A Bit of Fall Stowed Away


Last weekend I went grocery shopping and a couple of Fall foods stowed away with me. Heirloom tomatoes, black mission figs, chantrelle mushrooms, and squash.  What, you’re probably wondering, was I going to cook with all that?  No idea.  But they sure do make beautiful Fall decorations in the kitchen…

The Grit and Polish - Bright Colors for Fall

Not that I told Garrett that.  I have a tendency to buy groceries on a whim – whatever looks good goes in the cart – and it drives a certain person nuts.  So I told Garrett I had no idea how those tomatoes, figs, mushrooms, and squash ended up in my cart.  It was one of those great mysteries of the world.  Like “how did they build the pyramids” or “where do all of Wilder’s binkies disappear to”.  

I’m not sure he bought my story.  

But much to my liking, the kitchen is feeling more like Fall.  Plus I came up with a plan for those chantrelle mushrooms, so Garrett’s a bit happier too.  In case you find yourself in the same predicament, I followed this recipe to sauté the mushrooms and then tossed them into angel hair pasta with cherry tomatoes, garlic, prosciutto, and olive oil.  It was delicious!  Now what to do with those figs…

The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Open Shelves with Figs The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Open Shelves Fruit Bowl

I should probably do the grocery shopping more often!  Happy almost-Fall everybody!

And in case you’re interested, kitchen resources here, open shelves DIY here, kitchen renovation hereherehere and here.



p.s. Fascinated by this Pennsylvania farmhouse and the mama who lives there.

p.p.s. Look, I found something to do with those figs!  Or maybe I’ll preserve them or bake them or roast them in prosciutto.  So many delicious options!  See Garrett, totally not a wasteful purchase.

p.p.p.s. Alert the world…royal baby #2 is on it’s way!!!!


What I’m Loving About My House Lately


I had a pretty stellar weekend.  Luckily most of our tools were still at Gramma and Papa’s farm after building the wedding arbor – so Garrett couldn’t do any real work.  Meaning we got to spend the entire weekend together as a family, doing things besides working on a house.  It was amazing!  We played at the park, grilled club sandwiches, hung out with my mom, and had a long drawn-out three-refills breakfast at our table.   And to top it off, my sis came to town with the kids so it was like a giant family love-fest around here.

I suppose it’s no surprise that what I’m loving about my house lately is spending quality family time in it.  Especially in the kitchen, now that it’s pretty much done and almost off the punch list.  You have a nice long kitchen post to look forward to on Thursday, but until then, here is a sneak peak of the final product.  Just don’t be distracted by baby Wilder’s giant belly.

Kitchen - Wilder reading at Bench

The belly is amazing, right?  Even more amazing is that my son ‘reads’ encyclopedias…he’s brilliant!   😉

What about you guys?  What are you loving about your house lately?


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What I’m Loving About My House Lately


With Memorial Day behind us, it finally feels like summer.  Afternoons at the park, walks around the neighborhood (aka looking for our next old house), and evenings with the front door wide open.   I love it all!  It’s given me a pep in my step and a renewed vigor to get the upstairs renovation wrapped up.  Last weekend we put the shelves up in the kitchen (more on that later this week) and hung the very first picture at the Ravenna House.  That’s after living here for over two months.  But better late then never.

Or so they say.

The picture went up in Wilder’s nursery as part of a small gallery wall.  Putting that first nail hole through the lath and plaster hurt a little bit.  But I’ll get over it.

So here it is, what I’m loving about my house lately:

Wilder's Adventure Animal Nursery Gallery Wall

Animal alphabet poster: art by Rifle and Co, frame from Amazon | Clock: Amazon (similar to this one) | Roe Antlers: Ebay (similar to these) | Gold-framed luggage tags: vintage frame, family tags (featured by Museum Quality Framing here – mine is third row down in the center) | Brown-framed sketch: vintage frame, sketch of me done by my high school best friend, Lulu | All other resources available in this post

What about you?  Are you loving anything about your house lately?



What I’m Loving About My House Lately…


What I’m loving about my house lately is Spring.  Sun and flowers and light-filled rooms.  Oh and this surprise blooming tree in our front yard.

IMG_9831And let me not forget Wilder’s big kid room. Someday soon, I’m going to tell you all about it.  But until then, I wanted to share a sneak peak.  Really it’s more like a million and one pictures of Wilder, mama and Bubba hanging out one afternoon (see that light in the window? Spring!).  Goodness, I love these busy busy boys!PicMonkey Wilder Room Play Collage 4-11-14

It’s supposed to be 80-degrees this week.  Wish me luck in not getting heat stroke!


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What I’m Loving About My House Lately


Last weekend I cooked dinner for the first time at the Ravenna House.  Yes, I said first.  We’ve lived here for three weeks and I’ve cooked dinner exactly once.  Sad, I know.  But in my defense, takeout is literally just around the corner.  Not to mention we’ve been a little busy.  We’ve got a baby to play with.  And clothes to shove in our closet.  And there is that basement renovation.  

I made fajitas.

In case you were wondering.  

Really I just wanted to make refried beans, but that would have been weird.  And not that nutritious.  So I made fajitas.  Seemed like an appropriate dish to make for a first dinner in a new house that you’ve owned for almost six months.  That or meatballs.

Turns out I really like cooking in the new kitchen. I can’t wait to bake my first batch of cookies in the oven.  At this rate, probably in December.

Here’s what else I’m loving about my house lately…

PicMonkey Details Collage 1 4-4-14



What I’m Loving About My House Lately


Since this is really a blog about the love of houses, I thought it would be fun to introduce a new series called “what I’m loving about my house lately”.   This will be a spot for me to showcase 9 photos of details and enjoyable tidbits from my house that don’t always fit into the weekly post.  You can expect this to come out whenever the mood strikes me – hopefully every couple of weeks.

For the first installment, it’s seems only fitting to focus on the best part of my house, the child who grows in it.  Last week, I got to spend one lovely, so-low-key-I-didn’t-even-change-out-of-my-workout-clothes afternoon with baby Wilder.  We had nothing on the agenda besides reading books and playing with toys and enjoying each other.  So here’s what I’m loving about our house lately…

PicMonkey Collage - Wilder and Mama on Bed 2 4-4-14


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