Happy Friday + Links 6/2/17

Happy Friday and welcome to June!  Goodness it feels to be here.  On the back end of all that cold and snow, and with nothing but sunny skies and fresh veggies (and a baby!!!) in our foreseeable future.  Howdy summer, we’re happy to have you!

Lauren Liess Kitchen Dreams

Lauren Liess // Instagram

Before I get to this week’s links, I have to tell you about my new design crush, Lauren Liess.  Her style is simple, beautiful, and natural and I want to live in every room she designs (like that kitchen!…swoon).  Lauren isn’t exactly new on the design scene, but somehow I’ve been totally oblivious to her work my entire life.  Thankfully a kind Instagram follower pointed out that Helen Norman (as in Helen of the beautiful farmhouse we featured here on the blog a couple of weeks back) photographs for Lauren and I quickly found myself on Lauren’s Instagram, spending way too much time ogling her work!  I wouldn’t recommend following that link unless you have at least 2 hours to kill 😉

Well it’s Friday again, so grab a cup of coffee and dig into all that the internet has to offer:

I finally pulled the trigger on these office chairs for our home office since they were 25% off this week (sadly, I think the discount code ended last night).  They’re on backorder and won’t arrive until July, but I still can’t wait!

Lauren Liess bed

Lauren Liess, blue lake house // photo: Helen Norman

My Amazon wish list is now topped by…surprise, surprise…Lauren Liess’ book, Habitat: the Field Guide to Decorating.  Side note: that bedroom! Those textiles!

Flush mounts…ugh.  It’s so hard to find good ones, but thankfully Studio McGee put together this roundup!

I’m still thinking about a rug for the Farmhouse entryway.  I’ve resolved myself to an indoor/outdoor rug because we have kids and a dog and I really don’t want to constantly worry about dirt (because it’s inevitable).  I have my eye on this one and this one but I’m not sold on the whole recycled plastic thing.  Anyone have experience with one of these rugs?  I sure love the whole clean-it-off-with-a-hose thing but I always prefer natural materials.

I can’t read a word of this country home tour (are they in Sweden?) but the pictures are stunning!  That bathroom linen cabinet is perfection.

Planning to try out this hummus recipe this weekend.  I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes my kids will eat too.

Hope you have a great weekend!



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  1. Love love love, Lauren Liess!

    Winter is finally behind us too. I am so happy. 🙂

  2. I have a D&A indoor/outdoor rug in my dining room. It doesn’t feel plastic-y, and honestly, no one has ever been able to tell that it’s made from recycled plastic. We had a full glass of red wine spill on it right after we purchased and it came out super easily- there’s no stain or even a trace that it ever happened. My only complaint about D&A is that the weave of their rugs isn’t as tight as I’d like it to be. Our dog went through a phase where she thought pulling at the loops was the funniest thing- so our rug looks a little raggedy because of that. It was worse with a cotton weave rug in our living room. I probably won’t buy a big D&A rug again because of the weave issue, but the materials were just fine, and would be great for a small rug.

  3. I have 2 Dash & Albert rugs in my house – one in our high-traffic living room and the other in our son’s bedroom. I love them, and don’t think they are plastic-y at all. They are much more similar to a flat-weave, cotton rug than to an old-school astro-turf rug. They are infinitely washable, and we pull our living room outside for a hose off once or twice a year. We haven’t had the same issues with weave that Sarah mentions, but maybe our dog isn’t as prone to pulling at it as hers.

  4. I saw on a blog (that I can’t remember which one) where her foyer has a runner made of FLOR tiles. She takes them to the driveway on a sunny day and pressure washes them. They come out sparkling clean. I was very impressed.

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