Farmhouse Friday 4/6/18

Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by…for you too? We started in on Daphne’s nursery at the Farmhouse for the One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited. Pretty sure this room is my favorite space at the Farmhouse, architecturally-speaking, because of the large windows, southern daylight, and a prime view of our century-old elm trees. Just the stuff of my country dreams 🙂

On a budget/earth-conscious/minimalist note, I’m trying to use up a lot of the house decor we already have for this room. After our Spring clean last month, I took stock of what we have (pillow covers, furniture, stuff) and basically it’s time to use it or give it to someone who will! I definitely have a pack-rat mentality (but I might need it someday…) and HATE throwing things away that I spent money on but we own five homes, four of which are furnished and decorated, so if I haven’t used it by now, I probably never will. Just giving myself the hard punches this week.

Well it’s Friday again, meaning I found lots of great links from around the web. So grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

I’ve been dreaming of buying a roomba lately. Do you have one? Do you love it? My sister mentioned a study (or theory…don’t know where it’s from, unfortunately) that spending money to eliminate negatives from your life can actually makes you happier. So if you love purses, buying another purse won’t make you happy. But if you hate messy floors (like me…errr everyone) but have a hard time keeping up with vacuuming, than a roomba could make you happier. Theoretically. Well that’s definitely true.

source // Hayley Pannekoecke’s family home

A colorful Australian home that’s full of family and life. Related: this deep mustard tone is the perfect compliment to pink. You may be just be seeing this combo in Daphne’s room.

We listened to this podcast recently. Financial independence is such a great goal (which is why we kept moving into and renovating fixer uppers) and I love hearing different people’s approaches. Speaking of which, there are a lot of great finically-focused podcasts out there. Do you guys listen to any?

This midcentury renovation in Seattle is SO good! I usually gravitate to older homes, but you could twist my arm into this one 😉

Some inspiration from Instagram this week: a beautiful wallpapered nook, a scenic farm, a fixer schoolhouse, and this gallery wall.

source // photo and design by Natasha Habermann

I’m so excited to watch some of my friends take on the One Room Challenge again! My gal Ashley is doing her master bedroom as a featured designer (yeeesss!), Natasha is doing her historic living room and entry, Kaitlyn is finishing her laundry room, and Sarah is doing her mudroom (guys, she’s taking on this space from scratch while knee deep in a kitchen renovation…GO Sarah and Emmett!). Catherine and Bryan are joining too and everything they touch is gold! It’s going to be a good six weeks!

Have a great weekend!



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  1. I cannot wait to see this Cathy! This room has the most gorgeous bones! Thanks for the shout out!!

  2. I LOOOOVE my roomba! I think your theory is correct…instead of groaning and grumbling every time I have crumb-covered floors, i just look forward to turning on the roomba that night. I have three small children and work full-time, so we make a lot of crumbs!

  3. Jamie G says:

    Always love your work! I love that you’re “shopping your house” for this space!

  4. I’ve got to chime in on the Roomba. I have one and love it. I bought it because my husband, kids, and dogs drag in SOOO much dirt. I run it nearly every day. It has (no joke)saved my sanity. I don’t have near enough time in my day to vacuum with a regular vac daily. The only downside is that it’s loud. My husband and kids hate it. If it’s running and they come home, they turn it off (ugh). I work from home so I usually try and run it while hubs is at work and kids are at school. I do vacuum once a week with a regular vacuum because the Roomba doesn’t pick up the dog hair off the rugs very well (and we do have the pet version).

  5. I love following along with the ORC. Such incredible transformations.

    And yes. Roombas are the bomb. They aren’t perfect but it’s such an improvement over having to vacuum all the time.

  6. Thank you so much Cathy! You’re too kind! ♥️

  7. We have a roomba and I really love it. In fact, it’s currently our only vacuum! We don’t use the timer feature where it cleans daily at a certain time because it gets into trouble. If I don’t pick up construction debris, or my phone charge falls to the floor, or things of the sort, roomba gets stuck. It also doesn’t like my dining room chairs (hard to describe but you’ll get it when you see a photo). The way I use it is picking a room to clean, then lifting everything off the floor, then letting roomba do it’s magic while I do something else in another room, or I can leave the house. While it doesn’t vacuum every day without me asking it to, there’s something nice about not having to actually do the vacuuming because I can address it one room at a time. Whereas if I got out a full vacuum I’d tear the whole house apart and deep clean everywhere. Plus, it can slide under the furniture much easier than an upright.

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