Happy Friday + Links 4/21/17

Somehow April is half over and we’re here at another Friday. Thank goodness because I’m ready for the weekend!  Tomorrow we have no plans which means pancakes, picking daffodils, and a family hike if the weather holds out.  My kind of day!

bathroom my domaine

source: My Domaine

We’ve been getting ready to tackle the bathrooms (all three of them!) at the Porch House, so I’ve got tile and claw foot tubs on my brain.  Anyone in the Ellensburg area know of or have a claw foot tub they want to part with?  There is something so soothing about taking a bath in an cast iron tub, don’t you think?  Or is it just me?  Garrett wants to buy a new free standing tub, but I’m looking for a vintage claw foot one first because this beautiful old house could really use a beautiful old tub.

Star bright farm bathroom

source: Star Bright Farm

I’ve got lots of links for you.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

A pretty tudor renovation from Studio McGee.  I’m a little sad about the moldings but what a beautiful home!

All the bathrooms I love in one spot.

A cheery entryway.  I’m certain this wallpaper would make me smile every time I walked in the front door!

Garrett and I have a Mother’s Day planned at the Farmhouse this year with the boys and our moms.  I proposed brunch, but really that’s a ploy to feed them before we get them to help us plant our summer garden 😉  And speaking of Mother’s Day, I asked for this which just so happens to be on sale right now!

Summer is coming, and though you might not find this pregnant lady in a swimsuit (mostly because I’d have to buy a maternity one…and getting to a store is tough these days), the mama in me loves a one piece.  Here are some great ones!

Some great crib sheets in case you have a baby girl on the way 😉




Happy Friday + Links (3/24/17)

Happy Friday!  Good things are happening around here…we’re ready to jump into the Porch House kitchen reno next week and I just bought a fir cabinet for the Farmhouse.  The cabinet I found at our local antique store and truth be told I’ve been eyeing it for a couple of months now.  Imagine my surprise when I received a handwritten letter last week from a previous homeowner telling me that the cabinet actually came out of our very own Farmhouse!!!  Obviously I ran down to the store and bought it, despite not having a place to put it at the moment (it’s 5′ wide and 8′ tall).  The whole cabinet and story surrounding it deserves a separate post, but I shared a peek of it on my instastory.  Suffice it to say that everything feels right in the world now that this cabinet is coming home 🙂

It’s raining again here in the Pacific Northwest, which isn’t so bad when you have a cup of coffee in hand and a little internet to peruse.  Here are a few of my favorite happenings from the week:

Jersey Ice Cream Co blue kitchen

source / designer / photo

This blue kitchen feels so fresh.  Side note: Jersey Ice Cream Co can do no wrong!

Have you tried making any of your own cleaning supplies before?  I’d really like to try this laundry detergent DIY from Yellow Brick Home…it seems pretty easy!

Did you guys check out the new HGTV show Home Town?  I love the small town setting and all the old homes!  ps here’s a peak into their own home, an old Mississippi craftsman.

BrePurposed DIY Tassel Throw


I’ve been coveting Bre’s tassel blanket every time it shows up on her Instagram feed and come to find out, it’s a DIY!  I really want to try this one!

I’m at that point in my pregnancy where I’m feeling my baby move all the time and it’s gotten me SO excited for her to arrive this July.  Naturally that means I’m shopping for tiny summer dresses and sandals like these, which will be in her closet in every size and color until she’s 18 😉

Happy Birthday Dad!!!



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Happy Friday + Links (3/17/17)

Happy Friday!  Are you wearing green?  Goodness I hope so because it’s St. Patrick’s Day!!!!  You surely already knew that, and I probably shouldn’t mention this, but I didn’t even know the holiday was here until Wednesday night when my mother-in-law invited us over for corned beef and cabbage. Dead give away.  Luckily, I pulled it together and the boys will be wearing green shirts today, and they’ll be taking turns pinching Dada because he’s kind of a party pooper when it comes to dressing for holidays.

