Farmhouse Friday 4/20/18

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week! We were up to a little bit of everything this week: Daphne’s bedroom, spending time with the kids at the Farmhouse, a working trip to the Tacoma converted garage project, turning our Airbnbs in Seattle, and helping get Nana and Papa’s country house ready for sale. All in all, it was a fun week, but I’m definitely ready for the weekend! Speaking of the weekend, if you’re in Seattle tonight (Friday), come to our meet up at Fremont Brewery from 4-6pm! We want to build community with all of you DIYers, renovators, house-hackers, old home enthusiasts, new home enthusiasts, homebodies, etc. Plus the boys and I baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they aren’t going to eat themselves!

Tacoma Converted Garage project // salvaged light fixture from Second Use

Let me back up to the Tacoma converted garage project for a minute. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the 50s-era converted garage owned by Garrett’s sister (it’s the old garage behind her 1800s duplex, which was converted to a rental unit decades ago). We got some work done over there this week on the rough-in plumbing and planning/design. We’ll be getting into this project more here on the blog next month (ish) but you can see a tour of the space in my Instagram highlight reel (@thegritandpolish). While old houses will always be my jam, it’s definitely a fun change of pace to work on an industrial/modern/timeless project. I literally cannot wait to see this project come together!

Well it’s Friday again, so I’ve rounded up lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

This home tour is just right for Spring.

I recently started reading this architecture book (on the recommendation of my friend), and I am enamored. It’s all about designing homes and the architectural elements you should use and those you should avoid. I’m only a week in (and admittedly my ‘reading weeks’ are light these days), but love the authors’ thoughts on building a home “in which we love to live over time. That’s how a building proves its worth, not just in the short term, but forever.” Amen. Also: in my book, that’s why design matters. 

source // designer: Christine Dovey // photo: Ashley Capp

A designer’s kitchen goes from pink and pretty to chic and contemporary. I’m a (big) fan of the chic and contemporary!

I like the title of this article: “Day-Ruining Study Shows How Drinking May Shorten Your Life“. You should probably wait until Monday to read this one (especially if you’re meeting us at the brewery tonight ;), but definitely good information.

I just love this ritual and can’t wait to read more of ‘treasury’.

Sixteen ways to decorate your home for free. This could come in handy should you, say, ban shopping for a year (or a month).

Design inspiration from Instagram this week: a simple bedroom, pink in the bathroom, everything pretty, and this whole situation!

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 4/13

Happy Friday (the 13th)! For you folks in Seattle, Garrett and I will be doing a meet-up next Friday (4/20) from 4-6pm at Fremont Brewery. So if you’re in town, come chat with us…about houses, renovations, kids, house-hacking, the weather, anything! We’re chatty people and we want to meet you! Per our usual, some or all of our kids will be with us, so don’t hesitate to bring your little people. And if there are any changes, I’ll update you on Instagram, so check there. We’re excited to meet you!

About this week: we staged Nana and Papa’s house is two hours. Two hours! It was crazy and super fun and our kids were troopers. We’re hoping to get back over there to take photos since we didn’t get the chance, but in the mean time…

It’s Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

I watched a couple great shows online this week: the One Room Challenge series debut (I’m sooo impressed by what Candis and Andy are doing and Natasha‘s beautiful space) and Nate and Jeremiah’s show. Both are so good!

house_1924 // design and photo: Leigh and Ben

Leigh and Ben (of house_1924) are some of my favorites on Instagram and this little set up here has me weak in the knees!

So very, very impressed by the imagination and gumption of Josie (aka Moonshine Penguin) and her husband. Honestly I’m not quite sure what to say about this post/article/bio, but read it. Especially if you’re interested in house-hacking, early retirement, what to do with money, and living a fuller life on less. It’s SO inspiring…and now a boat seems like a good idea.

The Henhouse Kit Shop is up and running with lights you can assemble yourself. This is So Cool!

The Minimalist Kitchen is here! Melissa at the Faux Martha is one of my favorite bloggers (and has the prettiest home!), so of course I already ordered her cookbook!  Tell me I’m not alone!

Dining room design rules. Pin this because you’ll want to go back again and again.

