Happy Friday 8/31/18

Happy Friday! Wow, what a crazy few weeks we’ve had! For the entire month of August (and part of July…?) we scrubbed, painted, and staged the Ravenna House and officially listed it last week. Listing a home really is a ton of work, at least if you’re us 😉 Admittedly Garrett and I may have gone a bit overboard with our preparations, but we’re really proud of how the Ravenna House turned out. And I think that last 10% of done-ness paid off. Because Ravenna is officially pending and will close in a few weeks. Eeech!

Now that Ravenna is off of our plates (at least for a few days…we’ll have to move out all of our staging stuff), we’re getting the Farmhouse ready for our biggest celebration of the year: Labor Day!

Daphne’s bedroom at the Farmhouse // sources here

This is the weekend we bust out all of our cowboy hats, boots, and antique quilts (found this one at an estate sale last week!) and welcome family and friends to the Farmhouse. There will be a pit roast, playing, parade candy, catching up with friends, rides on the ferris wheel, a scary movie, and beer on tap. Best. Weekend. All. Year!

Well it’s Friday again, and I’ve found lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

All the biggest design mistakes in one post. Thank you, Emily!

Are we all getting sick of super-fast, whole-home renovations? Yeah kinda. Loved this discussion from Young Home Love and can’t help but think there’s a new HGTV on the horizon (or maybe it’s already here…Instagram anyone?).

Ever thought of putting a slide in your home? (Yes, said every kid, ever!) This super-beautiful, refined wood slide is exactly what I’d put in if we had a spot for it!

Hey parents, which is better: rewards or punishments? Neither?

What it’s like to be 90-something. When I asked one person, “Do you wish you accomplished more?” He responded, “No, I wished I loved more.”

via / Photo: Laurey W. Glenn / owner and designer: Ashley Gilbreath

I’m dying to return our Farmhouse to a light exterior color and this Southern beauty reinforces that! Someday… Related: no-fail exterior color combinations from Katie Hackworth.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Your link to the NY Times article reminded me of one I just read this in the Atlantic this morning “Why Kids Want Things”.

    I’m glad most of the wildfire smoke has cleared out so you can enjoy the end of summer with family without the dangerous haze hanging over. I should be doing outside things like painting my garage door this weekend or moving plants (is it too soon for that still?) but I will probably spend my time inside cleaning my closets.

  2. Thanks for the link to the parenting article! I missed it and was glad to get to read it. Have a great Labor Day Weekend & rodeo!

  3. I don’t think that either punishments or rewards work in the way that very tired parents wish they would. With punishments you end up matching their bad behavior with negativity and shouting, with rewards you get that glint in your eye that they resist right away. Modelling the behavior you want to see, praising (lightly), boring old structure and natural consequences seemed just as effective as anything else. Slow going though.

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