few small changes will begin to have a cumulative effect with big results for a more simple, more purposeful, and more joyful life.”

In case you find yourself up to your ears in apples, this recipe from the Faux Martha looks delicious.

We’ve been thinking a lot about kitchens lately (did you see yesterday’s post?) and this one stopped me in my tracks. It’s simple and beautiful and my goodness, I love those black cabinets. And while I’m sharing Instagram inspiration, this bathroom is amazing.

It’s official, the Makerista is the queen of Halloween.

15 clutter-free kid birthday gift ideas. Because we could all use less plastic figurines in our lives.

We’ve always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island (especially in the Fall!) but this vacation rental is giving me one more reason!

Loved this interview with Miv Watts (Naomi’s mom! and author of the Maverick Soul, which is now on my Christmas List). She has the best outlook on home and I love her recommendation to buy authentic rather than the cheaply-made reproductions.

Have a great weekend!




Happy Friday + Our Interview on Beginning in The Middle

Happy Friday! How are you doing? Has this week been hard for you too?

Our Dexter House Airbnb // kitchen

We’ve been busy as of late but also super productive, and I’m excited to show you a few things we have up our sleeves (Tacoma¬†kitchen being one of them). All this being busy means I never quite got around to gathering links this week. But I did want pop in and share an interview that we did with Beginning in the Middle‘s Catherine and Bryan. These two are designers, renovators, and Airbnb hosts (sound familiar…?) and are doing a series of interviews on couples around the country doing the same thing. I’ve long followed Catherine and Bryan for their historic renovations and beautiful aesthetic, but I loved finding out that they’re on the Financial Independence track too. Check them out on Instagram if you don’t already follow them!

Our interview can be found here. I can’t wait to read the interviews from the other 4 couples they have lined up!

Our Bryant House Airbnb // Living Room

Hope you have a good weekend!




Happy Friday 9/21/18

Happy Friday and happy start to Fall. The Pacific Northwest really knows how to do Fall right, don’t you think?! All those colors and leaf piles. Sunny days and cold nights. Soups, beers, scarves…it really is the best! And after being away from home so much this summer, we’re all excited to settle in this Fall. We’re getting into a school routine (well trying…) and preparing the Farmhouse for the season. Mostly that means ALL the blankets and alarm clocks by the bed (although our kids are early risers and we haven’t needed them yet)! Plus I’m finally turning my attention back into the entryway¬†to make that space welcoming and organized for all our comings and goings (which has recently quadrupled with school). More on that soon…

Our Farmhouse Master Bedroom // sources here + duvet

How much does it really cost to renovate a kitchen? Well that depends…and Jenny does a great job breaking it down. There’s been so much more of a discussion around home finances and renovation budgets lately and I love it!

Oh my this collection of vintage crocks, bowls, and jars¬†is dreamy. Do you collect anything in the kitchen? Someday when we renovate our kitchen, I’d love to have a crocs displayed like this.

The best sources for scoring unique vintage pieces. Natasha is the queen of getting vintage just right and¬†I can’t wait to try out her favorite source.

This ravioli feels perfect for Fall and is definitely on my list.

Emily Henderson shared the “update classic” trend this week and I kinda sorta love it.

Instagram can be such a weird world, but I love the people I’ve ‘met’ through it and all the inspiration I’ve gained. This week we reached the 20,000 follower mark, and as strange as it may sound to those outside the blogging/IG world,¬†it took us a ton of effort to get here. Along the way lots of bigger accounts have helped us gain followers and I want to share the love today. Here are 6 of my favorite Instagram accounts. These folks are all home-focused, share renovation realities, and are some of my best sources for inspiration on our own projects. They are also all under 5,000 followers.

@house_1924 Leigh and Ben are “reimagining their 1924 colonial on a real life budget” and working magic in the process. They’re some of the nicest people on IG and have the best taste!

@fahnestockhouse The Kings are restoring an 1880s multi-family home in Lancaster, PA and gosh it’s beautiful! They are Airbnb hosts and parents to 4 kids and can style a space like no one else.

