Happy Friday + Links 6/23/17

Happy Friday!  It’s officially summer (!!!), which means all my produce and lazy day dreams are about to come true.  The boys and I will be sampling raspberries off the vine and arugula fresh from the garden and we won’t be sorry about it.  Not one bit.  Someday the Farmhouse will have a well-placed hammock tucked back in the trees and an oversized swing on the porch, but for now, large blankets on the lawn covered in books and picnic fare will have to do!  What are your dreams for summer?

Before I get into the links today, I wanted to ask you a favor.  Tell me what you’d like to see more of on this blog.  I’m guessing that if you’re here, you like old homes and renovations – and I’m not planning to change any of that core content – but what else are you interested in?  Would you like to hear more about Garrett and my experiences as landlords, Airbnb hosts, or early ‘retirees‘?  Are you curious how we fill our days when we’re not flipping a house, wrangling our boys, or filming a pilot for HGTV?  Maybe you’d love more information and tips on the financial side of rentals and what it takes to retire young?  And what about our country lifestyle and wild kids.  Are you interested in any of that?  Or perhaps you’ve been hoping for something else entirely.  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment here or reach out on Instagram or send me an email.  Thanks in advance for being awesome 🙂

There was so much good stuff on the internet this week, so let’s grab a cup of coffee and jump into it.

I changed my Instagram username to thegritandpolish.  I know, groundbreaking stuff.

What a great, honest podcast from Chris Loves Julia this week.  I love hearing about what goes on behind the scenes on blogs, and I’m not surprised in the least to hear that it takes two full-time people to keep a blog like CLJ running.

This Scandinavian home has all my heart eyes.

A moody picture of Wilder’s birthday cakes that didn’t make it into last week’s recipe post.  Sometimes I spend hours taking and editing photos only to realize that they don’t fit the feel of the blog.  Ugh.  Sidenote: I had a piece (or two) of each cake and they were delicious. Second sidenote: #eatingfortwo, at least that’s my excuse for another few weeks.

We have mosquitoes at the farmhouse.  So. Many. Mosquitoes!  So this cute candle just might be the ticket.

How a family of 4 eats for $150 a week in Waco Texas.  I ate up this food budget diary…no pun intended.  I’m strangely (or not so strangely…?) always interested with people’s spending habits, especially when it comes to grocery budgets.  Yeah, a little strange…


source (photos by Marili Forastieri; produced and styled by Zio & Sons)

A renovated 1700s farmhouse.  And it’s a stunner!

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for being here.




Happy Friday + Links 6/16/17

Happy Friday!  You guys…Father’s Day is THIS weekend!  It kinda snuck up on me this year, but I can’t wait to celebrate the dads in our lives, especially Garrett.  He is such a dedicated and downright awesome father to our boys.  We’re all so lucky to have him in our lives.  I know everyone says that, but really guys, this one is a keeper.  Garrett asked for a hike and a trip to the brewery on Father’s Day, so that’s what we’ll be doing.  Of course there will be a homemade card, drawn by a certain 4-year-old.  And Brooks will be in charge of providing extra snuggles because goodness he’s a good snuggler when he puts his mind to it.  And I’ll be doing my best to keep my feet moving forward on our *hike* which is surely to be more of a slow meander with 2 kiddos and super-pregnant me along for the adventure 😉

Anyway, happy Father’s Day to all you hard-working dadas/grandpas/uncles/friends out there who are fighting the good fight – tackling bath time, giving shoulder rides, and loving those kids more than life itself.  You make their world go round.

It’s time to grab a cup of coffee and dig in to all that the Internet has to offer!

Victorian Farmhouse Insta


These guys are restoring an 1892 Victorian Farmhouse and it’s gorgeous.  Definitely an Instagram account worth following!

A preschool in the woods.  This is pure amazing.  Sidenote: this book is now on my Amazon wish list.