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 4/6/18

Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by…for you too? We started in on Daphne’s nursery at the Farmhouse for the One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited. Pretty sure this room is my favorite space at the Farmhouse, architecturally-speaking, because of the large windows, southern daylight, and a prime view of our century-old elm trees. Just the stuff of my country dreams 🙂

On a budget/earth-conscious/minimalist note, I’m trying to use up a lot of the house decor we already have for this room. After our Spring clean last month, I took stock of what we have (pillow covers, furniture, stuff) and basically it’s time to use it or give it to someone who will! I definitely have a pack-rat mentality (but I might need it someday…) and HATE throwing things away that I spent money on but we own five homes, four of which are furnished and decorated, so if I haven’t used it by now, I probably never will. Just giving myself the hard punches this week.

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I found lots of great links from around the web. So grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

I’ve been dreaming of buying a roomba lately. Do you have one? Do you love it? My sister mentioned a study (or theory…don’t know where it’s from, unfortunately) that spending money to eliminate negatives from your life can actually makes you happier. So if you love purses, buying another purse won’t make you happy. But if you hate messy floors (like me…errr everyone) but have a hard time keeping up with vacuuming, than a roomba could make you happier. Theoretically. Well that’s definitely true.

source // Hayley Pannekoecke’s family home

A colorful Australian home that’s full of family and life. Related: this deep mustard tone is the perfect compliment to pink. You may be just be seeing this combo in Daphne’s room.

We listened to this podcast recently. Financial independence is such a great goal (which is why we kept moving into and renovating fixer uppers) and I love hearing different people’s approaches. Speaking of which, there are a lot of great finically-focused podcasts out there. Do you guys listen to any?

This midcentury renovation in Seattle is SO good! I usually gravitate to older homes, but you could twist my arm into this one 😉

Some inspiration from Instagram this week: a beautiful wallpapered nook, a scenic farm, a fixer schoolhouse, and this gallery wall.

source // photo and design by Natasha Habermann

I’m so excited to watch some of my friends take on the One Room Challenge again! My gal Ashley is doing her master bedroom as a featured designer (yeeesss!), Natasha is doing her historic living room and entry, Kaitlyn is finishing her laundry room, and Sarah is doing her mudroom (guys, she’s taking on this space from scratch while knee deep in a kitchen renovation…GO Sarah and Emmett!). Catherine and Bryan are joining too and everything they touch is gold! It’s going to be a good six weeks!

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 03/30/18

Happy Friday! We got home from Portland after finishing up Winnie’s bathroom and our house was soooo clean. It felt great! Honestly, walking into a clean home has to be one of my favorite feelings, ever. I think Spring cleaning should be a yearly occurrence. Okay, okay, I know it is a yearly thing for most people, but I mean for us. I’d like to take a couple weeks every year and take stock of our stuff and really dial in on what we can do without. Because the Farmhouse is that much more enjoyable when it’s not full of stuff weighing us down.

Speaking of the Farmhouse, we’re going to join in the One Room Challenge this Spring (it begins next week).  I’ll wait until next week to share which room we’ve picked, but feel free to guess away in the mean time.  Anyway, I’m super excited to keep making progress on this beautiful home of ours.

In other breaking news. I’ve managed to avoid buying a single bag of Cadbury mini eggs until now. And if I can save { most of } them for the kids’ Easter eggs, I’m pretty sure that means my life is a raging success. Ha! But seriously, Cadbury Mini egg love is real.  Tell me I’m not alone.  We keep Easter pretty simple around here. A slow meal, an Easter egg hunt (chocked full of chocolate plus a little bit of money and rocks), and some down time for reading and relaxing (hopefully). Any big plans at your house?

Well it’s Friday again meaning I’ve rounded up lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

This is probably the best (and most entertaining) article I’ve ever read on food and healthy eating. If you make it to the ‘oat milk’ part, tell me if you laughed out loud too 😉

The cutest Easter eggs I ever did see. Really, ever.

These are what Daphne’s going to be wearing this summer (and every summer). Thanks for sharing your hand-me-downs Winnie!

It’s been 8 years since Daniel started one of my favorite renovation blogs, Manhattan Nest!!! And this post commemorates that but it’s also insightful and relevant to all things.