@125and126 I am a recent follower of Christa but I love her style. She’s renovating two homes, one from the 1840s, and is all about moody colors, natural materials, and vintage finds.

@thesweetbeast, Emily Cosnotti is “undecorating a 1929 Tudor-ish house in Pittsburgh” and it’s beautiful. There’s lots of wood trim and vintage finds done in a fresh way.

@Suzannahstanley, Suzannah and her family just bought an old home in Portland and is just starting on the renovations. This home is going to be fun to follow!

@home_stead is the beautiful home of a small family in Edinburgh. I love the simplicity of the home, the architecture, and the pops of color.

Those are a few of my favorites…I’d love to hear yours in the comments!

Have a great weekend!



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Happy Friday 9/14/18

Happy Friday! We’re still organizing this weekend’s¬†estate sale¬†at the Ravenna House (nothing like leaving things to the last minute…;) but I have to say, I’m giddy to part with some of our stuff. It feels so good to get rid of things you’re not using, you know?! It’s as much about making room in my home as it is about making room in my mind. Sure there are a couple of things I’m sad we never found a spot for – like the vintage school desks and spool bed – but mostly I’m just excited to clean out the closets and usher in the new.

Our Porch House Renovation // kitchen

Our HGTV pilot, Master Plan, is available online right now (you need a cable log in)! This is the first time our pilot has seen the light of day since it aired last winter, so hopefully some of you that missed it last time, can catch it now. And for those wondering, we still haven’t heard a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ from the Network about a season.

On going gray (Cup of Jo). I recently decided to embrace my gray locks (I’m over 50% gray already) and have been sharing a bit about my grow-out process on Instagram. The transition is awkward to say the least, but also freeing.

Kitchen trends. Kitchens are my jam (along with antique bed frames) so I ate up this article from Emily Henderson.

LaTonya Yvette‘s home via Cup of Jo // photos by¬†Julia Robbs¬†for Cup of Jo

A beautiful and relaxed family home in Brooklyn (Cup of Jo). I loved the architecture and informal-ness of this dining room. Also beautiful: LaTonya’s thoughts and words.

The Seattle real estate market is going through a weird moment. Mayyybbbe not the best time to sell, but oh well.

I’m listening to The Glass Castle right now and it’s tragic and beautiful and the writing speaks to me. I’d definitely recommend it.

It’s been harder than I expected having our oldest son start full-time Kindergarten this week. I feel a little silly writing that after mentioning The Glass Castle, but there you have it. There haven’t been any tears or sad drop-offs – in fact I think we’re all really excited about school – but we’re also a bit shell shocked and trying to figure out this new family dynamic and stricter schedule. Someday I’ll get my 3 young kids out the door and to school on time with grace, but today is not that day.

Have a great weekend. And if you’re in Seattle, come visit us at the Ravenna House (more details here)!





Happy Friday 9/7/18

Happy Friday! We were back in Seattle this week figuring out what to do with a house full of furniture and decor. I am a little amazed at how much house stuff we have accumulated between Ravenna selling, Bryant turning back into more of a traditional rental (I owe you an update on that!), and my parents emptying out their barn. And this all came¬†after we made a big push to purge stuff from our lives this year. So we’re planning a ‘moving sale’ (or maybe ‘estate sale’ or ‘giant yard sale’ is more appropriate?) at the Ravenna House in Seattle next weekend, assuming we can get all of our ducks in a row that quickly. I’ll post all the details on Instagram¬†as soon as we get them worked out.

The Ravenna House // master bedroom and kitchen

We took a ton of photos at Ravenna this week, and these are a few outtakes that our kids snuck into ūüėČ

Speaking of kids, our oldest starts Kindergarten next week. I can’t quite believe it and yet I totally can. Either way it feels that we’re starting in on a new phase of life around here. We’ve moved out of the baby-phase (especially now that Daphne turned one and quit nursing) and into the school-phase. From here on out it’s all paper and pencils and drop offs and lunches (in this lunch box – we looked for months for a good dinosaur lunch box!). I ordered these reusable bags and these paper bags to cut down on plastic waste too. Here. We. Go!

