The Farmhouse // Daphne’s Nursery Reveal (ORC wk 6)

This is post 6 of our Spring 2018 One Room Challenge makeover of Daphne’s bedroom. You can catch up on the rest of the series here: inspiration/before, design, repairs, art, bed frame. Thanks for following along!


It’s one of my favorite days of the year…ORC reveal day! Not only do I get to show you Daphne’s finished¬†bedroom, but there are literally hundreds of other new rooms to fest your eyes on! It’s a good day for all of us home lovers ūüôā

(psst: all sources are linked at the bottom of this post!)


Before I jump into this historic/summery/feminine space, let me do a quick introduction for those of you who are new to the Grit and Polish. I’m Cathy (hi!) and that beautiful human being is our 9-month old daughter, Daphne. She was born¬†right here at the Farmhouse last July – all 9lbs of her – and we named her after her daddy, Garrett (middle name). She’s had our entire family smiling ever since.

Garrett and I have been renovating old houses in Washington state for a decade now. We got our start in 2008 when we bought our first fixer-upper in Seattle and quickly became DIY renovators, house-hackers, and landlords out of necessity. You can read more about our journey¬†here. After years of moving into, renovating, and renting out old homes with our kids in tow, we retired at the ripe old age of 34 to an old farmhouse in the country. A decade later, we’re still¬†landlords, house-hackers, and DIY renovators and have shared our work on HGTV and the¬†Home Love Network. Early-retirement and house hacking aren’t terms you frequently hear on home blogs, but they’re a big part of our journey and we hope to talk more about those going forward.

Now about that bedroom…

Daphne’s Bed Frame

We wanted to create a space for Daphne to grow into and that could do¬†double duty as¬†overflow guest space¬†for our local Labor Day Rodeo and also for when we rent the Farmhouse out when we travel (yup, still house-hacking;). For those reasons, having a large bed in addition to the crib made sense. And when I found this beautiful cane bed pop up on Craigslist, I knew I had found the one. Did I mention it was also FREE…?! Yeah this bed frame is going to go down as one of our best Craigslist scores, ever!

If you’ve been following our One Room Challenge, you know that we considered painting the bed frame. There’s already a lot of wood in this room and I wasn’t a huge fan of the finish on the bed. But now that I’m seeing the bed in the space, I kinda feel like an idiot for even considering paint. It’s perfect as is!

Design Goals and What it all Cost

My goal for Daphne’s nursery was a historic, whimsical, and youthful space that feels like a summer breeze and is comfortable for both Daphne and adults to spend time in. Lofty goals, I know, but I think we got just that. This room is comfortable, bright, feminine, and full of textures and patterns for little fingers and eyes to explore. It’s youthful without being too kid kid, if you know what I mean.

Thankfully we were able to use a lot of furnishings we already had, so we spent less than $500 on this One Room Challenge. We’ve been working on getting rid of stuff (despite my keep-it-because-you-never-know-when-you-might-need-it mentality) so I was happy to put some of our favorites to use. Like the left0ver marble countertop from the Porch House kitchen on the nightstands. My grandmother’s old mirror. The layered jute and wool rugs we bought for¬†Brooks’ nursery. Bedding, quilts, and pillows. Auntie Terr’s crib skirt. The simple dresser. And the oversized glider that we DIYed last Fall. Using what we had meant spending less, consuming less, and throwing away less. A win-win-win.

The Curtains

One thing we did buy was the curtains. We found these pink cotton numbers at IKEA and they were $40/pair. I also bought pleating hooks and added a stitch on each pleat to give the curtains a more finished, tailored look (do you want me to do a DIY post on that?). I had debated whether to go with a fun pattern or the pink, but in the end, I love how feminine and simple these curtains are.

The Crib Nook

The crib nook is perhaps my favorite space in this room because I’m obsessed with sleeping babies. Really, there’s nothing better in my book! We originally converted the closet to a sleeping nook for our second son. This small space is dark and quiet and Daphne sleeps really well in here.¬† Eventually, when Daphne outgrows her crib, we’ll move her to the full-size bed and turn the nook back into a closet.