The top 50 baby names of 2016.  Garrett and I settled on a sweet baby girl’s name about 4 1/2 years ago (for the record, it’s not on the list) but we himed and hawed over a middle name until about a month ago.  I love what we came up with and I’m crossing my fingers it fits our baby girl when we meet her next month!


I’m crushing hard on this window bench by DeVol Kitchens.

A stylish, family home in 484 square feet.

Tips for shopping at a Farmer’s Market.  We always end up buying way too many pastries and the kids usually leave with cherry stains all over their cheeks, but the local fruits and veggies at our Farmer’s Market just can’t be beat!

Hope you have a great weekend!  Now go celebrate those awesome dads in your life.




Happy Friday + Links 6/2/17

Happy Friday and welcome to June!  Goodness it feels to be here.  On the back end of all that cold and snow, and with nothing but sunny skies and fresh veggies (and a baby!!!) in our foreseeable future.  Howdy summer, we’re happy to have you!

Lauren Liess Kitchen Dreams

Lauren Liess // Instagram

Before I get to this week’s links, I have to tell you about my new design crush, Lauren Liess.  Her style is simple, beautiful, and natural and I want to live in every room she designs (like that kitchen!…swoon).  Lauren isn’t exactly new on the design scene, but somehow I’ve been totally oblivious to her work my entire life.  Thankfully a kind Instagram follower pointed out that Helen Norman (as in Helen of the beautiful farmhouse we featured here on the blog a couple of weeks back) photographs for Lauren and I quickly found myself on Lauren’s Instagram, spending way too much time ogling her work!  I wouldn’t recommend following that link unless you have at least 2 hours to kill 😉

Well it’s Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee and dig into all that the internet has to offer:

I finally pulled the trigger on these office chairs for our home office since they were 25% off this week (sadly, I think the discount code ended last night).  They’re on backorder and won’t arrive until July, but I still can’t wait!

Lauren Liess bed

Lauren Liess, blue lake house // photo: Helen Norman

My Amazon wish list is now topped by…surprise, surprise…Lauren Liess’ book, Habitat: the Field Guide to Decorating.  Side note: that bedroom! Those textiles!

Flush mounts…ugh.  It’s so hard to find good ones, but thankfully Studio McGee put together this roundup!

I’m still thinking about a rug for the Farmhouse entryway.  I’ve resolved myself to an indoor/outdoor rug because we have kids and a dog and I really don’t want to constantly worry about dirt (because it’s inevitable).  I have my eye on this one and this one but I’m not sold on the whole recycled plastic thing.  Anyone have experience with one of these rugs?  I sure love the whole clean-it-off-with-a-hose thing but I always prefer natural materials.

I can’t read a word of this country home tour (are they in Sweden?) but the pictures are stunning!  That bathroom linen cabinet is perfection.

Planning to try out this hummus recipe this weekend.  I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes my kids will eat too.

Hope you have a great weekend!




Happy Friday + Links 5/26/17

Happy Friday and happy Memorial Day weekend!  Goodness what a holiday this is.  For all of you who’s father/mother/daughter/son/brother/sister/aunt/uncle/grandmother/grandfather/cousin is remembered this weekend, thank you.  I will be thinking of you!  Secondly (a very distant second), Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, which deserves about sixty exclamation marks from me!  We have fresh cut lilacs all over the Farmhouse and permanent smiles on our faces.  Wilder has already ditched his shirt for the season (hoping his pants don’t follow along with it) and it’s time to dust off the outdoor table and get the grill going because summer is finally here!

Garrett and Papa have big plans at the Porch House over the long weekend.  I cannot wait to share more on all the progress we’ve been making on that renovation soon, though truthfully it’s been more of a one man show lately since this pregnant lady isn’t quite as helpful.  So to get out of Garrett’s hair for the long weekend, I’m tagging along with my sister’s family for three days of swimming, napping, and hanging with cousins in Bend, OR.  I know, I know, I’m such a thoughtful wife ;).  Do you have any plans for this long weekend?

