Happy Friday + Links 4/21/17

Somehow April is half over and we’re here at another Friday. Thank goodness because I’m ready for the weekend!  Tomorrow we have no plans which means pancakes, picking daffodils, and a family hike if the weather holds out.  My kind of day!

bathroom my domaine

source: My Domaine

We’ve been getting ready to tackle the bathrooms (all three of them!) at the Porch House, so I’ve got tile and claw foot tubs on my brain.  Anyone in the Ellensburg area know of or have a claw foot tub they want to part with?  There is something so soothing about taking a bath in an cast iron tub, don’t you think?  Or is it just me?  Garrett wants to buy a new free standing tub, but I’m looking for a vintage claw foot one first because this beautiful old house could really use a beautiful old tub.

Star bright farm bathroom

source: Star Bright Farm

I’ve got lots of links for you.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

A pretty tudor renovation from Studio McGee.  I’m a little sad about the moldings but what a beautiful home!

All the bathrooms I love in one spot.

A cheery entryway.  I’m certain this wallpaper would make me smile every time I walked in the front door!

Garrett and I have a Mother’s Day planned at the Farmhouse this year with the boys and our moms.  I proposed brunch, but really that’s a ploy to feed them before we get them to help us plant our summer garden 😉  And speaking of Mother’s Day, I asked for this which just so happens to be on sale right now!

Summer is coming, and though you might not find this pregnant lady in a swimsuit (mostly because I’d have to buy a maternity one…and getting to a store is tough these days), the mama in me loves a one piece.  Here are some great ones!

Some great crib sheets in case you have a baby girl on the way 😉



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  1. If you do decide to buy a new tub, we just bought a beautiful claw foot from vintage tub and bath and we’re so happy with it, and the price. They have really good package deals for clawfoots and a big variety of sizes.

  2. I adore claw foot tubs, but I always here m grandmothers voice in my head telling me don’t do it, there a pain to clean underneath of which is why many were removed from homes (so she says), I prefer a cast iron pedestal tub, best of both worlds! Great inspiration photo!

  3. any tips out there on changing or lightening tile grout? I am restoring/remodeling the kitchen in my 1926 Wallingford bungalow. I used white subway tile and wanted a dark grey grout however the one I picked is too dark…. I used “pewter” and I’m thinking that something like “delorean grey” would have given me the look I wanted…. the “pewter” grout once up on the tiles looks black rather than dark grey. Is there any way to lighten it without a total redo? Does grout colorant work?

    • Sorry Lauri, I’ve never changed grout color before. I’d love to hear what you try and how it goes. We’ve used the delorean grey a lot and love it.

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