Porch House // Introductions & the Exterior

the Grit and Polish - Exterior Inspiration Collage

THE PORCH HOUSE **update: I got a little ahead of myself in sharing the exterior transformation of the Porch House with you guys.  I've been asked to wait to publish the photos until after our pilot airs so that you guys can see the transformation first on HGTV!  Thanks for your patience :) The camera crews have gone home and life has … [Continue reading...]


We’re STILL Filming a Pilot for HGTV

The Grit and Polish - Porch House Living Rm Progress

THE PORCH HOUSE Sorry for the radio silence around here.  It's been a busy (and exciting) couple of weeks.  In case you've forgotten, we've been working away on the Porch House renovation under the watchful eyes of HGTV cameras. Renovating a house - well the majority of it, at least - in 16 days, is crazy.  Renovating a house in 16 days … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse // Some Old Photos of Our Home

Farmhouse with two in front 1965

THE FARMHOUSE One of my favorite things about old houses is the history, and not just the history hidden behind the walls and underneath the carpets.  I love hearing about the people who lived in a home before us.  The way they lived.  How they reconfigured and redecorated the spaces.  The parties they threw.  There is so much magic in that … [Continue reading...]


We’re Filming a Pilot for HGTV!

The Grit and Polish - Sizzle Filming 1 10-2016

THE PORCH HOUSE We've been working on something really big behind the scenes around here and I'm so excited to finally share it with you. We're filming a pilot for HGTV! The pilot is for a 30-minute show currently titled 'Rehab Crazy', and if it gets picked up, it will focus on Garrett and I as we renovate old houses in the beautiful … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday + Links (3/24/17)

Jersey Ice Cream Co blue kitchen

Happy Friday!  Good things are happening around here...we're ready to jump into the Porch House kitchen reno next week and I just bought a fir cabinet for the Farmhouse.  The cabinet I found at our local antique store and truth be told I've been eyeing it for a couple of months now.  Imagine my surprise when I received a handwritten letter last … [Continue reading...]

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Wilder’s Farmhouse Bedroom // The Reveal

The Grit and Polish - Wilder's Bedroom Nightstand

THE FARMHOUSE Wilder's bedroom was one of those magical rooms that came together like, well...magic!  After coming across the matching twin bed frames on Craigslist and finding the perfect overhead light and drapes, the rest of the room just fell into place.  Most of the decor and small furniture items came out of storage or Wilder's previous … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday + Links (3/17/17)

coco kelley flower arrangment

Happy Friday!  Are you wearing green?  Goodness I hope so because it's St. Patrick's Day!!!!  You surely already knew that, and I probably shouldn't mention this, but I didn't even know the holiday was here until Wednesday night when my mother-in-law invited us over for corned beef and cabbage. Dead give away.  Luckily, I pulled it together and the … [Continue reading...]


Master Bedroom Update // How We’ve Survived Our ‘Not So Good’ Sleeper

The Grit and Polish - Sleeping Bag 2

THE FARMHOUSE In honor of last weekend's Daylight Savings - the bane of every parent's existence - I thought I'd share a little peek into the minor change we've made to our master bedroom that has made all the difference in how our toddler sleeps at the Farmhouse.  Spoiler...he and we sleep much better!  I'll be back back next week with Wilder's … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday + Links 3/10/17

AshleyKGoldman Instagram

Happy Friday everyone!  We battled a plague (at least it felt like one) this week, and I'm happy to say we've come out the other side alive.  With two kids needing mama and mama needing rest, I kept wondering how on earth will we ever do this with three kids. Like really, how?!  It was ugly, but thankfully, we're back to getting out of the house, … [Continue reading...]