Anyway… we’re going to be painting cabinets for the Porch House this weekend (that’s my new name for the flip house…do you like it?).  Stay tuned to read lots on that project coming up because we’re about to get swamped with it, in the best possible way.  I’ve been obsessing over wallpaper lately and have been pinning up a storm.  I’ve noticed that I’m straying to more color and pattern when thinking about my home lately.  Is it just the hint of Spring in the air or is my design esthetic really changing…?  Time will tell, but get ready for an onslaught of wallpapered inspiration.

My Scandinavian Home Tour Image


This is perhaps the most charming house tour I’ve ever seen.  The relaxed and fun family vibe of the space is just perfect.  It feels so homey, eclectic, and welcoming that I want to bottle it up and pour it over my own home.  And that wallpaper is giving me all sorts of ideas.

Here’s another amazing wallpapered space that I shared on Instagram yesterday (check out the whole tour here) featuring William Morris wallpaper, originally designed in 1876.  I am really obsessed with that man’s prints lately and this is the exact wallpaper I’ve been dreaming about for our Farmhouse dining room.

Johanna B wallpapered kitchen space 3.17.17

source / home of Johanna Bradford

An oldie but a goodie.  Nina Dobrev’s cool, California home.

The most beautiful flower arrangement with a step by step DIY.  This one is definitely worth trying when Spring finally comes!

I found myself completely impressed by Maxwell Ryan, the founder of Apartment Therapy.  Check out this week’s Chris Loves Julia podcast to hear more about his philosophy and start.

Apparently Thai Chicken is the most popular pinned food in Washington State.  Huh.  What’s your state’s?

“My mom raised me a feminist.”  You’re a lucky lady, Kate (and thankfully, I am too)!




Happy Friday + Links 3/10/17

Happy Friday everyone!  We battled a plague (at least it felt like one) this week, and I’m happy to say we’ve come out the other side alive.  With two kids needing mama and mama needing rest, I kept wondering how on earth will we ever do this with three kids. Like really, how?!  It was ugly, but thankfully, we’re back to getting out of the house, which means we’re back to planning and prepping at the flip house!

Speaking of the flip house, we’re finalizing plans and getting materials ready for construction to begin in early April.  I must admit that I totally forgot how much effort this part takes.  We’ve had to put all of our Farmhouse projects on hold, mainly the living room, until after the flip house.  If I’m being totally honest, the break isn’t totally unwelcome because when it comes to the living room, I have designer’s-block…you know, writer’s block for when you’re designing a space.  I’m just stuck and can’t make a choice to save my life.  Sometimes my brain just needs a break when I get to that point, and who knows, maybe now that I’m not looking, I’ll finally find what I’m looking for – whatever that may be.  Isn’t that how it always goes?

Well it’s Friday again and that sounds pretty dang awesome.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump into these links:

One of the most exciting DIYs I’ve seen in a long time.  This would make a great, quick update to any kitchen, even if you’re renting (because it’s totally removable!).

I’m obsessed with this girls room.  Side note: the Boo and the Boy always curates the best kids spaces!

We already have so much baby stuff from the boys, so I’m trying not accumulate too much more. But with a girl on the way, it’s inevitable that I pick up a few new things (insert Garrett’s eye roll here).  Like this.  She definitely needs that!

Tips for a picky eater.  Our oldest is only 3 years old but I’ve noticed that even the best eaters can be picky at times.  Anyway, these tips are great because they’re from a parent of 3 very different eaters!

design sponge kitchen tile

source // photo by Echo and Earl

This is one of the most interesting kitchens I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s giving me all sorts of ideas.  That bit of tile interest at the top of the backsplash would be so easy to recreate in a shower or on a backsplash if you’re using mosaic tiles.  It feels so historic and yet so fresh!

I bought two of these for the flip house kitchen during the 20% sale.  Our budget is super tight so it was a big splurge, but I’ve always found that the right lighting can really make a kitchen.  Hopefully buyers will agree with me.

