Our HGTV Pilot “Master Plan” Aired! (and here’s how to watch it)

If you missed our quick media blitz on Saturday, our HGTV pilot, Master Plan, aired! Our Porch House renovation // project featured on HGTV's master plan I woke up from a nap on Saturday (a weekend luxury for this tired mama) to find a text message from a friend saying that our show had already aired in California and would air in Washington … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 2/2/18

Happy Friday! How is your February going? As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we've been missing a few things about city life lately (you can read about that here), but there are so many great things about small town living too. So today I wanted to share a little bit about that. For those of you who are new to the Grit and Polish, Garrett and I live … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Living // Ten Great Bedtime Stories For Your little Valentine

THE FARMHOUSE Happy February! Excitement is high around here with anticipation for Valentines Day. Okay, mainly it's just me, but my goodness how kids make this holiday fun! Valentines Day used to be little more than an excuse to buy a nice steak, but 3 kids later and it's one of my very favorite holidays.  Our 4-year-old is getting into the … [Continue reading...]


Porch House // A Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Powder Bathroom

THE PORCH HOUSE This is part 4 of our Porch House powder bath series. You can read more here: design, why we added a powder bathroom, 8 great wallpapers. We'll share the budget next week.  Today's the day I get to show you the finished Porch House powder bathroom! This room is one of my all time favorite renovations we've done, but before … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 1/26/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We finally got past the winter onslaught of colds and other bugs around here, and we've had a healthy, sleep-filled week to show for it. It's amazing what a couple nights of decent sleep can do for a lady. I've been waking before the kids, hiking and practicing yoga, reading at night (!!!), and following the weekly … [Continue reading...]


Why we opt for REAL House Plants and Flowers in our homes

This post could also be titled "why I bought another fiddle leaf fig even though I keep killing our house plants". Although that isn't entirely true. I haven't killed all of our houseplants, some hearty plants have survived and others (like our last fiddle leaf fig) died very slow deaths, which some might even call living. All humor aside, I'm not … [Continue reading...]


8 Great Wallpapers for a Powder Bathroom

This is part 2 of our powder bath series. You can read more here: design, why we added a powder bathroom. One of my favorite parts about designing the Porch House powder bathroom was that it was dark and small. I know, I know! Those are not exactly the words that come to mind when you're thinking about favorite architectural features, but here's … [Continue reading...]


Farmhouse Friday 1/19/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? Garrett and I snuck away to Seattle for a couple days of city fun with the kiddos. There were bouncy houses and parks. Early happy hours and bakery breakfasts. And of course (because we are Poshustas after all) a little bit of work too. The Bryant House got ready for more guests with a new (old) bed frame in the … [Continue reading...]


Porch House // Why we added A Powder Bathroom + Tips for Adding Your Own

THE PORCH HOUSE This is part 2 of our Porch House powder bath renovation series. You can read part 1 here.  We're going to return to the powder bathroom renovation here on the blog, so I thought I'd begin with why we decided to add a powder bathroom in the first place. The Porch House, built in 1900, had 2 bathrooms when we bought it (and … [Continue reading...]

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