Farmhouse Friday 3/23/18

Happy Friday! And welcome to Spring. Are you feeling that freshness in the air?!  I sure am. We spent the first few days of Spring cleaning out the Farmhouse. We got rid of stuff, organized other stuff, and scrubbed everything. A clean house just feels good, you know?! Plus we've been spending too much time on housework and shuffling clutter lately … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 3/16/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We've been running around between a few different projects and things lately. Who knew early retirement would be so...busy. Disjointed. Hectic. And lovely of course too?! Anyway, lots of good stuff is happening around here and because of that I'm posting a little less on the blog. Posting less and living more - at … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 3/10/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We did something crazy this week. We adopted eight hens here at the Farmhouse (!!!). Nana had to thin out her flock of chickens and we were happy to take them off her hands. Mabel and Mertle and their 6 yet-to-be-named friends are settling in oh so well and being completely spoiled by their eager caretakers. I can't … [Continue reading...]


Real Renovation Budgets // 3 Bathrooms Under $3000 from our Archives

Over the past handful of years, Garrett and I have renovated (and added) quite a few bathrooms in our old homes.  Not surprisingly, all of these bathrooms have been completed on a budget. Budget is a driving factor in everything we do because like most people, we have limited funds (duh), and because unlike most people, our homes are investments … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 3/2/18

Happy Friday! We were planning to spend the weekend in Portland finishing up my sister's bathroom renovation and celebrating our joint birthday (we're identical twins). But alas, the flu has hit the Farmhouse. Gah. All three kids and Garrett are sick (but not me...?), so I've been fluffing pillows, warming tea, checking temperatures, and playing … [Continue reading...]


How to Find Furniture on Craigslist + Our Favorite Finds EVER!

If you know me at all, you know that I love a good deal. I'm one of those people that will happily sort through 16 racks of socks on sale for 2 hours just to find that perfect pair. Because, hello, deal. It's kind of a problem, but Craigslist lets me scratch that itch in a productive way. It is also my secret weapon when it comes to finding … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 2/23/18

Happy Friday! I'm all in on Spring over here. ALL IN! I'm completely ignoring Punxsutawney Phil and this week's snow flurries and dreaming of sunshine, blossoms, frog hunting (don't worry, no frogs are harmed ;), and food-filled trips to Seattle. Over the next few months, most of our rentals will change from month-to-month to shorter-term Airbnb … [Continue reading...]


Porch House // Dining Room Before + After

THE PORCH HOUSE Even though we bought the Porch House a year ago (an entire year!) and have already sold it, there are still a ton of spaces we haven't gotten to on the blog yet. There's the living room, the entire upstairs, the kitchen, the exterior, and the dining room.  Phew! I'm chomping at the bit to share these, so today we're going to … [Continue reading...]


Durability of Marble Countertops // The Ravenna Kitchen 4 years laters

THE RAVENNA HOUSE You may have noticed that there's a lot of marble in the Porch House kitchen. But it's not the first time we've used marble. Back when we were remodeling the Ravenna kitchen, some four odd years ago, we chose marble countertops. Yup, we put marble in a rental house. Of course it wasn't a rental back then - it was our home - but … [Continue reading...]