Happy Friday + Our Interview on Beginning in The Middle

Happy Friday! How are you doing? Has this week been hard for you too?

Our Dexter House Airbnb // kitchen

We’ve been busy as of late but also super productive, and I’m excited to show you a few things we have up our sleeves (Tacoma kitchen being one of them). All this being busy means I never quite got around to gathering links this week. But I did want pop in and share an interview that we did with Beginning in the Middle‘s Catherine and Bryan. These two are designers, renovators, and Airbnb hosts (sound familiar…?) and are doing a series of interviews on couples around the country doing the same thing. I’ve long followed Catherine and Bryan for their historic renovations and beautiful aesthetic, but I loved finding out that they’re on the Financial Independence track too. Check them out on Instagram if you don’t already follow them!

Our interview can be found here. I can’t wait to read the interviews from the other 4 couples they have lined up!

Our Bryant House Airbnb // Living Room

Hope you have a good weekend!



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  1. I absolutely love beginning in the middle’s Bryan and Catherine! And that’s actually how I found you guys! Love what you’re doing, we are at a different stage of life, but what you guys are doing was always our dream. We have seven kids now, and on the thick of homeschooling, fixing to take our oldest to get his driving test. But love seeing what you guys are doing, and what a foundation it will give your children!

  2. We loved blog-chatting with you & sharing your story! Hoping one day we can cross paths in person 🙂

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