Farmhouse Friday 03/30/18

Happy Friday! We got home from Portland after finishing up Winnie’s bathroom and our house was soooo clean. It felt great! Honestly, walking into a clean home has to be one of my favorite feelings, ever. I think Spring cleaning should be a yearly occurrence. Okay, okay, I know it is a yearly thing for most people, but I mean for us. I’d like to take a couple weeks every year and take stock of our stuff and really dial in on what we can do without. Because the Farmhouse is that much more enjoyable when it’s not full of stuff weighing us down.

Speaking of the Farmhouse, we’re going to join in the One Room Challenge this Spring (it begins next week).  I’ll wait until next week to share which room we’ve picked, but feel free to guess away in the mean time.  Anyway, I’m super excited to keep making progress on this beautiful home of ours.

In other breaking news. I’ve managed to avoid buying a single bag of Cadbury mini eggs until now. And if I can save { most of } them for the kids’ Easter eggs, I’m pretty sure that means my life is a raging success. Ha! But seriously, Cadbury Mini egg love is real.  Tell me I’m not alone.  We keep Easter pretty simple around here. A slow meal, an Easter egg hunt (chocked full of chocolate plus a little bit of money and rocks), and some down time for reading and relaxing (hopefully). Any big plans at your house?

Well it’s Friday again meaning I’ve rounded up lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

This is probably the best (and most entertaining) article I’ve ever read on food and healthy eating. If you make it to the ‘oat milk’ part, tell me if you laughed out loud too 😉

The cutest Easter eggs I ever did see. Really, ever.

These are what Daphne’s going to be wearing this summer (and every summer). Thanks for sharing your hand-me-downs Winnie!

It’s been 8 years since Daniel started one of my favorite renovation blogs, Manhattan Nest!!! And this post commemorates that but it’s also insightful and relevant to all things.

Instagram inspiration: Everything about this. Also, my goodness, this house (and kitchen reno!).

Love the look of cement patterned tile, but they’re not in your budget? Check out Amber’s amazing (and inexpensive) solution. Also, there are 6 people using this bathroom during this project…I’m so impressed!

And about those Cadbury mini eggs…its not too late (they’re on Prime!) :0

Wishing you a family-filled, fun weekend!



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  1. You have nothing on me when it comes to Cadbury mini eggs, or the Christmas balls…I buy them on clearance (if possible) and stash in my freezer. I limit myself to one12 oz. bag a month, eaten over the 30 days, if I can pace myself.
    Oh yeah, all my children (2 boys, 1 girl, just like you) wore salt water sandals growing up and I just passed down some of my sons to his son!

    • Thanks for sharing. What a great idea! I’m good with boundaries and rules so that might just work. But I’m even better with “all or none”, so one bag was a good compromise this year (and it’s already gone ;). Love that your salt waters were hand-me-downs to all your kids and multiple generations! Wish I could get my oldest in them but he’s pretty particular

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