Farmhouse Friday 3/2/18

Happy Friday! We were planning to spend the weekend in Portland finishing up my sister’s bathroom renovation and celebrating our joint birthday (we’re identical twins). But alas, the flu has hit the Farmhouse. Gah. All three kids and Garrett are sick (but not me…?), so I’ve been fluffing pillows, warming tea, checking temperatures, and playing Planet Earth on repeat. But not all is lost. That bathroom renovation will get finished and birthday cake will be eaten, just later in the month when we’re all healthy.

One fun thing about spending so much time at home this week is all the baking I’ve done. We’re finally getting the hang of sourdough, and I made my best loaf yet (shown above). I think our breakthrough was storing our starter in Daphne’s room over night (it’s the warmest room in the house). Garrett and I were joking that we treat our starter like a pet – putting it to bed at night and feeding it regularly. Ha!

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I’ve scoured the internet for lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

It’s hard to put yourself out there. Hard to disappoint people. And even harder to walk away from success – be it a well-paying career or a podcast – when your heart just isn’t in it. I so related to Julia’s sentiments this past week about stopping her podcast. And Melissa’s about not quitting blogging (and going grey ;).

A garage turned dining room. What a transformation!

A case for letting the universe decide because sometimes goals are over-rated and maybe even counter-productive.

I’ve been following this renovaiton of an Edwardian home in South London on Instagram. So good!

6 mistakes even smart women make with their money.

Goodness I love this large block print fabric art! Jacqueline made it herself, and it sounds like a totally doable DIY.

Speaking of birthdays, I asked Garrett for a few hours to start this book. I also picked up a copy for Nana, who has a birthday this weekend too!

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 2/23/18

Happy Friday! I’m all in on Spring over here. ALL IN! I’m completely ignoring Punxsutawney Phil and this week’s snow flurries and dreaming of sunshine, blossoms, frog hunting (don’t worry, no frogs are harmed ;), and food-filled trips to Seattle. Over the next few months, most of our rentals will change from month-to-month to shorter-term Airbnb stays as Seattle tourism season kicks into high gear (because who wouldn’t want to see this beautiful city in the sunshine?!). Our rentals get booked silly, so we use this time to get ready: restock supplies, deep cleaning, freshen up linens, and tidy the landscaping.

Our Dexter House rental in Seattle // Shelf brackets | Campaign Hardware (on drawers) | cabinet knobsswing arm sconcesoverhead kitchen lightmudroom star lightmarble pastry slab | nesting mixing bowls |  marble utensil holderdinner plates and bowls | wood cake stand (similar) | white cake stands (similar)

This week we began that process over at the Dexter House. I actually hadn’t been to that property in 6 months because we had a family was living there, and oh man, I forgot how much I love that little house. It’s compact (3 bed/2 bath in 1100sf) and beautiful and well appointed with just the essentials. Garrett and I both left thinking ‘let’s simplify more at the Farmhouse’! Because less really can feel like more, you know? Anyway, here are a few more photos of the Dexter kitchen from the week, just because it’s been awhile. pssst: you can read more about this kitchen renovation here and the budget here

Pretty good, right?! I’m planning to make a few changes to the art in the house in addition to maintenance projects, so I’ll definitely be sharing more of this beautiful house on Instagram this Spring.

Before I get to links today, I have one housekeeping note…our Facebook page is finally up and running! So head over there and give us a thumbs up or say hi. Our goal is to make that a landing page for everything going on: blog, Instagram, HGTV pilot, and a couple other things I haven’t talked about on the blog yet.

Now for those links, grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

A wonderful story of a beautiful old house (slated for demolition), a determined buyer, Magnolia (yes, as in Waco, Texas), and the most amazing transformation. This is one of the properties that Chip and Joanna showed to clients on Fixer Upper but it wasn’t selected and thank goodness for that, because the future owner nailed it!

The four-poster bed of my dreams is featured in this bedroom makeover!

An interview with interior designer and artist William McLure. I have to admit, this was my introduction to his work, but count me in!

No shopping for a whole year. Would you do it? My answer: a resounding yes (for us adults anyway!).