AshleyKGoldman Instagram


Ashley just launched her blog, the Gold Hive, where she’ll be chronicling – you guessed it – the renovation of her beautiful old home.  Check it out!  She’s also a fun one to follow on Instagram if you’re into old houses and all that 😉




Happy Friday + Links 3/3/17

Happy Friday!  This week has been a good one.  Maybe it’s the hint of Spring in the air after this looong winter or just the pregnancy hormones talking, but I’m feeling excited and energized to take on the flip house.  It took just a couple of days at the flip house, dreaming of what it could be (especially the kitchen!), for me to get very, very excited for this renovation.  A fresh project full of fresh ideas is just what my creative brain needs.  Isn’t that what Spring is all about anyway?  And I see you Spring!

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Garrett and I are sneaking away to celebrate my birthday (35…eeech!) and hit up our favorite bi-yearly appliance sale.  Priorities, you know 😉

Did I mention it’s Friday again?!  Grab a cup of coffee and jump into these links:

Manhattan Nest 3.3.17


Manhattan Nest is a pretty familiar name in the renovation blogging world, but if you’re not already following Daniel on his blog and Instagram, I’d highly recommend it!  His projects are old and stunning and so fun to read about.

It’s nice to see that even the best designers and biggest bloggers have those rooms that come together kicking and screaming.  I have no doubt Emily will make this room amazing (especially with that BEAUTIFUL table she found), but I can certainly relate to her struggles.

I’m thinking about downsizing to this pocket-sized wallet for my birthday.  Am I crazy?

A lovely farmhouse in Tennessee.

The homes on Star Bright Farm are so very, very amazing.  Scroll through their galleries for a serious dose of inspiration.

I am one of those lucky people that gets to share my birthday with an identical twin sister.  We won’t be able to celebrate together for another week yet, so I’m still working on her gift.  I’m leaning towards getting her these because hello Spring!

The prettiest sunroom.  This dining room (and this one too).  And what an entry!

This is a stunning old, country home.  And to see how far it’s come is quite the treat.

Hope you have a great weekend!  I’ll be coming out of it one year older and hopefully one kitchen-appliance-set wealthier 😉




Happy Friday + Links 2/24/17

Happy Friday!  We got the keys to our flip house last week, and we’re already planning plumbing routes and purchasing finishes.  It’s a beautiful 1900 home with a wrap around porch and original built-ins.  And it’s in need of lots of love, of course.  We won’t get into the main renovation work until the end of March, but I’m sharing glimpses of the house and planning process on Instagram Stories. We had a massive shopping spree on Thursday and it’s all up there right now so go check that out if you’re into salvage shops, vintage finds, and marble counters.

This is going to be a crazy project for us!  Not only are we completing the renovations on a tight timeline and featuring some of the project here on the Grit and Polish, but the process will be documented by a media outlet much bigger than this blog.  It’s going to be fun!  And I promise to share more on that front when we get closer.

Well it’s Friday again and that’s pretty awesome.  So grab a cup of coffee and jump into these links:

H2 kitchen Belathee Photo

source | photo by Belathee

Two of my favorite kitchens (here and here) – which both happen to be in Washington state and are my primary inspiration for the flip house kitchen – both used the same brass pulls and now I’m obsessed with them!

An oldie but a beauty.  This tour is a couple years old, but that front porch is worth a new look!

I’m pretty sure that vintage, wood dresser and white walls will always be my kind of lovely.

Did you catch Young House Love’s podcast this week?  It’s a good one, but I think John and Sherry are looking at brass all wrong.  It’s actually a very classic metal finish, not just a relic of the 1970s.  We’ve found original brass door knobs and hardware all over our Farmhouse and at many of our other 100+ year old houses.  I agree that the polished, 70’s brass trend will not last (nor is it my thing), but aged brass will always look classic and warm in old homes.  My two cents, anyway.

A 109-year-old‘s secrets to life.  “I’m happy with my house, it’s all I need.  I would buy one thing I would use that one thing.  I wouldn’t buy one thing and go buy another and go buy another.”  This video is a real gem, as is Richard.  “I eat ice cream every night.  It makes me happy.”  Gems.

I’d love to get one of these craft paper rollers.  They’d look beautiful (and be really functional) in any kitchen.