I obsess over every article that Kate Wagner writes and this one was no different: To Renovate or Not to Renovate (McMansion Hell).

This kitchen feels all right for the coming cold months (Instagram). I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live in such a dark kitchen, but I love it anyway.

Joyfully decluter these things to boost happiness (becoming minimalist). I’m on board.

Compost: Let’s Break It Down (Literally)¬†(Trash is for Tossers). We’re really lucky to live on 3 acres and have plenty of space to throw our compost in a corner of the garden (after we pull out the good scraps for the chickens). Next year, I’m hoping to build a proper compost box.

Ashley and Sarah shared some of their favorites from the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes and this kitchen was really beautiful. Leave it to Studio McGee to steal the show.

Have a great weekend!



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Happy Friday 8/3/18

Happy Friday! Well we made it to August and I am happy to be here. You too? This weekend marks the last of our Airbnb rentals at the Farmhouse and I’m not sure how I feel about that. There have been a lot of pluses and minuses associated with renting out our primary residence for so many stays this summer (big plus – we’re planning a trip to Europe this Fall!). I’ll wrap up our experiences in a post eventually, but first we’re getting the Ravenna House ready for sale. You can expect a couple of slow weeks on the Grit and Polish while Garrett and I wrap up some projects at that property and enjoy Seattle with the kiddos. Happy summer, friends!

Well it’s Friday again, so I’ve rounded up lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

How to spend 72 hours (without kids ūüėČ in Portland.

Four tips for scouring the best secondhand finds. No wonder Sherry and John’s homes have the best antiques!

Motherhood in the age of fear. There is something so very wrong about this.

via // photo, renovation, and staging by Rich and Shannon King

Shannon and Rich’s home is on West Elm’s blog and goodness me, it’s stunning. If you haven’t been following their renovation journey on Instagram, you definitely should! Their entire home screams Anthropologie catalog and is one of my favorite old homes, ever. I especially love Shannon and Rich’s design mentality: “Our design process is very slow. We live with blank spaces alot, until we find the perfect piece.‚ÄĚ Ditto to that!

10 Natural swimming holes. Consider my bucket list updated.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a stock tank DIY, but I’m definitely on board.

Seven of my college teammates piled into the Farmhouse last weekend for our first girl’s weekend in 14 years. It was amazing and wonderful and everything I didn’t know I needed. And Melissa’s crepe recipe was a huge hit!

Have a great weekend.



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Happy Friday 7/27/18 (+ Daphne’s First Birthday!)

Happy Friday! And a very happy first birthday to our baby girl, Daphne Garrett. Can you believe she’s already ONE?! Queue the tears for this sentimental mama…

Our Farmhouse // Daphne’s Bedroom¬†// books // unicorn¬†// rug (on sale!)

It’s hard to imagine what our family was like before this¬†sweet and fierce girl arrived last July, two weeks after her due date. Daphne is curious and loving and strong and quite possibly the loudest of our loud crew (ha!). She holds her own against her big brothers yet has an easy smile and the sweetest, most infectious laugh. Best of all, Daphne loves her people¬†fiercely. She rewards her inner circle with hugs and kisses and squeals of delight and the feeling is very, VERY mutual. I wish we could pause right here and watch her waddle around the Farmhouse for eternity. Pure heaven.

(You can catch up on Daphne’s home birth here and her bedroom makeover here.)

That two tooth smile…swoon! Well it’s Friday again so I’ve found lots of great links for you. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Loved this 2-day makeover webisode by Studio McGee. Are videos like this the new millennial version of HGTV?

I’ve been eyeing the new Dyson cordless vacuum. You too? Ashely recently picked one up and shared a review here.

It turns out that sleep is just as important as your mother told you it was. And maybe even more so. After 5 years of baby-induced sleep deprivation, this article hit home.