More trips to Seattle means more time in the car to listen to podcasts. I’m caught up on How I Built This but looking for more! Do you have any favorites?!

Interior inspiration for your Friday: this kitchen (!!!), this dining room, this entry, and this dilapidated greenhouse (oh how I wish it was on our property!).




Farmhouse Friday 2/16/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? Ours was filled with too much sugar and more than a little bit of excitement. Garrett’s sister, Naysa started a big kitchen renovation, and we’re super excited to get our hands dirty.  This is the sister that stayed up with us into the wee hours of the night painting shelves and moving rugs until they were juuust right for the Porch House reveal on HGTV.  She is the best!  And we’re thrilled to be returning the favor by helping with her kitchen renovation.

Demo and planning are underway, so we will be sharing all the details soon.  This project is a totally different style than we’ve done before, and on a small budget, which will flex our creative muscles in the best possible way! It’s going to be a good one.

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve scoured the internet for great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

How to parent an Olympian (or just a good human). I sent this article to Garrett and my sis – such a good read!

Four amazing self-taught designers shared how they got to where they are on CLJ’s podcast this week. This is so worth a listen if you’re interested in interior design or just interested in self-made success.

The sun has been shining all week, so naturally I’ve been thinking about our garden. I’d like to find a tool bag this year (like this one) and more copper garden markers.

You’re in for a treat! Jessica Helgerson just released photos of her Park Slope Limestone project and it’s good. I especially love it as inspiration for our Farmhouse since there’s so much wood. I’ve often wondered if you can pull off wall paneling in the same color as the wall instead of matching the moldings and it turns out you can!

source // design Chelsie Lee for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design // architects were CWB Architects //photo by Christopher Sturman

Food blogger Molly Yeh got to be a commentator on the @olympicchannel this week and it was so fun!

Have you guys stayed at an Airbnb before? A few reasons to try it (and there’s a discount code at the end).

Few things scare me as much as the news from Parkland Florida this week. Here are a few ways to help from Cup of Jo. 




Farmhouse Friday 2/9/18

Happy Friday! What a whirlwind of a week it was. Our pilot aired on HGTV last Saturday, and while it was a momentous occasion – one we’d worked towards on and off for 3 years – it was over in a flash. On Sunday we were back to dealing with our rental properties, wrangling kids, and visiting late into the night with friends 🙂

We’ll definitely let you know if and when Master Plan airs again on HGTV. And don’t worry, we requested more notice next time 😉 A lot of you are asking when to expect more episodes, which makes all of that hard work on the pilot seem worth it! But honestly, we just don’t know if anything will come of it. HGTV is rumored to commission upwards of 60 pilots a year, some of which are aired, some of which are not, and only a handful get picked up for a first season. We’re just happy that ours saw the light of day.

In other news, our boys…

Our Farmhouse // Master bedroom (update post coming next week)

These boys (and Daphne too!) really do make things fun. Hard and exhausting at times, yes – I think that goes without saying when you have young kids – but also so fun! Case in point: Valentines Day. As I mentioned last week, Valentines Day used to be little more than an excuse for Garrett and I to cook dinner together. But now, it’s a thing at our house. We make cards, write sweet notes, read extra stories, and bake!  Thankfully the boys seem to have inherited my sweet tooth (or maybe not thankfully, but you know), and they are even more excited than I am to make our traditional Valentines Day treat: extra-large, heart-shaped sugar cookies with super thick pink frosting. It’s Nana’s recipe!

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve scoured the internet for great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

I mentioned last week that we purchased an inexpensive soil moisture sensor for our new fiddle leaf fig and I’m kind of shocked at how little it’s telling me to water. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been slowly killing our houseplants. 😉

Baby Bennett’s nursery reveal is up on Wit and Delight and it’s just as beautiful and fun as I thought it would be. Kate always gets it right.

Ever wonder what people think about their kitchen renovations years after they’ve lived in them? Stefanie is sharing 5 mistakes she made a decade later. Related: earlier this week Garrett and I shared what we liked best in the 7 kitchens we’ve renovated to date.

