Farmhouse Master // Floors, Theater Seats, & Art (ORC, Week 3)


What a week!  We’ve been busy on the master bedroom for the One Room Challenge and it’s looking a bit better than last week. We’re about 75% through refinishing the hardwood floors, which look WAY better already, and in a stroke of magic, my eternally-backordered Skyline rug finally arrived (!!!).  Plus, I found the perfect chair for the corner by the windows (or it could be a total bust…we’ll see), and picked up vintage theater seats at a salvage shop in Seattle.  With all this Luck, I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket 😉


The floors might not look amazing yet (that’s wood filler all over them, which will be mostly removed during the final sanding), but give the hardwoods another couple of days and they will be stunning!  Our floors are fir and 104-years-old and over time they’ve been splattered with paint, covered in carpets, and generally shown no love. So I couldn’t be happier to revive these beauties!  They deserve it.  Stay tuned next week for the finished product.

Speaking of the next week, I’m going to be cleaning up my vintage theater seats (I shared a picture of them over on Instagram).  I haven’t quite decided if I’ll strip the paint from the arm rests or leave them green.  Either way, I’m pretty excited about them.  Sometimes when I talk about vintage theater seats, people look at me kinda funny, so I wanted to share my vision with you guys.

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Cool, right?!  The vintage theater seats I found were pulled out of a middle school in Tacoma, WA and date back to the 1940’s.  They were a good price, so I bought a few extra sets thinking I could use them elsewhere at the Farmhouse and/or for a client project we’re working on. Needless to say, you’ll be seeing a lot of them on the Grit and Polish for the foreseeable future.

One thing I haven’t been quite so decided on for this room is art.  I always struggle with choosing art at the end of a renovation.  Give me an entire kitchen remodel to do in 7 days and I’m good, but when it comes time to pick art and pillows, I hem and haw for months. Of course I don’t have months left on this project, so I’ll be making my final choices soon.  One piece of art we know we want is a print for the large wall across from the bed.  We’re imagining something that you can get lost in while you fall asleep.


I’ve been looking on Etsy, Minted, and the Costco image gallery, and there’s a lot of prints that I LOVE, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  I guess I’m not sure if I’ve found the one yet, but here’s what I’ve been hemming and hawwing over:

 sources: 1. “New Beginning” by Kai Samuels-Davis | 2. “Mornings Away” by Emily Jeffords, Minted | 3. “First Frost” by Lou Wall, Costco | 4. “To Pieces” by Clare Elsaesser, Etsy | 5. “Mother Embrace” by Kate Ahn, Minted | 6. “Disguise” by Clare Elsaesser, Etsy | 6. “Scenic Droplet” by Isabella Burton, Anthropologie.


My favorite is number 4 and Garrett really likes number 1.  What do you guys think?  Any prints stand out to you?  Or better yet, any other recommendations for art?

In case you missed them, here are my ORC posts from Week 1 and Week 2.




p.s. The anti-helicopter parent. This is sooooo Garrett, minus the seemingly sexist tone and the roof thing.

p.p.s. did you guys catch this home tour on coco+kelley this week? I’ve been back to look at it three times already – it’s just so good!

p.p.p.s. I’m excited to read Chip and Joanna’s book.  Has anyone read it yet?  I’m dying to hear what you thought!


Farmhouse Master // Getting To Work (ORC week 2)


We made some good progress in the master bedroom this week (week 2 of the One Room Challenge) and also uncovered more work. But let’s start with the good. The carpets are finally up. Yay!  Plus the drapes are down and the beige walls have been covered with white paint.  Already it’s looking one million times better in this room. And best of all, I’m starting to get a hint of the airy, historic feel I’ve been dreaming of.


So you’re probably wondering what’s going on with the floors.  That’s the bad news.  When we pulled up the carpets earlier in the week, we found paint stains all over the hardwoods.  We had a sneaking suspicion that these floors might be in rough shape (we found paint stains on the other bedroom floors too), but in some sort of unrealistic optimism, I was holding out hope that we’d find something better in here.  Like maybe the previous owners had say, used a tarp when they painted the master bedroom.

Consider my optimism crushed.

As you probably guessed, we’ll need to refinish the hardwood floors as we work on this room for the One Room Challenge. At this point, we’re planning to move out of the upstairs for a week or so while we refinish the entire 2nd level floors, including the nursery and Wilder’s room.  It’s going to be a big project, but it’ll be worth it when it’s done.  Especially if the floors look a smidgeon as good as these:



Since our floors already had paint all over them, we didn’t worry about protecting them when we started painting the walls and ceiling.  I picked Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, a color I’ve used frequently in our farmhouse. There is something so intrinsically country about white walls, don’t you think? Plus anytime I thought about using a dark and sultry color (like that gorgeous green in Si‘s bedroom!), I’d go back to the wood moldings and dream about how lovely they would look with white walls. So white it is.