Instagram inspiration: Everything about this. Also, my goodness, this house (and kitchen reno!).

Love the look of cement patterned tile, but they’re not in your budget? Check out Amber’s amazing (and inexpensive) solution. Also, there are 6 people using this bathroom during this project…I’m so impressed!

And about those Cadbury mini eggs…its not too late (they’re on Prime!) :0

Wishing you a family-filled, fun weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 3/23/18

Happy Friday! And welcome to Spring. Are you feeling that freshness in the air?!  I sure am. We spent the first few days of Spring cleaning out the Farmhouse. We got rid of stuff, organized other stuff, and scrubbed everything. A clean house just feels good, you know?! Plus we’ve been spending too much time on housework and shuffling clutter lately instead of enjoying our home and little people. So we’re hoping that more organization and less stuff will help us switch those priorities…

Our Farmhouse // boy’s bedroom

I had one of those really cool experiences yesterday where I got to meet some people that I’ve admired for years. Garrett and I welcomed them at the Farmhouse, and my head is kind of spinning with it. I’ll share more later (I know, I know soooo secretive 😉 but I have to say that I’m completely amazed at how readily we can connect with like-minded (and not so like-minded) people in these digital days. Social media and blogs often get a bad wrap, and for valid reasons, but my world is so much bigger because of them. I’m constantly being inspired by what other people achieve and how they live. Amazing times we live in!

Well it’s Friday again meaning I have lots of great links for you. So grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

If you had asked me in high school what I thought ‘family life’ would look like, I’d have probably have said something like the Bucket List Family. What do you say, Garrett, should we sell it all and go?!

This moody office stopped me in my tracks. What a thoughtful, cozy space! And speaking of cozy – this bedroom is one part cozy and one part Spring. Perfection!

source // design by Anne McDonald Design // photo by 2ndTruth Photography.

A 100-year old duplex turned Airbnb with the talented Wit & Delight team. I love how airy the space feels despite (or maybe because of…?) all the woodwork. Related: duplexes make the best house hacks!

We swapped our kitchen sponge for a scrub brush and it’s a huge upgrade! We made the swap to lessen our waste but were pleasantly surprised that the bristles scrub dishes better than that ol’ green standby and it gets less gunky too. Great recommendation Lauren!

I’ve been eagerly watching this kitchen take shape. It’s SO good, Mandi!

The fabulous Katie Hackworth was interviewed for Design School. I just love how she sees design… “I prefer interiors to feel lived in, collected, and somewhat informal. Furnishings and decor need to make sense, but I don’t feel restricted by rules or trends. Instead, I prefer to experiment and have some fun mixing, matching and repurposing.” -Katie Hackworth




Farmhouse Friday 3/16/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We’ve been running around between a few different projects and things lately. Who knew early retirement would be so…busy. Disjointed. Hectic. And lovely of course too?! Anyway, lots of good stuff is happening around here and because of that I’m posting a little less on the blog. Posting less and living more – at least that’s my goal at the moment.

If you were following my Instagram last weekend, you saw that we had a lovely time in Portland. Truly, just lovely. The weather was sunny and 70 degrees and we hit up more than one brewery in our short trip. It was relaxed and fun and just what we needed. Unfortunately, we didn’t get *quite* as far as we had hoped on my niece’s bathroom. But it’s wallpapered (they selected a pattern with a designer and had it professionally installed) and my sister is adding the final coat of sage green paint on the floors as we speak. I’ll share more of this space once it’s finished!

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I’ve got lots of great links for you. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

I ripped out quite a few pages of my Country Living magazine when I came to this 300 year-old Saltbox home. It’s a stunner…

source: Country Living Magazine // photo by Troa Giovan // design by Jennifer and Derrick Miller

I’ve been really inspired by minimalism and the Zero Waste movement lately. Finding a way to live on this earth in an old home, with a large-ish family, while being financially and environmentally responsible and happy is right up there for me. This minimalism blog and this zero waste site are now weekly reads for me.

The best before and after! I love reading about people living creatively (ala house-hacking). Also: adaptive reuse is my jam!