Planning to make these falafel burgers tonight.  Fingers crossed they are as delicious as the recipe looks.

My love for antique beds knows no bounds, but this beauty stopped me in my tracks.

Jenna’s DreamStone Diaries vlog is awesome! Have you guys been watching? It’s definitely worth a follow if you’re into houses, design, or real estate investing!

Have a great weekend!



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Farmhouse Friday 2/2/18

Happy Friday! How is your February going? As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve been missing a few things about city life lately (you can read about that here), but there are so many great things about small town living too. So today I wanted to share a little bit about that. For those of you who are new to the Grit and Polish, Garrett and I live in the same small town where we grew up, Ellensburg WA. We moved back here in the summer of 2016 after finding our Farmhouse, quitting our jobs in Seattle, and packing up our kids and dog. We’ve been living a quiet (ish) life in the country ever since. And though I no longer say we’re retired (self-employed is more accurate) we have a lot of time to spend with our kids, outdoors, and pursing hobbies and unique opportunities (like last year’s HGTV pilot, which will air someday soon).

So about that small town living… We love the sense of community here. There’s a general leave-no-person-stranded-on-the-side-of-the-road mentality. And because we grew up here, we’re always surrounded by people we know. Family, friends, friends’ sisters, second cousins, high school classmates, old coaches, the list goes on. If you walk down our country road, every passerby – whether you know them or not – will wave or tip their hat. But perhaps the biggest change from city living, is the pace. Life is just much slower here. No one tailgates or honks when a green light is missed and a commute is 15 minutes of driving amidst hay fields and old barns.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Rope Swing

We also love all the space we have to grow and explore. Our boys can run bare foot out the door (in the summer) and just play and they’ve turned into little biologists watching the deer, owls, frogs, and all manner of insects and mice on our property. Speaking of our property, I’ve never felt so connected to land or food before. We grow raspberries, apples, pears, cherries, mint, and vegetables (plus weeds 😉 on our 3 acres, which makes up a substantial part of our summer diets. So while we miss some things about city dwelling, we really are happy to call this small, country town home.

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve rounded up lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

Some awesome parent humor to kick off your Friday with a smile. Thanks to my friend Sasha for sharing this!

I posted a picture of our new Fiddle Leaf Fig tree from Costco last weekend and I received so many great care tips. Not only do I appreciate all the suggestions but I’m quite heartened to hear that people can actually keep these beauties alive! #goals

Katie Hackworth Bedroom

via Elle Decor / design by Katie Hackworth / photo by Alyssa Rosenheck

Katie Hackworth always gets it right and her family’s Seattle home is no different. Wow! See the entire home on Elle Decor and follow Ms. Hackworth on Instagram for inspiration!

Ways to add value to your home. Thank you for this, Sarah!

And speaking of money: 9 reasons your grocery bill is high and how to lower it. We’ve been on a strict $150/week grocery budget ever since finishing the Porch House (part of my “post renovation budget cleanse”, which is a whole different topic…), and it’s helped us be more mindful about what we buy and put into our bodies. We meal plan more, grocery shop less, and eat healthier. Basically our weekly grocery cart is full of fruit, vegetables, kombucha, flour, and bulk foods. And the best part is we throw away so much less food! I have a strange obsession with grocery budgets (and personal finance) so you’ll probably hear more about this!

A beautiful, compact kitchen created by the enviable team of Anne Sage and Studio McGee.

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 1/26/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We finally got past the winter onslaught of colds and other bugs around here, and we’ve had a healthy, sleep-filled week to show for it. It’s amazing what a couple nights of decent sleep can do for a lady. I’ve been waking before the kids, hiking and practicing yoga, reading at night (!!!), and following the weekly routine we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Life is good! Of course it will only last as long as we can all stay healthy (which is certainly not for long with 2 kids in preschool), but for the time being, I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

We are in the planning stages for some exciting projects coming up on the Grit and Polish. A couple of family renovation projects (a quick bathroom reno, a kitchen!), some updates at the Farmhouse, and our big focus for 2018: DIY tutorials. I can’t wait to get into all of it! But I’ll share more another day, because today is Friday, which means I’ve scoured the internet for lots of great links. So grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

Highstreet home dining roomHigh street home boys bedroom

@highstreethomes via Instagram | design Brett and Kara Phillips

Brett and Kara Phillips, are killing it as entrepreneurs while raising 3 young kids. They filmed a pilot for HGTV and opened an online shop last year, which you can read more about in this article. I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from this talented duo and you should totally follow them on Instagram!

