Farmhouse Living Room // Our Sofa is Here! + A Giveaway



The Farmhouse living room is really coming along!  The walls are painted, the black and gold outlets are updated, the carpets are gone, and…the sofa is here!  As I mentioned on Friday, having a sofa is a game changer for my family.  How we survived for this long without one, I’ll never know, but I’m beyond excited that we finally have a cozy spot for the whole family to gather for story time, movies and maybe, just maybe, an afternoon nap or two (a mama can dream)!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 2

You may recall that we chose Interior Define’s Harper Sofa in Oxford Blue velvet back in November.  We debated something more formal for our space (like their Rose sofa, which we love at the Dexter House), but in the end, we opted for the Harper because we wanted the space to look and feel inviting and comfortable.  The sofa is all soft edges and low profile coziness, and we couldn’t be happier with it!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 4

At 8′-6″ long, the Harper sofa can fit our entire family plus some (as in three more kids, according to Garrett…not going to happen), which was definitely a requirement for us.  The beautiful dark blue color, a choice I was a little apprehensive about, gives the sofa a slightly more-formal feel, which is prefect in our space.  The sofa is deep enough to really curl up on, which I love, and Garrett couldn’t be happier with the firm seat cushions.  Perhaps the prettiest detail, if I have to pick just one, is the back of the sofa, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 7.2The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 8 The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 9

Our Harper sofa retails for $1,900, but Interior Define has customizable-pieces starting at just $1,000 and that includes free white-glove delivery and a 365-day return policy.  Pretty awesome, right?!

And speaking of awesome…today we get to give one lucky reader $500 to Interior Define!  To enter, check out Interior Define’s collection, register your email address here, and then leave a comment below with which item you’d choose!  The winner will be announced on 2/8.  Good luck!

  • Giveaway open to continental US readers only
  • Entrants must enter their email address here
  • Giveaway ends Tuesday, February 7th
  • Giveaway winner will be randomly selected from the email entry list
  • Credit must be used in a single purchase.  Returns will be refunded store credit minus any restocking fee.
  • Credit must be used by July 15th

A giant thank you to Interior Define for partnering with us on this post and giveaway.  They make great sofas and we love having them in our homes.  I hope you do too!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 6The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse ID Sofa 5

Resources for this room: sofa (in Oxford Blue velvet) | side table | rugs: (which I snagged from the nursery until we find a permanent solution for this room) top rug, bottom rug.



p.s. more from this room: pulling up the carpetspaint, picking out the sofa, and inspiration.

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  1. Carrie Underwood says:

    I love the Alice swivel chair!! Beautiful

  2. Love the Owen accent chair!!

  3. I would definitely get the Caitlin Corner Sectional. Swoon!

  4. Katherine Thul says:

    I’d choose the Caitlin sofa.

  5. Beautiful furniture- We have a sunroom that we have just fixed up and I would LOVE a comfortable couch to read! I’m in love with the lines of the Maxwell and the Rose!

  6. I’ve been eyeing these sofas for my desperately in need of updated conversation pit… Hard to design around. Either the Sloan or the Caitlin (which might win due to the coincidence…) corner sectional.

  7. Abby Wiec says:

    I absolutely love the products at Interior Define. I would choose the Maxwell apartment size sofa. I just moved into a new home and think it would be perfect in front of our fireplace!!

  8. Désirée says:

    I love the Ainsley sectional just a tad bit more than the Sloan. I’ll have to get out my measuring tape…

  9. I would choose the Rose or the Harper sofa! Ps, just found your blog recently and I’m loving it, especially as we are in the process of completely remodeling our hundred year old home in Preston, Wa. You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

  10. Love the Miles accent chairs. Classic comfy.

  11. Oooh! The Maxwell sofa! We want our whole family to fit on the couch too! 🙂

  12. Sarah Michaelson says:

    Love the Harper collection!

  13. Holy moly! The spindle footers on the Maxwell are awesome 🙂 Have you experienced a spill with the couch in the Dexter house? Just wondering what the clean up for a velvet couch is/also we are suckers for letting our big dog on the couch, any advice? Thanks!

    • We have had spills on the Rose sofa at Dexter (surprise, surprise with two young boys…;) and they were easily cleaned up with water. I would say that the neutral gray color we chose at Dexter seems to hide wet spots and spills better than the darker blue we have at the Farmhouse

  14. Shannon N says:

    I love the Caitlin. So sleek and inviting!

  15. Caitlin and Maxwell styles would be my choice!

  16. I would get the Caitlin chair!

  17. I would have to pick the Sloan sleeper. We need one for guests coming this summer! What a great giveaway! I recently found your blog and love your style. ❤

  18. Hubby and I are wanting the Caitlin chaise sectional in oxford blue velvet…perfect for our own little farmhouse! ;-). Love your choice, by the way!!!