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve scoured the internet for all it’s greatness, and there are some great links here.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump in:

Are you planning to bbq this weekend?  Tips for making better burgers.  Plus how to grill your sausages (hint: use beer!).  We’re definitely going to be grilling sausages soon!

Two great podcasts from Freakonomics, which will change the way you eat: here and here.  I cannot recommend these enough!  Sidenote: wild berry picking and the local farmer’s market just moved up the summer priorities ladder.

Glitter Guide Home (2 pics)


A happy home in Wisconsin.  So much to love about this one!  Also, now I want to put a navy sconce in our navy office.

I’m dying to buy this for baby girl.  Obviously I’m already planning our late summer outings together 🙂

Cassandra’s breakfast nook is (no surprise here) beautiful and the perfect space to enjoy syrup-soaked waffles.  Or is it just me…?

local milk


If I wasn’t already excited about my Memorial Day plans, I’d be dreaming about an outside gathering at the Farmhouse like this.  Also, I love Beth’s goals for entertaining: “consider every moment my guests will have & make it beautiful.”

Have a great long weekend!



disclaimer: hey guys, there are affiliate links in this post.  This means that if you click on my link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.  But rest assured that I only recommend products and services that I use personally or would love to use.  Affiliate links is one of the ways we keep this blog running, so thanks for supporting the Grit and Polish!

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Happy Friday + Links 5/19/17

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  With the garden planted, the office painted, and the entryway organized, I’d say my week was a success!  Neither of these indoor spaces are done yet but both are more functional and oh so much prettier.  The office design plan is dark and moody and perfect for this old farmhouse (in my humble opinion), while the entryway is light and fresh and super functional.  For those of you interested in my definition of ‘perfect for this old farmhouse’, keep an eye out for the office design plan here on the blog soon.  Needless to say, I’m itching to get these spaces finished, but this nesting mama is pretty darn content with the progress, at least for now ;-).  Speaking of nesting, we got to see our baby girl yesterday at an ultrasound appointment and goodness am I excited to be growing this sweetie – hiccups, rib kicks, and all!  I cannot wait to finally meet her.  But in the  meantime, I’m pretty excited buy those teeny tiny diapers and pull out our hanging crib and all those newborn PJs in storage.  Hopefully she likes snuggles and sleep as much as her mama does (side note: please don’t take after your eldest brother Wilder on that front, baby girl!).

Okay, enough about baby girl (for now).  I found lots of exciting things on the internet this week and it’s all right here.  So grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

Emily Henderson Patio

via Emily Henderson

Emily always does good work, but this patio…wow!  A big ol’ yes to those tiles and roses!

I have lots of goals to read books after baby girl arrives and here is an enviable list from A Cup of Jo.  I may be totally delusional, but it sounds nice doesn’t it?

A couple of favorites from the One Room Challenge: a master bedroom, a green closet, a moody room, a master bathroom (props to Brit for doing marble herringbone!), a sweet nursery for baby girl, and Bre’s bathroom.  Do you guys have any other favorite spaces?!

Speaking of the One Room Challenge, I loved this behind the scenes peek into the ORC on the CLJ podcast!

A letter to a new mama on Mother’s Day.

Coastal+Bohemian+Kids'+Bedroom Stuido McGee


I really love this simple kids bedroom by Studio McGee.  It feels like a sophisticated summer camp and I want to crawl into one of those beds and share stories with my sister all night.

Consider this a PSA: make this frosting immediately.  It’s like rich pudding with coconut and pecan mixed in and then smeared over chocolate cake.  I’m just stumped as to how I’ve survived 35 cake-loving years without ever making this frosting from scratch before.

Have a great weekend!