High street home family

@highstreethomes via Instagram

Another beautiful kitchen from Park and Oak design. Swoon.

This is kind of random, but my brother accidentally sent one of these “no sharp edges” can openers to our house instead of his and he’s never getting it back 😉 Totally lives up to the hype.

Ellen Pompeo on the salary she’s fought for. Plus this: “These poor girls have no real money, and the studio is making a fortune and parading them like ponies on a red carpet. I mean, Faye Dunaway is driving a f*&%ing Prius today…” And while we’re on the subject: Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer. Same fight, different day.

9 ways to make your bathroom look more expensive. Great tips to read before you sell your home!

Yes Daphne (Oz)! I can RELATE! Post-partum is amazing and horrifying and well, just what she said.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Master Lavendar Nightstand.3

our Farmhouse, master bedroom // print, light (in aged brass), cord cover, vase

I’d like to highlight more of my favorite Etsy shops here on the blog and Clare Ellasser’s art is on top of my list. The print above is by her and I always get the sweetest compliments on it, but then again all the prints in her shop are beautiful!

Remember last week when I told you my friends Ashley and Natasha were cleaning out a closet Konmari style? Well they did and it’s amazing and now I want to clean out all my closets! You can get the recap here.

Have a great weekend!




Farmhouse Friday 1/19/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? Garrett and I snuck away to Seattle for a couple days of city fun with the kiddos. There were bouncy houses and parks. Early happy hours and bakery breakfasts. And of course (because we are Poshustas after all) a little bit of work too. The Bryant House got ready for more guests with a new (old) bed frame in the small second bedroom (previously set up as an office). The boys slept in there, and I have to say it was soooo fun to see Wilder back in his very first nursery again! Other nostalgic highlights: bath time in my favorite yellow tub, and staying up late with friends, visiting at the dining table (and repeat for breakfast).

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Dining Nook Breakfast from corner small.2

Our Bryant House renovation, dining nook

Living in the country has been amazing, but we miss a few “city” things. Like escalators, our friends, the trolly, and Amazon same day. But probably most of all, we miss the food. Oh the food! When we make it over to Seattle now, it’s all we think about. Where can we eat lunch? What ridiculously expensive grocery store can we buy smoothies from? Where’s that new brewery we heard about? And what life altering donut/ice-cream/cupcake can we treat the boys to? It’s hard to fit all the food in, BUT WE TRY! I had a request for a Seattle city guide recently, so I’ll try to round up our favorite spots and post them here (eventually). In the meantime, I’d love to hear of any places we MUST try next time we’re in town!

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve scoured the internet for all the best links and things. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

A thoughtful article on crafts (or craefts if you’re old school) and what that means.

2018 Kitchen trends from Emily Henderson. I love so many of these, like hidden hoods (I wrote about that earlier this week, actually), marble, and banquette seating.

Where to donate everything after cleaning house. And about that cleaning…non-toxic products you probably already have in your pantry. The wonderful ladies behind these thoughtful posts, Ashley and Natasha, will be cleaning out a closet Konmari style on Instagram Stories LIVE this Sunday, so check it out!

Bennett's nursery wit and delight

via @witanddelight_ | design Kate Arends

I’ve been drooling over Bennett’s nursery for a couple of weeks now. Lucky girl!

Speaking of lucky girls, Apple’s effortless and eclectic room gets all the heart eyes.

Five-ingredient meals that make kids happy and are healthy. They get me.

I played this game with the boys at Bryant and it’s soooo good.

Did you notice I changed the name of this post? I want our Friday posts to feel personal, like they’re chats at our home, so I wanted to try “Farmhouse friday” out. I may still play around with the name, so bear with me.

