Farmhouse Friday 4/13

Happy Friday (the 13th)! For you folks in Seattle, Garrett and I will be doing a meet-up next Friday (4/20) from 4-6pm at Fremont Brewery. So if you’re in town, come chat with us…about houses, renovations, kids, house-hacking, the weather, anything! We’re chatty people and we want to meet you! Per our usual, some or all of our kids will be with us, so don’t hesitate to bring your little people. And if there are any changes, I’ll update you on Instagram, so check there. We’re excited to meet you!

About this week: we staged Nana and Papa’s house is two hours. Two hours! It was crazy and super fun and our kids were troopers. We’re hoping to get back over there to take photos since we didn’t get the chance, but in the mean time…

It’s Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

I watched a couple great shows online this week: the One Room Challenge series debut (I’m sooo impressed by what Candis and Andy are doing and Natasha‘s beautiful space) and Nate and Jeremiah’s show. Both are so good!

house_1924 // design and photo: Leigh and Ben

Leigh and Ben (of house_1924) are some of my favorites on Instagram and this little set up here has me weak in the knees!

So very, very impressed by the imagination and gumption of Josie (aka Moonshine Penguin) and her husband. Honestly I’m not quite sure what to say about this post/article/bio, but read it. Especially if you’re interested in house-hacking, early retirement, what to do with money, and living a fuller life on less. It’s SO inspiring…and now a boat seems like a good idea.

The Henhouse Kit Shop is up and running with lights you can assemble yourself. This is So Cool!

The Minimalist Kitchen is here! Melissa at the Faux Martha is one of my favorite bloggers (and has the prettiest home!), so of course I already ordered her cookbook!  Tell me I’m not alone!

Dining room design rules. Pin this because you’ll want to go back again and again.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. I preordered the Minimalist Kitchen and have already devoured it! She makes you feel like a close friend, sitting in her kitchen, having a conversation. She’s so cute!

  2. Yay for Alison’s Kit Shop! I’m so giddy with excitement that I get to have TWO of her sconces in my ORC!!!

    Looking forward to the rest of those Home Love Network videos

  3. the link for Candis and Andy is not taking me to them

  4. Hi Cathy –

    Longtime reader, first time commenter here! I have been thinking about that article you linked from Moonshine Penguin all weekend. I have to say that while she makes some interesting points, I actually really disagree with the extreme methods she uses to save cash. In fact, I would argue that she has a really unhealthy relationship with money. From jeopardizing her own health (hitchhiking?? Eating nothing but flour and mustard?) to packing bunk beds into a home to make a quick buck (which, in my area, qualifies as an illegal rooming house), it sounds like she is putting money above common sense, safety, and (in the case of the bunk beds) the law.

    Someone once told me to think about finances the way you think about your diet – to make good choices most of the time, splurge occasionally, and then cut back if things are getting tight (either our waistbands or our wallets!). It really troubled me that she was sharing her methods and encouraging others to follow them when they were so extreme and wouldn’t work for most people (including basically anyone with children).

    ANYWAY – this very long comment is just to raise a counter-argument to her post. I do appreciate you sharing though – as I said, you gave me a lot to think about!

    • Thanks so much for the comment Emma! I really loved hearing your viewpoint and have been mulling it over for a few days now. I can definitely see where you’re coming from and appreciate your financial mindset (!) although my response to the article was quite different. I’ve read a lot on frugality from Mr. Money Mustache, the Frugalwoods, and elsewhere (and was raised with a frugal bent myself) so while this couple’s frugality seemed extreme it wasn’t entirely shocking to me. I think what I’m most drawn to in this story is that they’re retired, living what appears to be a very full life on a boat in the Caribbean. Perhaps the ends justify the means? (That’s a question…I’m not sure.) I viewed their dedication to their goals (including their impressive ‘no spend months’) similar to how I view extreme endurance athletes – in complete awe and with tons of respect but not wanting to become one myself. In the end, I’m comforted knowing that we can live on less should that be needed or desired. Plus I am so impressed by her ability to change her situation so drastically for the better.

  5. This article was very fascinating to me and I had some of the same thoughts you had in the comment above. I think when it comes down to it, quality of life matters more to me than saving money/early retirement. I only have a short window with my kids and I want to enjoy my time with them. That being said, I’m all about house hacking and making your properties work for you. Airbnb has been a gamechanger for us and is definitely in our long term future plans…

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