Every morning when we get Daphne up, she’s standing at the side of her crib, staring at the wallpaper. It’s such a fun print! And the graphic black and white is just right for little eyes. We bought it at Anthropologie a couple years back and I still love it.

DIY Projects

We ended up doing quite a few DIYs in this space. We updated the antique bed frame to accommodate a modern foam mattress. Garrett built the nightstands out of old table bases and marble remnants. We made the picture frames for the bird prints and masked girl. And I dusted off the sewing machine and sewed a number of the pillows in this room. I also made the poms on the bird pillow using alpaca yarn. Phew!

Original Art!

The round painting hanging over the nightstand was created by¬†Kati Kleimola. She’s a talented artist and also happens to be doing her own One Room Challenge on her¬†dining room. This painting is our first piece of original art at the Farmhouse and will definitely be a keepsake. Thank you Kati!

The teacup on the books is from Daphne’s great-great-grandmother. I tried to incorporate a few family antiques to give this space a sense of belonging and nostalgia. The photo is also of me and my siblings in my mother’s summer garden here in Ellensburg, circa 1986. The rest of the art in the room is linked in the sources below.


Sources // paint: BM Simply White / bed frame (vintage) / white quilt and shams / bed sheets / bird pillow fabric / unicorn stuffie / overhead light / jute rug (similar) / Skyline rug / curtains / pleating hooks / curtain rods / nightstands (DIY) / lamps / dresser / dresser knobs / crib / wallpaper (similar) / crib sheet / crib skirt / black pillow fabric / blue pillow fabric (navy version) / glider /

Art //¬†round flower painting / rabbit print (vintage, Frank S. Guild) /¬†Kitten Bandit Print¬†/¬†Flower Child¬†/ Crow and Orange Crowned Warbler (free downloads from¬†here) / baby’s back

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Farmhouse Master Bedroom // One Room Challenge Reveal


Today is the day! Week 6 of the One Room Challenge has arrived, and I’m so excited to show you guys our¬†finished master bedroom.


Six weeks ago, this room was dark and ugly and¬†it’s 104-year-old charm had been¬†hidden away behind¬†bad carpets and even worse drapes. ¬†In case you forgot, here’s what the space looked like¬†on day¬†one.


Bad, right?!¬† Somehow Garrett and I lived in¬†that for 3 months. ¬†The carpets were stinky¬†and stained and screaming to be pulled, but we held off for the One Room Challenge, mostly because the boys’ bedrooms were the priority. ¬†But once the boys were settled and October hit, Garrett and I got right to work on this¬†room. ¬†We¬†painted, pulled up carpets, refinished the floors, rewired some unexpected¬†knob and tube, replaced the lighting, added¬†base shoe, hung drapes, made¬†nightstands, and decorated. ¬†The end result is bright, welcoming, and sooo us.


My goal for this space was a breezy, historic, and country bedroom.  I kept the decor simple Рwhite paint, original wood trim, cozy layered textiles, and lots of vintage pieces.  Most everything in this room is new Рor at least new to us Рbesides the headboard.  I bought a lot of pieces from salvage shops, antique stores, and the Junk Tiquing event in Ellensburg (thanks Amber for telling me about it!), which kept the renovation in line with my goals of historic and country, not to mention affordable.  I did splurge on a new rug and lights from Rejuvenation, which fit in perfectly with the vintage pieces.  (Links to resources are at the bottom of this post.)


The vintage theater seats, were one of the first things I picked¬†for our master¬†bedroom. ¬†I only had to search¬†for a couple of days before finding our chairs at a salvage shop in Seattle. ¬†We also brought in a hanging chair for the corner by¬†the windows. ¬†And let me just say, that chair has¬†proven to be nothing short of perfection! ¬†We have quite a few trees on our property, some with colorful¬†leaves still waiting to drop, and I intend to soak up every last bit of Fall from this spot. ¬†We had originally bought the hanging chair for Brooks’ nursery, but since he’s become a fearless¬†climber at 13 months, the chair needed a new home. ¬†And truth be told, I’m so happy with it in here¬†that I’m pretty¬†sure Brooks will never get it back.