Have a great weekend!




Happy Friday + Links 1/12/18

Happy Friday! Let me start out by saying, THANK YOU for all the comments and feedback on our blog goals last week. You guys really know how to get a girl excited for the year ahead. And speaking of 2018, we’re off to a great start! Baking bread, writing content for this here blog (the Porch House powder bathroom is up next!), playing in the snow, and not painting or hammering a single thing. Ha! Sometimes it’s good to take a break, even from the things you love.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse in the Winter Snow

Less renovating (for the moment) has meant more time for Garrett and I to learn a new skill, sourdough bread baking. With everything we had going on last year – not to mention the 3 wiggly kiddos we have running/rolling around – there just wasn’t a lot of time for hobbies and trying new things. So I am really, really enjoying this slower start to 2018. As for the bread, we’ve been putting together a loaf every other day (ish) and baking them first thing in the morning. The loaf below is far from perfect, but it was made out of only 3 ingredients (flour, water, and salt) and totally delicious, especially when smeared with copious amounts of salted Amish butter and homemade raspberry jam.

Sourdough Bread Pic

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I’ve found all the best the internet has to offer.  So grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

Living well in 180sf.  Alternative title: your Airstream dreams.

I did a virtual interview with Apartment Therapy shortly after Daphne was born and somehow missed the article when it posted last Fall.  You can read it here.  The article includes an account of our “typical day”, which has changed quite a bit since we sold the Porch House, but it was sure fun to read. Also: why was Daphne awake until 9:30pm?!

10 Free things you can do to refresh your home right now.

You know those movies that you watch and then are thinking about for weeks afterwards? This was one of them. Related: how early is too early to give your kid a pocket knife?

The sun has been noticeably absent from our winter, so this home tour had me drooling. Interior courtyards, giant skylights, and SUN! Plus the dynamic Ricky Martin and his artist beau.

In other important news…I’m pretty sure I already found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe: Smitten Kitchen‘s. Ah-mazing! But we’ll keep testing, because the hunt is 99% of the fun. (And thanks everyone for the recommendations!)

10 lessons in 10 years of blogging from Joy the Baker.  My favorite: “There is no straight line to a dream.  Sometimes, in all honesty, you don’t even know what your dream is until you’re halfway down a road.  Persistence. There’s a lot to be said for just keeping on with a thing: persistence.” True in blogging.  True in so many other things.

Oprah.  Need I say more?

I’ve been wearing these boots on repeat lately. They’ve gotten me through 3 years of rain, mud, and small skiffs of snow. And, quite honestly, they’re as dressy as I’ll need for the entire winter 😉

Have a great weekend!




Happy Friday + Links 1/5/18

Happy Friday and happy 2018! To start the year off right, here’s one of my favorite kitchens from 2017 by the fabulous Jean Stoffer:

Jean Stoffer Kitchen 2

Jean Stoffer / via @jeanstofferdesign

Did you make a New Years resolution?  I never seem to be decisive enough for New Years resolutions, but I do take a little time to reflect on the past year and make goals for the year to come. For 2018 quite a few of those goals revolve around the Grit and Polish. I’ve been struggling with the direction of this blog for awhile now. I certainly enjoy writing posts and love sharing our renovations, but there is so much content on the web already, and are people even reading blogs anymore (with the rise of Instagram and our shrinking 8-second attention spans and all)? I want to make sure the Grit and Polish is useful and contributing meaningfully. So as we roll into 2018, Garrett’s and my goal for the Grit and Polish is to be a resource for DIY-ers, first time home buyers, anyone wanting to put sweat equity into their home, and in general, a place that values financially-sound, design-forward renovation. For content, that will mean more hands-on DIYs, more resource posts, and more Instagram. At least that’s the plan. If you have anything else you’d like to see, we’d love to hear it!

