Daphne’s Nursery // the Reveal Video


We (read: Garrett) put together a video of Daphne’s finished nursery. It has all the pink and whimsy you saw in the One Room Challenge room reveal, plus a better look at how the room flows. Check out the 3-minute video here.

If the video won’t play in the post, click through to YouTube to watch it. More info and related posts are below.


All room sources available here

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  1. Great video!

  2. I love the vid reveal! I didn’t realize those windows opened inwards, that’s so cool!

  3. You’re a natural on camera! Can’t wait to see more of you and the family in video form! Plus, that room is amaaaazing!

  4. The room turned out great. I was one of the “paint it” group, but it looks amazing! I was disappointed not to see the “closet” with Daphne’s crib and that great wall paper. Would love to see more of that.

  5. I was in the you would be sorry if you painted it group. So glad you left the bed wooden. The pink curtains look great!

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