The Farmhouse // Daphne’s Nursery: Repairs, Trim, and More (ORC wk 3)

This is post 3 of our Spring 2018 One Room Challenge makeover of Daphne’s bedroom. You can catch up on the rest of the series here: inspiration/before, design, repairs. Thanks for following along! 

Somehow we’re already on week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I’m feeling a wee bit behind. Honestly, I’m still waiting on some materials but am chomping at the bit to get started on those DIYs I outlined last week. Pretty sure this room is going to be a mad dash at the end, but like all good house projects, it will get finished. Eventually 😉

Paint and Trim

Although Daphne’s room was in good shape when we started this One Room Challenge, we did have to do some repair work. A couple weeks ago, I had Garrett remove the book ledges to make room for Daphne’s dresser, which meant patching a few holes in the plaster and scraping caulk lines. Of course holes and scraping can quickly turn into larger holes and more scraping and in the end we had a fair bit of patching to do. Old houses, you know?

We also did some ceiling repair from a leak (evident in the top left of the photo above). I’m not sure leak is quite the right word, but last winter we got a ton of snow and cold temperatures and an ice dam formed, causing moisture to penetrate the roof, drip through the attic, and damage the ceiling. Ugh. And before you ask, yes we called our home insurance to see if this was one of those Chris-Loves-Julia-Got-A-Free-Roof deals, but alas, it was not. So we repaired the damaged areas and will see if there’s anything to be done with the roof later this year. In the mean time, this room got fresh primer and paint on the ceilings.

Before this room is done, we need to install base shoe. That’s one of those tasks we never quite get to until the 11th hour, or the One Room Challenge comes around 😉 One molding item we did get to was installing the cool interior corner pieces (I call them plaster corners, but I’m not sure the technical term). These were removed when we originally painted the room a year plus ago. Somehow these beautifies didn’t make it back on the walls at the time but we finally installed them yesterday!

Design Question

Before I leave you, I wanted to get your opinion on one major design struggle I’m having in this space: the curtains. There are 3 large windows in Daphne’s nursery so the window treatments will play a dominate roll in the look and feel of the room. Last week I mentioned my plan to dye some IKEA curtain panels that I already own, hem them, and add pleating tape to create a more formal look. While I’ll likely still do that, I spent entirely too much time online last week sourcing other curtains and fabric options. Basically it comes down to FOMO. Would simple pink curtains mean me missing out on my one girly opportunity for something more? Like a toile or a larger floral pattern?

Here are four images making my curtain debate that much harder:

Clockwise from top left: Making it Lovely // A Country Farmhouse // unknown // Sarah Bartholomew’s Home via the Glam Pad

Any thoughts on the curtains? Of course the DIY option is pretty much free so it’s hard (impossible?) to justify spending $400-$1000+ on 6 curtain panels. But don’t those prints leave you with a little FOMO?!

Can’t wait to share more progress next week. In the meantime, catch all the other designer’s rooms here.

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  1. Can you sew a foot or so of coordinating floral fabric to the bottom of the dyed pink curtain panels and make them colorblocked?

  2. My mom put the Odelina curtains from Anthropologie in the kids’ room (one boy and one girl) at her house. They definitely lean feminine, but the strong blue color is just so lovely.

    • I literally showed Garrett these last week. I LOVE them! I have almost bought them twice but not sure if they’d over power the room

  3. Keep the curtains simple and sew a bolster in a great pattern? Much cheaper and gives you the hit of fun that you’re longing for.

  4. I vote for the pink/free option. In the next couple of years, you’ll get a good handle on Daphne’s personality and likes, and she may not like girly decor that follows stereotypes. My daughter has three older brothers, and she bypassed the princess stage altogether. LOL I adored buying her dresses and painting her room pink, and I have no regrets. I just did not get to enjoy that stage very long. That’s why I suggest not investing too much into the curtains this time around.

  5. My vote is the Ikea DIY. With so many curtains needed it could potentially look a little busy. Maybe a great floral duvet? Not as much of a commitment but still bringing in the floral vibe and whimsy!

  6. I would use what I have, maybe adding some low cost sheers from Amazon for some whimsy, I am sure you will make them look great. I think too many spend way too much on these one room challenges, therefore making things more un-attainable for many. Does the crib nook have a window? You mentioned a roll up blind. You can always add the toile and floral patterns in the sheers and textiles, which wouldn’t be such an expense. Curtains are so expensive that I would rather spend the money on the accessories. The pink in the curtains will make a statement. I am glad you decided against painting the bed frame!

  7. I’m with Stacy & Jamie, I think you should DIY the IKEA curtains. I’d selfishly love to see how you transform them 😉

  8. Love your ideas! I’d go the free pink route. Can’t wait to see it all pulled together.

  9. Don’t ask me about making decisions, let along about making curtain decisions! For some reason, I always gravitate towards solid window treatments in my house, but I admire them like crazy in other people’s houses. I just can’t wrap my brain around patterned ones so I can’t make a decision!

  10. I love doing fun girlie patterns in curtains for kids rooms!!! And curtains are so easy to make, just lots of straight lines.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I love floral curtains! Tonic living has some great inexspensive fabric. I was curious if y’all do anything to the wood trim to freshen it up ?

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