On a different note, we baked our first loaf of sourdough bread this week from a starter made with our own Farmhouse grapes. For those of you who don’t recall, Santa brought Garrett and I this book and this scale to aid us in our goal of baking a perfect loaf of sourdough in 2018. (We also read a lot about sourdough baking from our well-loved and well-used Macrina cookbook).  You know what I just realized?  Setting a goal to start/perfect something during a specific calendar year is basically the definition of a resolution.  Hmmmm…maybe I’m more decisive than I give myself credit for.  Anywho, the bread turned out great and loaf #2 is in the oven!

Well it’s Friday again meaning I’ve scrounged up lots of great links from around the web.  Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

The best $1000 and under kitchen renovations of 2017.

What to do when you’re in a design rut (and don’t want to spend a fortune on renovations/decor).

Obsessed with these new sconces at Target. Where oh where could I put them?!

Loved reading Sarah’s renovation, blog, and personal goals for 2018.  The camaraderie I’ve felt and friendships I’ve made through blogging and Instagram is truly a highlight of my 2017 and I’m craving more of that for next year.  Also: 2018 paint colors.

One of the best guides I’ve seen for “winning at Instagram”.

Currently listening to: Big Magic from the library. I’m not very far in yet, but so far it’s great!

My brother-in-law kind of blew my mind over Christmas by making the New York Times chocolate chip cookies. Have you had them yet? Apparently they’ve been a THING for a looong time, but I’m just discovering them now.  The cookies were delicious of course, but what really blew my mind was the realization that I haven’t been making the best chocolate chip cookies. It lead me down a rabbit hole searching for a new favorite recipe. I’m planning to try Cooks Illustrated recipe and this Met Market “the cookie” imitation as well as the NYT version. If you guys have any recipes you swear by, send them my way! Oh and if you’re in Seattle and don’t know what the Met Market cookie is, I recommend you run down to the nearest Met Market asap!

I’m excited for 2018 and so very glad you’re here to share it with us!




We Sold the Porch House! + Links 12/22/17

Happy Friday (and almost Christmas)!  I hadn’t planned on posting today, but this was such a big week, I had to.  I mean, aliens!  Plus, a little closer to home, we sold the Porch House. That’s right, after 10 months of renovating, we officially closed on Monday.  While it would be natural to feel a little sad parting with such a beautiful home after putting in All. The. Work!, we aren’t sad one bit.  Because the new owners are…Garrett’s parents!  A couple of months ago, Nana and Papa realized that the Porch House would be a good fit for them (they currently live in a 3000sf house on 20 acres in the country) so we changed gears and instead of putting the home on the market, we sold it to them off market, at cost.

The Grit and Polish - Porch Kitchen Before Pic on After

There’s so much I could say about the Porch House.  What a big project it was.  Our experience “flipping”.  Off-market sales.  Budgets.  But for now, I’ll just say that we are SO glad to be done.  We’re happy for the Porch House.  Happy for Nana and Papa.  And happy to have more time back on our hands.  It’s a great end to 2017!

Speaking of the year end, in the past few years, I’ve rounded up our year with a highlights post.  But this year I decided to do that on Instagram.  So check over there for all of my favorite photos/renovations/moments of 2017.  To say that we’re excited about 2018 is an understatement.  Garrett and I have big plans for the Grit and Polish, and we couldn’t do any of it without your support.  Thank you for being here!

Well it’s Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

Aliens, guys.  For real!

Trends for 2018: warmer tones (I’m on board!) plus terrazzo, statement doors, and berets according to Pinterest.

An 1830s Farmhouse that is well-worn and stunning!

For Christmas this year, Garrett and I wanted to work towards one of our goals: make a great loaf of sourdough bread. I just ordered this cookbook and this beauty of a kitchen scale (both on Prime) for under the tree.

Jenna Lyons has a new apartment and it doesn’t disappoint.  Especially her bathroom.

Actress Niecy Nash on making it in Hollywood with 3 simple words: “No matter what.”

Travel goals.

Now that Christmas decorations are on sale, I’m picking up a few festive items for next year.  I bought these hand-carved wood animals, a tree skirt (LOVED this one too) and two brass-bell garlands.  Here are a few more awesome deals from one of my favorite retailers:

[show_boutique_widget id=”674537″]

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!  We’ll be back in 2018.



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