Recently downloaded this and this (from Ashley’s wall!) from the MET and oh my there is so much more (FREE!) artwork to explore!

A charming apartment on Gramercy Park. “Between the identical twins making over homes on cable TV and your Pinterest board’s budget-friendly backsplash ideas, it’s all too easy to forget that inspiration can come from actual experiences: a song, a feeling, a room.” Oh so charming and an excellent reminder to put the iPhone down (Cathy!).

Just as suspected…there’s nothing wrong with your home! Yes, I can see the irony in a renovation blogger linking to this article. But really, something to think about before you swing a hammer or spend a penny.

In Rome, you just can’t escape history. And can we talk about those patterned mosaic floors?




Farmhouse Friday 3/10/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We did something crazy this week. We adopted eight hens here at the Farmhouse (!!!). Nana had to thin out her flock of chickens and we were happy to take them off her hands. Mabel and Mertle and their 6 yet-to-be-named friends are settling in oh so well and being completely spoiled by their eager caretakers. I can’t get enough of watching them wander around the yard not to mention the farm fresh eggs!  I haven’t taken photos of them at our Farmhouse yet, but here is Nana’s flock back at her old house and a pic of our first batch of eggs (SO exciting!).

In other news, we’re finally getting down to my sister’s house to help with that bathroom and soak up some family time. And goodness am I excited. Now that we each have families, it’s harder than ever to get together, and I just miss my sis. We still talk to each other a few times a day (I know that sounds like a lot, but…#twins) but it’s just not the same as being together. I’m still holding out hope that they’ll move back to Ellensburg and buy a house right down the road from us. What do you say, sis?!?!

Well it’s Friday again, so I’ve scoured the internet for lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

The other night, I went down a rabbit hole on You Tube and guys, Martha Stewart is pretty amazing. Watch this renovation show (circa pre-HGTV) and ask yourself Joanna who?!

Best article I’ve read all year. I can do better! We can all do better!

Have you guys seen the new Samsung Frame TV’s? Honestly, it’s hard to tell which pieces in Cassandra’s gallery wall are art and which is the TV!

Reality TV stars. Sheesh. (Thanks for sending this hilarious clip, Uncle Adam!)

The most beautiful restaurant I ever did see!

Inspiring women on International Women’s Day.

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 3/2/18

Happy Friday! We were planning to spend the weekend in Portland finishing up my sister’s bathroom renovation and celebrating our joint birthday (we’re identical twins). But alas, the flu has hit the Farmhouse. Gah. All three kids and Garrett are sick (but not me…?), so I’ve been fluffing pillows, warming tea, checking temperatures, and playing Planet Earth on repeat. But not all is lost. That bathroom renovation will get finished and birthday cake will be eaten, just later in the month when we’re all healthy.

One fun thing about spending so much time at home this week is all the baking I’ve done. We’re finally getting the hang of sourdough, and I made my best loaf yet (shown above). I think our breakthrough was storing our starter in Daphne’s room over night (it’s the warmest room in the house). Garrett and I were joking that we treat our starter like a pet – putting it to bed at night and feeding it regularly. Ha!

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I’ve scoured the internet for lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

It’s hard to put yourself out there. Hard to disappoint people. And even harder to walk away from success – be it a well-paying career or a podcast – when your heart just isn’t in it. I so related to Julia’s sentiments this past week about stopping her podcast. And Melissa’s about not quitting blogging (and going grey ;).

A garage turned dining room. What a transformation!

A case for letting the universe decide because sometimes goals are over-rated and maybe even counter-productive.

I’ve been following this renovaiton of an Edwardian home in South London on Instagram. So good!

6 mistakes even smart women make with their money.

Goodness I love this large block print fabric art! Jacqueline made it herself, and it sounds like a totally doable DIY.

Speaking of birthdays, I asked Garrett for a few hours to start this book. I also picked up a copy for Nana, who has a birthday this weekend too!