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Happy Friday + Links 5/12/17

Happy Friday! How was your week? My week was pretty darn good…fabulous even, thanks to the excellent weather we’re finally getting!  To say that I love our country setting is a total understatement.  Sorry Seattle, but it turns out country life is definitely for me!  Every morning I wake up at our Farmhouse and look out the window and think, how did I get so lucky!  This little piece of earth of ours, with these little humans running around on it (and my big human too), is definitely a dream come true.

Of course our move to the country and switch to *retired* life (yes I’m writing that with a whole lot of irony considering we’re busier than ever with the Porch House reno, our Seattle rentals, ongoing Farmhouse projects, and the boys) has brought some challenges.  Mostly, it’s the lack of routine and organization that I have struggled with.  I’m one of those people who thrives on routine and structure, which coincidently is the complete opposite of my husband.  But as a compromise, Garrett has agreed to help me get our home office set up, so I can feel a wee bit more organized and, hopefully, productive.  And since baby girl’s July arrival is certain to put house projects on hold (temporarily, of course), I’m trying to sneak in a quick front entry makeover too.  I realize this is a lot to tackle with the Porch House reno still in full swing, not to mention me being 31-weeks pregnant, but nesting is REAL and it’s hitting me hard this pregnancy!

I hope your Mother’s Day cards are written and brunch planned out.  Garrett and I have one more day of work this weekend (turns out Airbnb rentals know nothing of work weeks), but then I’m all about pancakes and gardening over the Mother’s Day weekend.  I bought lots of seeds – lettuce greens and farm-to-mouth veggies mostly – plus some fun ones for the boys to watch grow a little longer like pumpkins and squash.  Fingers crossed the garden survives my less than green thumb this Summer!

It being Friday and all, I’ve scoured the internet for all it’s goodness.  There are some great links below so grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

The Grit and Polish - Porch House Master Bed Nightstand close

I shared this sneak peek of the Porch House master bedroom on Instagram on Monday (can you tell it’s killing me to hold onto all these photos until our HGTV pilot airs?!).  We painted it in BM Hale Navy and I couldn’t love it more!  So I’m thinking of using the same color for our Farmhouse office, although the wood trim would also look great with a deep blue/green wall.  Do you guys have any favorite moody blues or blue/greens I need to check out?

These sandals are on my summer wish list.  I’ve had this pair for a couple of years and LOVE them too.  For the record, despite living in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t wear them with socks 😉

One of our longtime readers pointed out that our Farmhouse master bedroom was featured in Apartment Therapy a couple of weeks back.  You can check it out here.

Sunset Kitchen 5.12.17

source // Irene Edwards kitchen via Sunset

This remodel of a 140-year-old Victorian is stunning!  I have a lot of heart-eyes for that kitchen (especially the ladder!) and their black-painted piano too.

Breaking the 2 hour barrier.  Insanity!  I ran cross country and track in college and afterwards tried my hand at two marathons.  In the hundred or so races I’ve ran, those marathons were hands down my least favorite.  I hated almost every single mile of them (or at least every mile in the the second half).  Needless to say, my respect is high for these guys!

Just in time for Mother’s Day…the joy of having boys.

Saving money while still living a great life.  I love when big blogs shed light on finances because they are such an important part of our daily lives and yet rarely talked about.  Kudos!



p.s. I know you guys probably already realize that I use affiliate links (I mentioned that here) but I’m toying with the idea of using disclaimers at the bottom of the post they’re in just to be triple sure it’s obvious and make sure I’m up on all things FTC.  Thoughts?  Here’s my affiliate link disclaimer:

disclaimer: hey guys, there are affiliate links in this post.  This means that if you click on my link and purchase the item, I will receive a small commission.  But rest assured that I only recommend products and services that I use personally or would love to use.  Affiliate links is one of the ways we keep this blog running, so thanks for supporting the Grit and Polish!


Happy Friday! + Links 5/5/17 (Mother’s Day Edition!)

