Farmhouse Master // Getting To Work (ORC week 2)


We made some good progress in the master bedroom this week (week 2 of the One Room Challenge) and also uncovered more work. But let’s start with the good. The carpets are finally up. Yay!  Plus the drapes are down and the beige walls have been covered with white paint.  Already it’s looking one million times better in this room. And best of all, I’m starting to get a hint of the airy, historic feel I’ve been dreaming of.


So you’re probably wondering what’s going on with the floors.  That’s the bad news.  When we pulled up the carpets earlier in the week, we found paint stains all over the hardwoods.  We had a sneaking suspicion that these floors might be in rough shape (we found paint stains on the other bedroom floors too), but in some sort of unrealistic optimism, I was holding out hope that we’d find something better in here.  Like maybe the previous owners had say, used a tarp when they painted the master bedroom.

Consider my optimism crushed.

As you probably guessed, we’ll need to refinish the hardwood floors as we work on this room for the One Room Challenge. At this point, we’re planning to move out of the upstairs for a week or so while we refinish the entire 2nd level floors, including the nursery and Wilder’s room.  It’s going to be a big project, but it’ll be worth it when it’s done.  Especially if the floors look a smidgeon as good as these:



Since our floors already had paint all over them, we didn’t worry about protecting them when we started painting the walls and ceiling.  I picked Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, a color I’ve used frequently in our farmhouse. There is something so intrinsically country about white walls, don’t you think? Plus anytime I thought about using a dark and sultry color (like that gorgeous green in Si‘s bedroom!), I’d go back to the wood moldings and dream about how lovely they would look with white walls. So white it is.


This is what week 2 of the One Room Challenge looked like for us, compressed into a few seconds:


We’re off to Seattle tomorrow to hunt for vintage theater seats and whatever other goodies I can find. Hopefully I’ll have lots of exciting progress to show you guys when next Thursday rolls around.  In the meantime, I’m sharing videos on my Instagram Story, like this clip of me pulling up the carpets, which has already expired off of Instagram (you’ll have to view this video in a web browser, so if you are reading this post via email, click through to the Grit and Polish!).

If you missed it, you can read about our master bedroom design plan here: week 1.




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  1. I can already tell it will be beautiful at the end!

    We need to repaint the ceilings in our house. Any tips you care to share?

  2. Lots of progress. Take Luck on your shopping trip. 🙂

  3. So fun! Excited to follow along! We are the it has to get worse before it gets better stage of our ORC too- sheetrock dust everywhere. I’m just trying to close my eyes and ignore all the mess ha!

  4. I love it! I am sure your floors will be beautiful. I am a big fan of white walls too. I wish the woodwork in our big old home (circa 1885) was natural. I long for that, but we are just not at a stage in our life where we can tackle the paint removal.

    I am going to enjoy following along with this project. I am always looking for fellow old home enthusiasts.

    • Thanks Stacy, so sweet! Yeah, we’ve never actually removed paint from milmork – it’s such a chore and I don’t mind it painted if it’s already painted – but it’s a REAL treat to have our natural!

  5. So finding your blog couldn’t have come at a better time for me! We have an 1875 Folk Victorian with natural woodwork. We spent many, many hours, days, ok weeks, cleaning it up with denatured alcohol and I can’t imagine not having it! But, it is a challenge to decorate around. We started with color in most rooms when we first moved in until I made the decision to go white! We repainted downstairs and it’s perfect. Our bedroom is next and I am so excited to see how your’s plays out for inspiration for our’s! I know the walls will be white but I am stuck on windows, lights, etc… I told my husband we have to wait to see your room completed before we do anything else! I can’t wait to see each post!! Your house is beautiful and such a perfect place to raise a family. Our’s was and now it’s where our grandchildren love to visit!

    • Wow Clare, thank you so much. That might be the nicest comment I’ve ever read 🙂 I will not keep you waiting longer than I have to! And good luck on your house…I have quite the soft place in my heart for Folk Victorians! xoxo

  6. The space will look beautiful when the floors are refinished! I’m looking forward to hearing about the process and whether you would do it again or even recommend refinishing floors yourself. I thought I remembered in an earlier post, that you usually hire this step out. Please share!

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