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 2/23/18

Happy Friday! I’m all in on Spring over here. ALL IN! I’m completely ignoring Punxsutawney Phil and this week’s snow flurries and dreaming of sunshine, blossoms, frog hunting (don’t worry, no frogs are harmed ;), and food-filled trips to Seattle. Over the next few months, most of our rentals will change from month-to-month to shorter-term Airbnb stays as Seattle tourism season kicks into high gear (because who wouldn’t want to see this beautiful city in the sunshine?!). Our rentals get booked silly, so we use this time to get ready: restock supplies, deep cleaning, freshen up linens, and tidy the landscaping.

Our Dexter House rental in Seattle // Shelf brackets | Campaign Hardware (on drawers) | cabinet knobsswing arm sconcesoverhead kitchen lightmudroom star lightmarble pastry slab | nesting mixing bowls |  marble utensil holderdinner plates and bowls | wood cake stand (similar) | white cake stands (similar)

This week we began that process over at the Dexter House. I actually hadn’t been to that property in 6 months because we had a family was living there, and oh man, I forgot how much I love that little house. It’s compact (3 bed/2 bath in 1100sf) and beautiful and well appointed with just the essentials. Garrett and I both left thinking ‘let’s simplify more at the Farmhouse’! Because less really can feel like more, you know? Anyway, here are a few more photos of the Dexter kitchen from the week, just because it’s been awhile. pssst: you can read more about this kitchen renovation here and the budget here

Pretty good, right?! I’m planning to make a few changes to the art in the house in addition to maintenance projects, so I’ll definitely be sharing more of this beautiful house on Instagram this Spring.

Before I get to links today, I have one housekeeping note…our Facebook page is finally up and running! So head over there and give us a thumbs up or say hi. Our goal is to make that a landing page for everything going on: blog, Instagram, HGTV pilot, and a couple other things I haven’t talked about on the blog yet.

Now for those links, grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

A wonderful story of a beautiful old house (slated for demolition), a determined buyer, Magnolia (yes, as in Waco, Texas), and the most amazing transformation. This is one of the properties that Chip and Joanna showed to clients on Fixer Upper but it wasn’t selected and thank goodness for that, because the future owner nailed it!

The four-poster bed of my dreams is featured in this bedroom makeover!

An interview with interior designer and artist William McLure. I have to admit, this was my introduction to his work, but count me in!

No shopping for a whole year. Would you do it? My answer: a resounding yes (for us adults anyway!).

More trips to Seattle means more time in the car to listen to podcasts. I’m caught up on How I Built This but looking for more! Do you have any favorites?!

Interior inspiration for your Friday: this kitchen (!!!), this dining room, this entry, and this dilapidated greenhouse (oh how I wish it was on our property!).




Farmhouse Friday 2/16/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? Ours was filled with too much sugar and more than a little bit of excitement. Garrett’s sister, Naysa started a big kitchen renovation, and we’re super excited to get our hands dirty.  This is the sister that stayed up with us into the wee hours of the night painting shelves and moving rugs until they were juuust right for the Porch House reveal on HGTV.  She is the best!  And we’re thrilled to be returning the favor by helping with her kitchen renovation.

Demo and planning are underway, so we will be sharing all the details soon.  This project is a totally different style than we’ve done before, and on a small budget, which will flex our creative muscles in the best possible way! It’s going to be a good one.

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve scoured the internet for great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

How to parent an Olympian (or just a good human). I sent this article to Garrett and my sis – such a good read!

Four amazing self-taught designers shared how they got to where they are on CLJ’s podcast this week. This is so worth a listen if you’re interested in interior design or just interested in self-made success.

The sun has been shining all week, so naturally I’ve been thinking about our garden. I’d like to find a tool bag this year (like this one) and more copper garden markers.

You’re in for a treat! Jessica Helgerson just released photos of her Park Slope Limestone project and it’s good. I especially love it as inspiration for our Farmhouse since there’s so much wood. I’ve often wondered if you can pull off wall paneling in the same color as the wall instead of matching the moldings and it turns out you can!

source // design Chelsie Lee for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design // architects were CWB Architects //photo by Christopher Sturman

Food blogger Molly Yeh got to be a commentator on the @olympicchannel this week and it was so fun!

Have you guys stayed at an Airbnb before? A few reasons to try it (and there’s a discount code at the end).

Few things scare me as much as the news from Parkland Florida this week. Here are a few ways to help from Cup of Jo. 



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