If you’ve followed the Grit and Polish for long, you already know that this room was¬†more of a cosmetic update than a full fledged renovation for us. ¬†Nonetheless, we ran into a few hiccups during this project. ¬†The¬†hardwoods were in rougher shape than we had hoped; we found¬†knob and tube wiring¬†which required an extensive rewiring of¬†the upstairs; and the existing molding stain was a custom color we couldn’t quite match. ¬†All in all, none of the surprises were too major, but they definitely slowed us down.


Garrett¬†built our¬†nightstands using leftover marble countertop from the Ravenna kitchen¬†renovation. ¬†We used an antique table base for my side of the bed and a DIY shelf for Garrett’s side. ¬†Our¬†small nightstands¬†provide plenty of space for our¬†essentials¬†without leaving so much space that they end up cluttered. ¬†Garrett’s¬†shelf also affords¬†room for a basket of kids supplies for early morning snuggles (way, way too early of morning snuggles…thank you Day Light Savings).

Last week, I talked about the wild goose chase I went on looking for an antique fireplace. ¬†I’d be lying if I didn’t say that¬†I miss¬†the ambiance that a fireplace would¬†have added to the room, but even so, I love the vintage pie safe I found for our large white wall. ¬†If we ever do find that antique fireplace, I’ll happily move this piece to another spot.


This is my first time participating in the One Room Challenge, and I’m very aware of what a privilege it is (yes, even though I’m just a guest participant and I volunteered for it). ¬†Six months ago I wouldn’t have had the bandwidth or time to really take this on, and I’m sooo thankful I do now. ¬†Sometimes dreams do come true…after working really f*ing hard for them ūüėČ

Now for my favorite part of any renovation, the before and afters:

the-grit-and-polish-master-ba-doorthe-grit-and-polish-master-ba-corner the-grit-and-polish-master-ba-windowsthe-grit-and-polish-master-ba-chair

It’s so much better, right?! ¬†Garrett and I are so happy to finally have a space we enjoy being in!

My favorite part of this competition has been¬†that it¬†makes you finish a room 100%. ¬†Garrett and I are notorious for not finishing¬†the final¬†5% of a renovation until we’re about to move out, so¬†the One Room Challenge was the perfect cure for that. Thanks ORC!


And thank you¬†for following along! ¬†I’d love to hear what you think of the space.

You can get caught up on¬†my previous posts here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5. ¬†And if you’re looking for more One Room Challenge makeovers, they’re all linked¬†here. ¬†I’ll share some of my favorite ORC rooms next week here on the blog too.

Resources: bed, Restoration Hardware (ours is from the outlet) | velvet pillows, Pottery Barn | accent pillow, Anthropologie (similar) | sconces in Aged Brass, Rejuvenation | cord cover, Amazon | Skyline rug, Rejuvenation | hanging chair, Serena and Lily | plaid throws, Pendleton (ours are from the outlet) | stripped pillow covers, Ikea (not online) | Faux sheepskin, Ikea | round mirror, Anthropologie | overhead light, Rejuvenation (6″ Jefferson in old brass with 14″ Classic Opal Schoolhouse Shade) | curtain rods (on sale!), Restoration Hardware | drapes, Pottery Barn | bird postcards (in frames), Amazon | Claire Elsaesser print, Etsy¬†| white pitcher, Le Creuset | Birdy side table, Urban Outfitters¬†| votive, Glassy Baby

Wall and ceiling paint: Benjamin Moore, Simply White



p.s.¬†wallpaper in the kitchen is nothing new, but this big, bold, floral print in the kitchen…wow!

p.p.s. the styling of this bed has me feeling all sorts of cozy! ¬†I’d love to buy a linen duvet cover, but I don’t dare until our boys are older.

p.p.p.s. I’ve been hearing good things about Amazon’s new “Good Girls Revolt” show. ¬†Have you seen it? ¬†I’m excited to try it!

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