Garrett and I went to see La La Land last weekend (our first movie out in maybe a year…) and wow!  It was stunning and fun and surprisingly emotional.  I can’t recommend it enough!

Check out Katie Hackworth’s Instagram account if you have a couple of hours to kill.  You will leave 100% inspired.  Everything she touches (as the design half behind Seattle’s H2 Design + Build) is stunning.  That’s her office kitchenette above.

Wishing you the best of weekends!




Happy Friday + Links 2.17.17

Happy Friday!  Thank you for the very kind response to our pregnancy announcement on Valentines Day!  Although Garrett and I couldn’t be more excited to meet our baby girl, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be busy for awhile with a four-year-old and two kids under two.  Growing up in a family of 4 kids, I had two siblings within 15 months of me (my twin sister and my next older brother), and it was just SO fun!  I’m really happy for our kiddos to have similar sibling closeness, but now that I’m a mother, I wonder how my parents stayed sane with so many toddlers in one house.  Wish us luck 😉  And if you’re in a similar situation, please drop a comment and let me know how you manage to keep your sanity (or just get the laundry washed) with so many little people!

Since it’s Friday (!!!) I have lots of great links for you.  Grab a cup of coffee and dig right on in!

House of Harvest Instagram


Lindsea‘s Instagram account is a constant source of inspiration for me.  Not only does she own an old farmhouse in the PNW (!!!) but she collects and sells antiques and has the most amazing decor style.  I’m not the only one who thinks so, either…Country Living featured her home last summer!

It’s President Day weekend meaning there are lots of sales!  Here are a few things I’m eyeing to spruce up our home for Spring: a beautiful vasepillow cover (it’s 70% off!), this planner, a capiz hanging light (for baby girl’s nursery), a pretty phone cover, and really everything at Anthropologie (their sale stuff is 40% off).  Plus Nordstrom is up to 40% off and Williams Sonoma is offering 20% off one item.

Have you guys heard of “hygge” (pronounced HOO-ga) yet?  It’s the Danish mindset of living cozy at home through the long winter.  And I’m 100% on board!  Check out how a couple folks are implementing hygge in their own homes: here and here.

I’m so excited to be pregnant at the same time as one of my favorite bloggers, Julia of Chris Loves Julia.  Also, my lady friends Beyonce, Lauren Conrad, Ciara, and Amal Clooney are also expecting…in case you were wondering.

I thought Garrett and I were pretty savvy on how to earn income off your home, but we’ve never tried this.  What a great idea, Stefanie!

This is one job of a President (and their staff) that you probably never thought of.  The article is intense and amazing and worth a read.

That cute dress I showed you on Tuesday features Rifle fabric’s floral print and I’m obsessed!  I found these pillows with the same fabric and they’d be perfect for my little girl’s nursery.




Happy Friday + Links 2.10.17

Next week is Valentines Day and it’ll be pretty low key around here, like always.  Most importantly, there will be a cake, which the boys will *help* me bake.  There is something so sweet about the mother-son (and father-daughter) relationship when it comes to Valentines Day, don’t you think?

Growing up, my dad always gave my sister and I roses on Valentines Day, and it meant the world to us.  It was like even though we didn’t have any admirers that day, we still had our flowers and an awesome dad.  And that was pretty great.  Eventually I’d like to start a similar tradition with my boys, but for now, we bake together.  Nothing says love like sugar, right?!

Tessa Insta


Now that I have dessert on the brain, let’s jump into some links from the week.  Grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a donut…it is Friday after all) and enjoy:

Tessa’s Instagram account is amazing if you’re into sweets.  Tessa not only shares recipes on her website, but she also authored one of my favorite cake cookbooks (and that’s her pup above!).

Learning to love an imperfect kitchen.  I loved reading this (how did I miss it back in July?!). There’s something so much more comfortable and welcoming about a kitchen that shows wear and imperfection, don’t you think?

A few candy-free Valentines card suggestions.  I love the bird whistle one!

These books would make great Valentines Day gifts for little ones (and they’re all on Prime!): one, two, and three.