Happy Friday and Cinco de Mayo to you!  I hope you have black beans boiling on the stove and ripe avocados on the counters.  Mexican food is a THING at our Farmhouse so you can bet that we’ll be mashing our beans and salting our pico tonight!  Or if the day runs long, we’ll be stopping by our favorite taco truck.

Mother’s Day weekend is only a week away…are you ready?!  This year Garrett and I invited our mothers over for brunch and a day of gardening at the Farmhouse.  I’m hoping to spend all day with my little loves and the grandmas and also get a vegetable garden planted.  Win/win 😉

Being that I’m pregnant this Mother’s Day (with my third child…how did that happen?!!!), I’ve been feeling nostalgic about it.   I remember my first Mother’s Day present.  I was 37 weeks pregnant with Wilder, and walked into a hospital in Portland on Mother’s Day (turning down a wheelchair from the attendant who thought I was there to give birth myself) to find the room where my sister was laboring with her second child.  After a long and slow afternoon, a perfect little baby was born, and they named her Gweneth Catherine…after me.  No Mother’s Day gift can compare to that (except for my sister who got to take that sweet baby bundle home), but I’ve done my best curating a gift guide for all you home lovers out there.  My only criteria was finding gifts that I’d love to bring home myself.  Hopefully every dada or kiddo can find something their mama/grandma/aunties/friends would love in here.  I asked Garrett and the boys for #4 plus a day of gardening 😉

The Grit and Polish - Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

And since it’s Friday, here are a few more links to fill your morning.  Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Baking celebratory cakes is a big hobby of mine so I’m eagerly planning our Mother’s Day cake. My mom’s favorite cake is a hazelnut torte and my mother-in-law’s is an angel food cake and I’m not really sure there’s any way to combine those, so I’m thinking about this.

A few mama’s share how they work from home with kiddos.  I’m always curious how other moms and dads find that elusive balance, especially when they’re home with kids and have outside work commitments.  But I’m learning that balance isn’t really a thing when parenthood is involved.

I just found this Insta account last week and this post brought me to tears – happy mama tears – and made me so grateful for the joy of motherhood in my own life.

Have you guys been following the One Room Challenge this Spring?  Check it out if you haven’t yet!  I can’t wait to see how everyone’s room turns out in 2 short weeks!

Happy Friday everyone!



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Happy Friday + Links 4/28/17

Happy Friday!  It feels like an extra happy Friday at our Farmhouse since we got our Spring cleaning and organizing out of the way last weekend.  There’s nothing better than waking up to a clean house.  Okay, maybe waking up to a clean house, rested kiddos, and homemade pancakes.  A girl can dream after all 😉

Speaking of kiddos, we made a big change last weekend…we moved Brooks into Wilder’s bedroom!  It’s something I’ve talked about doing for a long time.  I had hyped the transition up in my mind to a gargantuan deal, but it turned out to be one of those ‘hey lets move Brooks’ crib into Wilder’s room’ kind of no-big-deal tasks on Saturday.  For the record, I’m so happy we finally did it!  The room feels cozier with both boys in it and they seem so happy to look across the room and see each other as they’re settling down – even though that means an extra hour of giggling, squirming, tossing and more laughing.  That part hasn’t been ideal, but nonetheless it makes my mama heart very happy.  I’ll share more on their bedroom next week, but in the meantime, do you have any suggestions for nighttime routines in a shared bedroom?

Well it’s Friday again, and I’ve scoured the internet for great links.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

Three kids in one New York City bedroom.

Sara Parsons Photography San Juan Island Master

source // Sara Parsons Photography

A lovely master suite in the San Juan Islands.  What a great use of an unfinished attic!  For the record, I’m dying for that mirror.  Wouldn’t it look amazing in baby girl’s nursery at the Farmhouse?!

Wondering whether to paint your room in a light or dark color?  This post is definitely worth a read before you get to the paint store.

The blackout drapes in Wilder and Brooks’ room are on sale! I get a lot of questions about these…we have the Navy ones and yes, we absolutely love them!

