Tacoma Converted Garage // A Vintage Industrial Dining Nook


This post is sponsored by Metrie.

I have to say, vintage industrial might just be the perfect match of Garrett and my aesthetics. It’s bold, timeless, and the opposite of fussy. And that’s exactly how this dining nook turned out.

Starting with the Molding

Our design for this space centered around the molding. We wanted to add some interest to the back wall and Metrie’s Option {M} Vintage Industrial line was the perfect solution. This style is all about clean-lines and sharp angles, and creates a smooth, yet rugged, feel. Metrie made picking the profiles easy for us, by curating a line that all goes together. And of course, they had us at vintage industrial, since this space is exactly that!

Adding Texture and Warmth with Furnishings

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For the furnishings, we wanted to bring in pieces that would compliment the vintage industrial molding, cool concrete floors, and white walls. That meant lots of texture and warmth to make this space feel more livable. First was the vintage, Moroccan rug (which sadly belongs to our intern, Bella…sad for us, not for her ;), to add color and a cozier feel. Then came the antique wood table and dresser for a big dose of warmth and age. And the propped art and linen drapes help achieve a layered look.

If you guys have noticed anything about our interiors, there’s always a lot of natural elements (and animal heads…ha!). We love bringing the natural world inside and this makeover was no different: deer antlers, carved, wood candlesticks, metal chairs, natural fibers, and so on.

Garrett put together a video of this weekend transformation. The whole project is compressed to only 3 minutes. Check it out below or through this link.

What I love about this vintage industrial dining nook is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it’s still fit for any guest that may arrive. In fact, we had a couple guests arrive the day after we finished the makeover, which you’ll catch at the end of the video.¬†And yes, we ate the cake ūüėČ

Next up for the Tacoma Converted Garage project: an industrial kitchen. It’s going to be a fun one. In the meantime, keep up with us on¬†Instagram,¬†Facebook, and¬†Pinterest.


Paint color: BM Simply White / Metrie’s Option {M} Vintage Industrial 1 1/2″ Primed FJ Poplar Panel Mould and 6″ MDF Baseboard / rug (vintage) / chairs (similar) / table (vintage) / curtains (similar) / abstract art / Two Kings art print / George Washington in glasses (free download) and frame / candle sticks (c/o) / cake stand (similar) / crock with flowers (c/0)

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*thanks to Metrie for sponsoring this post and making great molding. We enjoyed the heck out of this collaboration!

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Tacoma Converted Garage // DIY Picture Frame Molding in the Dining Nook


This post is sponsored by Metrie.

The dining nook at the Tacoma Converted Garage project started out rough. It had vinyl flooring, peeling wallpaper, and a general feeling of neglect. But this Spring we changed all of that. We demo’d, framed, wired, drywalled, and had the concrete floors polished. Then Garrett and I came back for a weekend in May and turned this 10’x10′ room into a real dining nook.

The Design Plan

Our design for this space centered around the molding. We opted for base and picture frame molding to add a little interest to the back wall. Metrie’s Option {M} Vintage Industrial line was perfect for this project. It’s bold and edgy and the opposite of fussy. Here was our plan:

(elevation by Bella Young)

For reference our back wall is 10′ wide and the ceilings slope from 9′ to 9′-5″.

To achieve this look, we selected 1 1/2″ Primed FJ Poplar Panel Mould and 6″ MDF Baseboard from Metrie’s Option {M} Vintage Industrial Line. As first time Metrie customers, we loved how easy it was to pick out these profiles from the curated Option {M} lines. Within each style, all of the profiles are designer matched so it takes out the guesswork. The Vintage Industrial line is all about clean-lines and sharp angles to create a contemporary look – just what we were going for.

Planning Out the Picture Frames

This was the first time that Garrett and I have installed picture frame molding so we opted to do a ‘practice round’. We cut one column of picture frames and taped them to the wall with blue paint tape.¬†Then we stood back and himmed and hawed. And adjusted. And then adjusted some more.

Once we were happy with the size and spacing of each frame, I drew up the plan and Garrett took the ‘practice round’ down. Then we cut all of the molding, stacked it on the ground, and prepped for installation the next day.

Installing the Molding

On day two, we got busy with the actual install. It took us a couple of hours to put up 38 pieces of molding (pre-cut the day before) using glue and a nail gun. We started with the base and then moved on to the picture frames.

We used a tape measure, pencil, level, construction adhesive, and a nail gun to create the picture frames that we drew up during the previous day’s ‘practice round’. We started at the bottom center picture frame, and worked our way up and out from there. We began by marking the corner of each frame and leveled every piece of molding before gluing it and nailing it in place.

Finishing the Picture Frames with Caulk and Paint

Next we caulked all the seams and nail holes and then painted. We opted to paint the walls and molding the same color to get just the right amount of interest and a modern look. The color is our go-to white, Benjamin Moore’s Simply White.

Our goal was to finish this space in a weekend, both because we’re busy and because we wanted to prove that you could too. Spoiler: you totally can! I can’t wait to show you how the dining nook turned out next week.

Thank you to Metrie for sponsoring this post and for having great molding!

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