Ten of the most popular chocolate recipes from bloggers.  And this homemade breakfast cereal recipe is SO cute.  We usually have Scottish Oatmeal or another hot cereal in the morning, so what a special treat this would be for the kiddos!

THIS house!  Actually I should call it a grain-mill-turned-house.  If I had to pick just one style to call my own, it’d look just like this.  The old beams and tall ceilings are everything.

May your weekend be slow and lasting!




Happy Friday + Links 2/3/17

Happy Friday!  There are a few days left to enter the $500 Interior Define giveaway, so if you haven’t already registered, you should!  Your home will thank you 🙂

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 1

Over the past few months, Garrett and I have been looking for a new project, which I’ve mentioned briefly on the blog and a bit more in depth on Instagram stories.  The project is a new one for us…a flip! We love buying and fixing up properties, but we have yet to try our hand at selling said properties (we’ve always kept our renovated properties as rentals or our primary residence).  Our search for a flip has been marked with frustration due to the lack of inventory – apparently fixer homes are in short supply in central and western Washington – so we’ve had a lot of trouble finding a suitable property.  Until now.  I think we’ve finally found the one!  So we’re drawing floor plans and planning out finishes, and I’m officially in my happy place.  This is going to be an exciting and interesting renovation for a few reasons (which I’ll get into at some point), but I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys in the Spring!

Now on to some cool stuff that’s going on outside of my bubble.  Grab a cup of coffee and dig in:

Old Home Love is releasing a book and I for one, could not be more excited about it!

This kitchen has me really inspired.  I love the dark butcher block – it’s so warm and classy looking.

Need a new show?  I watched the entire first season of The Crown during a recent stomach bug and it’s great.

You might want to bookmark this post from Young House Love.  It’s a great resource if you ever decide to add hardwood floors, feather them in to an existing floor, or are just thinking of refinishing.

This home is so beautiful and simple. That mantle is giving me all sorts of ideas.




Happy Thanksgiving + Links

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  After driving 1,700 miles, we arrived at my brother’s house hungry for some turkey (and stuffing and mashed potatoes and squash and salad and granny rolls and pumpkin pie and carrot cake, and well, wish my tummy luck with all this food).  We had quite the epic journey driving through 6 states and stopping at Utah’s Dinosaur Mueseum (probably Wilder’s favorite stop), Dinosaur National Monument, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon.  Mother Nature, you sure do know how to show a girl a good time!

the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-wild the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-monument the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-hikingthe-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-archesthe-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-hiking-2 the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-roadtrip-arches-2the-grit-and-polish-thanksgiving-2016-grand-canyon

Thank you for all your comments and encouragement on Tuesday‘s post!  I couldn’t feel more loved or excited.  I can’t do this without you, so thank you for your continued readership and support as we grow the Grit and Polish!

Now onto a few happenings from around the web, just in case that Turkey comatose has you sitting around today…

// It can be hard to outfit an old house with modern furnishings successfully, but this Brooklyn space nailed it!

// Sometimes bloggers’ homes are tidy illusions, styled for the photo shoot before returning to real life.  So this post by Wit & Delight about making room for motherhood felt like a breath of fresh air.  Sometimes (read: often) there are baskets of unfolded laundry in my home!  Just thought you should know that.

// This is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends!  I’ll be thinking about this all year.

// There was a time when One Tree Hill was big in my life, and Peyton and Lucas were my favorite couple like ever.  That really has little to do with this next link, except I’m talking about another OTH alumni, Sofia Bush.  Her new space is so soothing and interesting and I love it so much more than her faux house from the show!

// Okay, totally nothing to do with Thanksgiving or homes, but I love reading birth stories, and Bodhi’s is a good one!

// I love hearing about people who live life a little different, espcially when old houses are involved!  Chelsea and Brandt are legit old house flippers in Portland that I got turned onto via Instargram.  They do amazing work and you can’t help but get lost in their project archives (which you can check out here).

Now go get your pie, you deserve it!  And thanks for being here, truly!



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