  19. The Caitlin sofa for sure

  20. I love the Maxwell collection, both the sofa and sectional!

  21. I’d have a hard time choosing between the Maxwell and the Tose!

  22. The Caitlin chair is beautiful!

  23. elizabeth says:

    I have had my eye on the Sloan sectional. I would love your suggestions as to a kid-friendly fabric choice. I ordered some swatches and the Oxford blue velvet was my favorite but it didn’t seem to hold up to spills as well (I did an experiment with the swatches…)

  24. Malinda Warder says:

    I really love the Caitlin or Rose accent chairs!!!! So many fantastic pieces to choose from!

  25. How timely this giveaway is! We just moved to a new house in Seattle and need a couch!! Love the Sloan!

  26. I love the Harper, clean warm and livable!

  27. I am in desperate need of a new sofa! I would go with the Miles for sure! Thanks for the chance and I enjoy seeing your house come together. 🙂

  28. Love the Ainsley sectional!

  29. I love the Sloan!

  30. I love the Maxwell or Rose

  31. The Kelley chair is calling my name. And your room is going to be beautiful!

  32. I have been daydreaming of the Maxwell sofa alongside 2 rose chairs for quite some time.. You should pick me 😉

  33. The Caitlin with chaise! All the heart emojis!

  34. That couch looks so comfy! If I won, I would choose wither the Caitlin accent chair or the Owens Chaise in sapphire. There are so many beautiful options!

  35. Lauren Bentson says:

    The Caitlin chair in Basin with the brass plated legs. Swoon. We just moved into a larger house to start our family and my living room is currently empty save for a single coffee table that was an impulse purchase. I’ve been stalking Interior Define’s site for a couple months and photoshopping diff options into the room. 🙂

  36. The Caitlin sectional is my pick!

  37. We are moving to a new house soon, and I’ve been eyeing Interior Define for a while for the new space! I love the Ainsley with chaise for reading and tv watching!

    I am obsessed with the blue velvet, and can’t wait to see the rest of the room!

  38. I would choose the Maxwell sofa with Earth fabric. Those legs are killer!

  39. Oh my goodness, I’d never heard of this brand before! I need a cozy accent chair in my living room and the Rose chair in Vista Blue would be perfecto!!

  40. Julianna Uyeda says:

    LOVE the Henry sofa!

  41. I love that Owens chair in leather!

  42. I’m loving the Maxwell with the option to pick different legs!

  43. The Sloan leather sofa

  44. The Owens chaise would be the perfect finishing touch to my master bedroom. I’ve been seeing so much Interior Define on instagram and always love the pieces people have in their homes!

  45. Whitney C. says:

    They’re all so pretty! I think I’d choose the Sloan in Oxford Blue.

  46. I love the extra seat depth with the Maxwell sofa. I never get to lay on the sofa by myself, there is always a child snuggling up next to me, so extra depth is a necessity!

  47. I would pick the Owens sofa with chaise but can’t decide between brass plated or oiled oak legs. Either way, it’s gorgeous!

  48. Ohhh I would have to choose between the rose and slipcovered maxwell!!

  49. Like a lot of other commentors I’ve had my eye on the Sloan in Oxford Blue Velvet.

  50. Sloan sectional!

  51. I would love an Ainsley sofa for our basement rec room!

  52. I think I’d get a Sloan sofa!

  53. Oh I love the Owen sectional! The mustard color is stricking too!what a great giveaway!

  54. Stephanee says:

    The Sloan is beautiful! Love the legs!

  55. Jessica Springle says:

    I love the Rose sofa and the Maxwell sofa. Both are so pretty.

  56. Lindsey B says:

    The Caitlin is gorgeous

  57. Holly Hampsch says:

    Sloan or Caitlin. I can’t decide!

  58. Jenna Pitt says:

    I love the Henry sectional, maybe in a grey fabric? So many beautiful choices!

  59. I like the Walters sofa… looks so cozy!

  60. Emilie Peterson says:

    I love the Sloan in leather.

  61. I’m dreaming of the Maxwell. The Oxford Blue looks amazing in your living room! Can’t wait to see how the room evolves.

  62. I would choose the Caitlin sofa in sapphire! So pretty!!!

  63. I am an overthinker – so I just scanned and the Caitlin or Harper are the couches that caught my eye!

  64. The Sloan leather for sure!

  65. So many amazing choices! I would love to get the Sloan Accent chair for our living room. Would be a great addition.

  66. Stefani H. says:

    Love the Caitlin sectional!

  67. I do really like the Harper… especially after seeing it in your home!

  68. Astrid Baas says:

    It would be a coinflip between the Caitlin and Owens sofas, in a nice blue too! Thank you for the chance to win, and I love that you live in the windy city! My husband and I are Wildcats!

  69. It would be a toss up for me between the Caitlin side chair and the Kelly sleeper sofa. I would love that sleeper sofa in our guest/family room. So much fun continuing to watch this home character unfold. Can’t wait til next time we see you guys! Love this design resource and will put it in my files even if we don’t win the give-away as we will soon need to be filling our new custom home!

  70. Caitlin chair for sure!

  71. is it weird/stalkerish to say I want exactly the same sofa you have?!

