Tacoma Converted Garage // A Proper Introduction + How to house hack like a single lady

THE TACOMA CONVERTED GARAGE We've been working on the Tacoma Converted Garage project for 5 months now (including this dining nook makeover), and we'll be spending lots more time over there this Fall. So I thought it was time to do a proper introduction to the project here on the blog. Tacoma Converted Garage // from our dining nook … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday 9/21/18

Happy Friday and happy start to Fall. The Pacific Northwest really knows how to do Fall right, don't you think?! All those colors and leaf piles. Sunny days and cold nights. Soups, beers, scarves...it really is the best! And after being away from home so much this summer, we're all excited to settle in this Fall. We're getting into a school routine … [Continue reading...]

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Ravenna House // How to Get a House Ready to Sell

THE RAVENNA HOUSE The sale of our Seattle rental, the Ravenna House, closed yesterday (!!!) and I have to say, selling a house was way more effort than I had expected. We spent the better part of 6 weeks painting, cleaning, and spiffing and today we're running through exactly what we did and what we think was worth the effort. psst: we'll be … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday 9/14/18

Happy Friday! We're still organizing this weekend's estate sale at the Ravenna House (nothing like leaving things to the last minute...;) but I have to say, I'm giddy to part with some of our stuff. It feels so good to get rid of things you're not using, you know?! It's as much about making room in my home as it is about making room in my mind. … [Continue reading...]


Ravenna House // We’re Having an Estate Sale!

THE RAVENNA HOUSE I'm still not sure if I should call it an 'estate sale', 'moving sale', or 'garage sale' but...we're having a sale! We'll be selling most of the furniture and decor from the Ravenna House plus lots more that we've picked up over the years. Ravenna House Master Bedroom // bed frame, curtain panels, and dresser will be for … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday 9/7/18

Happy Friday! We were back in Seattle this week figuring out what to do with a house full of furniture and decor. I am a little amazed at how much house stuff we have accumulated between Ravenna selling, Bryant turning back into more of a traditional rental (I owe you an update on that!), and my parents emptying out their barn. And this all … [Continue reading...]

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One Piece, Three Ways // Antique Oak Twin Bed

We've been spending a lot of time staging and decorating homes lately (both for sale and as Airbnbs) and it has me thinking about how often we reuse furniture. It's so easy to decorate a home without thinking about where that furniture will end up. If you move, will your original furniture have a place in your new residence? And if not, will you … [Continue reading...]

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Happy Friday 8/31/18

Happy Friday! Wow, what a crazy few weeks we've had! For the entire month of August (and part of July...?) we scrubbed, painted, and staged the Ravenna House and officially listed it last week. Listing a home really is a ton of work, at least if you're us ;) Admittedly Garrett and I may have gone a bit overboard with our preparations, but we're … [Continue reading...]


Ravenna House // Why We Are Selling One of Our Seattle Rentals

THE RAVENNA HOUSE Why are you selling the Ravenna House? It's a question we've been asked over and over again lately. So today, I wanted to share all of the reasons we're selling one of our Seattle rentals. But first, let's back up and do a quick recap of the Ravenna House. Master bedroom // rug, sconce, cord cover, bed frame, sheets, … [Continue reading...]