Happy Friday 6/22/18 + Our Video Equipment

Happy Friday! Oh summer, how I love you! The temperatures finally rose here in central Washington, and I’m in my happy place. You too?

Who else caught Instagram’s new update, IGTV, this week? Basically it’s a channel for longer videos (ala YouTube) and we’ll be getting ours up and running soon. I’m pretty sure Instagram is trying to take over the world, but I do love the convenience of a single platform where we can share so much. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here, but Garrett and I have been excited about creating video content ever since filming for our HGTV pilot and Home Love Network episode. We’ve been working on it behind the scenes for awhile now and our first video makeover is coming out next week. Can’t wait to share it with you guys.

In the meantime, I’ve rounded up the video equipment we’re using (and read on for Friday links too).

Camera – Sony’s A7 III is the hot new thing in full-frame, digital camera and we jumped onboard. We bought it primarily for video, but it takes stills too. Why we like it: it’s full-frame, reasonably priced, and easy to use. It’s been back ordered much of the time since it’s release (yup, it’s that good!), but worth the wait!

Lens – we opted for this f2.8 16-35mm lens because of versatility and price point. It’s awesome for interiors since you can capture so much of the room, especially on a full frame camera. If we continue to do video, we’ll probably add more lenses, but this is a great basic lens to start with for interiors.

Tripod – this is not the cheapest tripod on the market, but it’s sturdy, well-built, and produces the smoothest pans and tilts.

Lavalier Microphone – we bought these microphones after being introduced to them by Andy and Candis. We use them to capture dialog, which records straight onto our iPhones. Super convenient! Tape the microphone inside your shirt (we use athletic tape) and the other end winds underneath your clothes and into your phone.

Camera microphone – this microphone is mounted to our camera for capturing general room audio, construction sound, etc. The Sony already has a built-in microphone, but this is a big upgrade for sound quality. For interviews and general dialog, we use the lavalier mics.

SD Card – we keep a couple of these because video creates big files. Some of the advanced recording capabilities of the camera require a high-speed SD card, so this one fits the bill.

Backup drive – as I mentioned, video creates big files, so we moved all of the files onto this 8tb backup drive. Garrett edits the videos from there.

Editing software – Garrett uses Premiere Pro to edit videos. It’s a powerful program that has been relatively easy to get the hang of.

Phew! That’s the video equipment we’re using. It has definitely been an investment this year, but also a creative and fun new endeavor. I’m excited to show you guys more next week. In the meantime, it’s Friday again so I’ve rounded up lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

A friend recently bought a Mosquito Spartan and I’m thinking about picking a few up for the Farmhouse. The reviews are mixed, but I’m curious if anyone has tried one…?

John Derian’s home via Cup of Jo // Photos Alpha Smoot // Styling Kate Jordan

This home gives me ALL the feels. It’s a former sea captain’s home and aged to perfection!

How to make a 5-year plan. Do you guys do formal planning or goal setting?

I could relate to Melissa’s post this week on the idea of ‘hustling’. May we all find the right balance (Garrett and I are taking steps to achieve that right now!).

This is our kind of summer dinner! Steak salad with charred vegetables. And for dessert…no-churn ice cream!

Lastly, I wanted to share this post about kids being separated from their families at the border and how we can help. My heart is so heavy.



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Seriously? Did you have to share politics? Maybe you should go down there and see what’s actually going on before posting things. Can we not just have home decor blogs anymore?

    • Hi Elizabeth – this is kind of a troll-ey comment, but let’s unpack it. I understand that you may be looking for a space that is free from current affairs and focused solely on home décor. But this is not it. We focus on the intersection of home, life, finances, and renovation and, on occasion, link to articles on heavier-hitting topics. The idea that we have to go see anything firsthand in order to link to an article about it is simply ridiculous. I applaud the hard-working, intelligent journalists that dedicate their lives to bringing fact-based information to the public. I thought Cup of Jo did a good job presenting the information. Lastly, getting thoughtful, insightful comments is one of my favorite parts about blogging, but please remember that there’s a human being over here, so keep it respectful.

      • Seconded!! Keep it up Kathy, your writing and blogging is fantastic.

      • Barbara H. says:

        Thank you for your respectful reply to an attitude that I simply cannot understand. Compassion and understanding seem to be in short supply these days. This week has been very hard and I am one of the lucky ones born here living in comfort and safety – I can’t imagine what it is like for those making these terribly necessary journeys. There is a humanitarian crisis on the planet and rather than finding solutions, countries are grappling with the results.

      • I really love these Friday posts, and look forward to them each week! Thank you so much for sharing information on how to help separated families at the border. I really respect you for using your blog to share that important information.

    • Also, the subject of separating children from their parents shouldn’t be considered political. If that’s what your morals reflect you’ve got bigger problems. Thanks for keeping it real Cathy!

    • Also, not sure when kids being separated from their parents became political? It’s heartbreaking and I don’t care what your politics, if you can defend it, it’s not a difference in politics – it’s a difference in compassion. As a mom, it totally breaks my heart to think of those babies. I always love these posts – the DIY, the decor and all the real-life stuff that we care about as humans.

    • This sentiment has been expressed often recently, but these days most of us face exhaustion from being outraged 24/7, versus guilt over ever giving ourselves a break. To top it off, now we all have to carry the guilt of allowing the emotional torture of children to infringe on Elizabeth’s leisure time. What next, 2018?

  2. Heather says:

    Love the inspiration and love your blog!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! This is wonderful, and politically speaking, I couldn’t agree more.

  4. <3 some of your heavier topics are my favorite! Thanks for being honest about what's on your mind and sharing it with us.

    Completely unrelated 🙂 I'm searching for a mosquito solution too! That one looks interesting. It's nice that it doesn't hurt all flying insects or involve lots of chemicals. If you get it, please let us know how it works!

  5. Rebekka says:

    I can understand the first commenter…it gets a little exhausting having one side of the story broadcasted, and anyone who opposes or questions those thoughts is attacked. It’s heartbreaking what these children are going through. But can we agree the system is broken? When people who are breaking the law, can come over and not be prosecuted if they have kids, so they kidnap kids and bring them over as a “free ticket” then abandon the children in a foreign country? We want to help refugees but we’re flooded with people and no working system in place for our protection and the protection of those seeking real help. There has to be order or it’s chaos. And the border has been chaos for so long. I’m glad it’s not my job to make the hard decisions and clean it all up. I appreciate our leaders trying to bring order so we can finally bring help. Why is no one talking about that?

  6. Normally I don’t post comments but I’ve been making a conscious effort to say thank you to people that I follow who have used their voices to bring light to this crisis. With so many negative voices full of “not my child not my problem” or “don’t bother me with this” I want to make sure to try And counteract those people. By saying thank you. This is a humanitarian crisis and I’ll be proud to say I stood on the right side of history. As did you.

  7. Jacqui bee says:

    I just don’t get when people say keep politics out of… I read a statement from the American Nurses Org speaking out against seperating families. The comments on it were dreadful and many said a nurses org shouldn’t be commenting, I wonder who better than professionals trained to understand the effects of life trauma on a persons long term well being. That suggests to me that actually they don’t want any one to discuss it as then they would have to think about it and if they think about it their conscience will start to prick them . Their hearts know it’s wrong and they bluster and argue to cover that up. Leaving politics out of everyday like is how we get into these messes as then few feel connected to participating and so few let there representatives know what they want, few vote and the powerful who are telling you not to bother get to make the rules to suit them.

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