  72. The Owens Chaise needs to live in my master bedroom but that Sloan U-shaped sectional would be my choice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Audra Hartges says:

    I would choose the Sloan sofa- looks so comfy!

  74. I love the Caitlin sectional!

  75. Love your blue velvet sofa! Good choice! I am in need of a new sofa and really like the Caitlin sectional and the Maxwell (slipcovered) sofa!

  76. I love so many of them!! Especially loving the Rose sofa!

  77. The Maxwell sofa!

  78. So many beautiful choices. Today I’d pick the Caitlin chair in a velvet fabric!

  79. I would love the Caitlin sofa. I just love the single seat cushion. It’s just so pretty!

  80. I love everything!! But I’d choose the Sloan Chair with brass legs!!

  81. Sloan apartment sofa! Would be beautiful in my library. And just the right size.

  82. The Henry sofa in Mod Velvet Citrine. Though the Rose sofa in killer, too, just don’t quite have the right space for it.

  83. The Henry Sofa in Mod Velvet Citrine. Though the Rose sofa in gorgeous, too, I just don’t have the right space for it.

  84. Daisy Heredia says:

    If i were to win, I would choose the Walters w/ a left chaise in a Garnet mod velvet color and texture. It would live happily in our family tv room!

  85. All sooo good! I choose the Rose apartment sofa!

  86. Krista Coronado says:

    I love the Caitlin Couch! With 4 kids we have outgrown our couch.

  87. Nichole Peppers says:

    I love the Caitlin chair in green! Your sofa looks so cozy 🙂

  88. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! We really need a new sofa and I have had my eye on the Ainsley ever since Chris Loves Julia used it in their basement update.

  89. SLoan is a beauty. And Ainsley looks super comfy.

  90. I love the Caitlin in dark blue.

  91. This is incredibly beautiful! Love the color and style.

    The Henry would be the top of my list.

  92. The Maxwell! Or a leather couch.

  93. Brooke Cannon says:

    Oh man, the Miles accent chair in the color Basin, no doubt. That beautiful hue of green just gets me every time. I’ve been debating on buying a piece from Interior Define- we just closed on our house yesterday so I need some new pieces!

  94. i love the sloan u couch for sure or one of their leather couches would be gorgeous too! i can’t pick just one thing when everything is sooo pretty!

  95. I’d get the Sloan Fabric Sofa with the right chaise. I have a lavender colored couch right now and I love it so much (but the cats are scratching it like crazy, would love to replace it with something better)–I wish more companies had that color option! That being said I’m sure I could pick one that I loved even more!

  96. I want the maxwell sectional. So bad!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Lots of beauty…maybe the Rose?

  98. I’m in love with the ROSE chair and sofa

  99. Caitlin accent chair in Vista Blue!

  100. I love the Sloan sofa!

  101. i love love love the Miles sleeper. i’d choose that i think.

  102. Ooh! The Rose, please!

  103. I love the Rose too! 🙂

  104. The Owen in Leather. Lovely!

  105. Heather Slipko says:

    I love the Caitlin!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I would snatch up the Caitlin chair in blue velvet with brass plated legs for a corner reading nook. Swoon.

  107. I’m loving the Walters line!! It’s got clean lines that don’t look like they’d get “disturbed” when the kids flop on it like they do…all the time….!!

  108. Elisabeth says:

    I love them all!! Rose might be my favorite!

  109. I love the new couch. We have a blue velvet sofa in our living room which I think pairs so nicely with our woodwork (see photo on my Instagram 🙂 ). Your room is coming together and looking great!
    I’ve been admiring the Sloan chair as a pair to compliment my blue velvet sofa. Boy would I love to win some Interior Define $$ 🙂

  110. I love the Ainsley sectional, but I love all the other sectionals, too! So nice to be able to customize the width a bit!!

  111. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Owens sofa for a while now.

  112. Thanks for introducing me to a new furniture line. Beautiful pieces! I like the lines of the Rose collection. I loved the photo of Interior Define’s team. Customer service is very important when purchasing furniture especially custom pieces.

  113. Gray sofa in leather.

  114. Sloane fabric sofa!

  115. I love the arms on the Harper, so that or – in a totally different direction – the Gray collection.

  116. Dani Woestman says:

    I am swooning over the Sloan sofa in Oxford Blue Velvet with the Walnut Round Tapered Legs! I would have to get the matching ottoman. It would make our space!

  117. Sloane or Harper. It’s a toss up.

  118. I think you chose right! I love the Harper Sofa.

  119. OMG! The Sloan sectional in Plow!

  120. I love the Owen!!!

  121. The Rose sofa! What a beauty.

  122. The Sloan is a beauty.

  123. Jen Anne B says:

    I have been eyeing the Caitlin and the Ainsley for a while, but seeing the Harper in “real” life through your photos (so with a family in a home), you’ve got me rethinking the Harper. Looks great! I especially love that back! So many great options. And no pressure or anything, but your Feb. 8 giveaway day is actually my birthday–you know, just in case you wanted to give me a gift Thanks for the fun contest–fingers crossed!

  124. LOVE the Sloan!

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