This is what week 2 of the One Room Challenge looked like for us, compressed into a few seconds:


We’re off to Seattle tomorrow to hunt for vintage theater seats and whatever other goodies I can find. Hopefully I’ll have lots of exciting progress to show you guys when next Thursday rolls around.  In the meantime, I’m sharing videos on my Instagram Story, like this clip of me pulling up the carpets, which has already expired off of Instagram (you’ll have to view this video in a web browser, so if you are reading this post via email, click through to the Grit and Polish!).

If you missed it, you can read about our master bedroom design plan here: week 1.





Farmhouse Master Bedroom // Before (ORC, Week 1)


Without a doubt, the biggest eyesore at our Farmhouse is the master bedroom.  We haven’t touched the space since moving into our 1912 home back in July, and it’s in DIRE need of a makeover. So that’s just what we’re going to do. Yippee! Over the next 6 weeks, we’ll be tackling this renovation as part of the One Room Challenge, which, if you haven’t heard, is a 6-week room makeover challenge hosted by Calling it Home. Every Fall and Spring, bloggers from all over the internet take part and document their progress along the way.

Now about that master bedroom…


It’s bad, I know. I’m a little embarrassed about these ‘before’ photos.  As people who spend their days designing, renovating, and renting old houses, you would think Garrett and I have higher standards.  And we do.  I promise!

For anyone who’s new to the Grit and Polish, let me tell you a little bit about us. My husband and I renovate old houses in Washington state and have been doing it for for 8 years, while also growing our family and working/going to graduate school. Last summer, the income from our Seattle rentals turned into a full-time living, so I quit my 9-5 job and we *retired* to our 5th house, a 1912 farmhouse in small town Ellensburg. We are now officially country bumpkins and loving it! Our farmhouse is my idea of a forever home (at least as much as any renovation addict can use that term) and we’re taking our time fixing it up, while also tackling other people’s renovations. Like the #6daykitchenreno, which somehow we pulled off in 7 days (I know, I should change the hashtag…but can you ever really change a hashtag?).


Back at the Farmhouse, the master bedroom was put on the back burner so we could focus on the nursery (if you’re a parent, I think you get this, right…?), Wilder’s room (did I mention we are tired parents…), and then there was the #6daykitchenreno, and a couple other projects I haven’t showed you yet. Plus, we really didn’t want to start this room until we were ready to finish it.

Well there’s no time like the present!


I’m not sure if I even need to point out the rusty-colored, stained carpets (which smell even worse than they look), or the pattern on the drapes, but yeah…Those carpets! Those drapes!  Ugh.  Of course there’s a lot of good in here too. The large south facing windows, the corner overhang, the tall ceilings, and the wood millwork are all features that make my heart swoon with old house love. Needless to say, the design plan is going to highlight these 100 year-old goodies, and kick all the sad, unfortunate updates to the curb. And before you ask, no, we won’t be painting any of the original millwork.

My goal for this bedroom is a historic, breezy, country feel. I realize that’s not really a genre, but it’s something like Country Living meets Restoration Hardware. Our farmhouse sits on 3 acres and we spend most of our time wearing muck boots, catching frogs, and swinging hammers. So I don’t want any space in this house to feel too polished or fussy. We’re casual people and our home should reflect that. Plus, I want the country setting and the architecture to speak for themselves.

I’m pretty sure that’s just a long-winded way of saying, I want a simple, comfortable, and bright master bedroom. Here’s the plan:


Sources: rug | sconce | pillow, pillow | room (original source unknown) | theater seats | brass curtain rod |room | paint | bed

Of course, every renovation has a surprise or two, so the finished space will undoubtedly veer from this somewhat, but you get the gyst. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), we have a lot to buy. We own the linen tufted bed already – a Restoration Hardware outlet score from a few years back – but otherwise, all the finishes will be new. I’ve already ordered the custom lighting and the Skyline rug from Rejuvenation (yes, the same rug that I’m using in the nursery, which has been backordered forever!), but I’ll still need to source vintage theater seating, art, a corner chair, and nightstands.

We have a lot to do in 6 weeks! Wish me luck.

And if you want to know more, you can read up on my family and what we do, our current renovation project (the farmhouse), how renovating old houses and working hard helped us to *retire* by 35, the current state of the nursery, and a peak at Wilder’s bedroom. Or just use the categories on the right to scroll through our previous renovation projects. I post more frequently on Instagram too, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Thanks for being here!




p.s. two of my favorite bloggers are featured designers in the ORC this fall. Check out coco kelley and Chris Loves Julia for what are sure to be great transformations! I’m also really excited to see what Sarah and Megan do with their rooms. So much good internet time is coming my way this fall!

p.p.s. I adore dark and cozy bedrooms, like the guest bedroom in our last house, as much as I adore bright and light bedrooms. Here are all my favorites from both sides of the spectrum.

p.p.p.s. Molly’s cookbook is out (eecchh!) and I can’t wait to read it. Her cakes are AMAZING!

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