We celebrated Daphne’s birthday last night with a casual, family dinner and almond cake with raspberry filling from this cookbook¬†(don’t worry, the non-edible sweat pea flowers were removed before we dug in!).¬†In our bent towards minimalism, we got Daphne just one small gift,¬†her very own copy of Anne of Green Gables to read with her mama when she’s old enough (just as I did with my mama).

Try to pick a favorite of these whimsical kid bedrooms, I dare you!

Have a great weekend!



*disclosure: We use affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of the links, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  Affiliate links is one of the ways we keep this blog running, so thanks for supporting the Grit and Polish!


Happy Friday 7/20/18

Happy Friday! Goodness, it’s been a hot week here in Washington, and I love it so. We’ve been picking cherries by the bag full (I think we’ve¬†finally made a dent in our cherry supply), eating raspberries warm from the vine, and playing in the kiddie pool every chance we get. This photo pretty much sums up summer at the Farmhouse for me.

Our Farmhouse // Farmhouse Pottery berry bowl and crock

This week Garrett and I got to tour an old building in our small town. The two-story structure was originally built in the 1890’s as a mercantile with a boarding house upstairs. Over the years, the main floor has been re-imagined, but the upstairs is where the old-building gold is. The original boarding house is still there, mostly untouched, with a century of dust and lots of peeling wallpaper. Apparently the stairs to the boarding house were removed in 1905 to make way for a theater downstairs (we actually accessed the top floor via ladder), which means very few people have been up there. And it was amazing.¬†Many of the original doors and millwork are still there along with a massive skylight that runs the length of the building. The ceilings are a good 12′ and every door had a transom over top of it. The space is very rough after a century of neglect, but the whole experience – seeing this lost world and imagining it alive with people 120 years ago – was one of the coolest things I’ve done in a long time. I saved a few videos of our tour here if you’re interested.

Well it’s Friday again, and I’ve scoured the internet for lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

The prettiest town in every state.

Success isn’t about money, it’s about peace. An interesting read on financial independence and what you really search for when you’re in control of all of your time.

A beautiful, vintage apartment decorated by an architectural student. Swoon!

The cutest nursery (and oh my, those cute legs!).

Garrett and I have been considering going solar at the Farmhouse because we use a lot of electricity here. I just stumbled upon this article from Mr. Money Mustache about his DIY solar installation and it has my wheels spinning so I thought I’d pass it along in case anyone else is curious about where to start.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is on and so many of Dash and Albert’s rugs are on sale! Also, my sister picked up this rain coat¬†and it’s SO cute!

Have a great weekend!




Happy Friday 7/13/18

Happy Friday! We came down to Portland this week for a family wedding and snuck in a few extra days for some summer fun. We drove through the Columbia Gorge (Hood River, you are a new favorite!), spent a day at the beach, and walked 15 miles through Portland with a stroller full of kids. Voodoo Donuts, Powells Books, Deschutes Brewery, and the city splash pad were all on the agenda. It’s been a really good week!

We’re back at it again today, exploring Portland and hanging out with family. So I’ll get right down to it…I’ve rounded up lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

This kitchen has so many good elements, but it’s the wood cabinets that stopped me in my tracks.

Rick Owen’s¬†minimalist home in Venice is interesting and beautiful, but it’s the fashion designer’s unique take on ‘home’ that held my attention: “I needed to create a space that was severe and avoided any kind of sentimentality or attachments, a blank slate to completely obliterate, to concentrate on listening to what I really want.” Thoughts?

We got a question about our Dexter fence this week so I thought I’d include a link to the space¬†here. Despite it’s small size, this private “yard” is one of my favorite outdoor spaces (in large part because it’s so low maintenance and so private!).

Almost everything in life worth accomplishing is difficult. That and more inspiration for living your best life.

It’s just as you thought: no one is using those formal living spaces anymore.

Instagram added a new “ask me a question” feature and we’ve been getting some fun questions – from how we met to how we got started on renovating/renting properties. I’m saving all of our responses here¬†in case you’re interested.

Brett and Kara’s HGTV show, Home to Last, premiere’s tomorrow (more details here)!

Have a great weekend!



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