I’d like to add something like this to the powder room door.  Cute, right?!

Molly Yeh Rose Cake 4.24.17


This cake blew me away.  But who could ever eat something so beautiful?!  Okay, totally kidding because I could, but not before I took a million photos of it and framed them for my mantle.

I just bought this book and it’ll probably take me a year of bedtimes to get through it, but I’m pretty darn excited to get started!




Happy Friday + Links 4/21/17

Somehow April is half over and we’re here at another Friday. Thank goodness because I’m ready for the weekend!  Tomorrow we have no plans which means pancakes, picking daffodils, and a family hike if the weather holds out.  My kind of day!

bathroom my domaine

source: My Domaine

We’ve been getting ready to tackle the bathrooms (all three of them!) at the Porch House, so I’ve got tile and claw foot tubs on my brain.  Anyone in the Ellensburg area know of or have a claw foot tub they want to part with?  There is something so soothing about taking a bath in an cast iron tub, don’t you think?  Or is it just me?  Garrett wants to buy a new free standing tub, but I’m looking for a vintage claw foot one first because this beautiful old house could really use a beautiful old tub.

Star bright farm bathroom

source: Star Bright Farm

I’ve got lots of links for you.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

A pretty tudor renovation from Studio McGee.  I’m a little sad about the moldings but what a beautiful home!

All the bathrooms I love in one spot.

A cheery entryway.  I’m certain this wallpaper would make me smile every time I walked in the front door!

Garrett and I have a Mother’s Day planned at the Farmhouse this year with the boys and our moms.  I proposed brunch, but really that’s a ploy to feed them before we get them to help us plant our summer garden 😉  And speaking of Mother’s Day, I asked for this which just so happens to be on sale right now!

Summer is coming, and though you might not find this pregnant lady in a swimsuit (mostly because I’d have to buy a maternity one…and getting to a store is tough these days), the mama in me loves a one piece.  Here are some great ones!

Some great crib sheets in case you have a baby girl on the way 😉




Happy Friday + Links (3/24/17)

Happy Friday!  Good things are happening around here…we’re ready to jump into the Porch House kitchen reno next week and I just bought a fir cabinet for the Farmhouse.  The cabinet I found at our local antique store and truth be told I’ve been eyeing it for a couple of months now.  Imagine my surprise when I received a handwritten letter last week from a previous homeowner telling me that the cabinet actually came out of our very own Farmhouse!!!  Obviously I ran down to the store and bought it, despite not having a place to put it at the moment (it’s 5′ wide and 8′ tall).  The whole cabinet and story surrounding it deserves a separate post, but I shared a peek of it on my instastory.  Suffice it to say that everything feels right in the world now that this cabinet is coming home 🙂

It’s raining again here in the Pacific Northwest, which isn’t so bad when you have a cup of coffee in hand and a little internet to peruse.  Here are a few of my favorite happenings from the week:

Jersey Ice Cream Co blue kitchen

source / designer / photo

This blue kitchen feels so fresh.  Side note: Jersey Ice Cream Co can do no wrong!

Have you tried making any of your own cleaning supplies before?  I’d really like to try this laundry detergent DIY from Yellow Brick Home…it seems pretty easy!

Did you guys check out the new HGTV show Home Town?  I love the small town setting and all the old homes!  ps here’s a peak into their own home, an old Mississippi craftsman.

BrePurposed DIY Tassel Throw


I’ve been coveting Bre’s tassel blanket every time it shows up on her Instagram feed and come to find out, it’s a DIY!  I really want to try this one!

I’m at that point in my pregnancy where I’m feeling my baby move all the time and it’s gotten me SO excited for her to arrive this July.  Naturally that means I’m shopping for tiny summer dresses and sandals like these, which will be in her closet in every size and color until she’s 18 😉

Happy Birthday Dad!!!



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