Farmhouse Friday 2/23/18

Happy Friday! I’m all in on Spring over here. ALL IN! I’m completely ignoring Punxsutawney Phil and this week’s snow flurries and dreaming of sunshine, blossoms, frog hunting (don’t worry, no frogs are harmed ;), and food-filled trips to Seattle. Over the next few months, most of our rentals will change from month-to-month to shorter-term Airbnb stays as Seattle tourism season kicks into high gear (because who wouldn’t want to see this beautiful city in the sunshine?!). Our rentals get booked silly, so we use this time to get ready: restock supplies, deep cleaning, freshen up linens, and tidy the landscaping.

Our Dexter House rental in Seattle // Shelf brackets | Campaign Hardware (on drawers) | cabinet knobsswing arm sconcesoverhead kitchen lightmudroom star lightmarble pastry slab | nesting mixing bowls |  marble utensil holderdinner plates and bowls | wood cake stand (similar) | white cake stands (similar)

This week we began that process over at the Dexter House. I actually hadn’t been to that property in 6 months because we had a family was living there, and oh man, I forgot how much I love that little house. It’s compact (3 bed/2 bath in 1100sf) and beautiful and well appointed with just the essentials. Garrett and I both left thinking ‘let’s simplify more at the Farmhouse’! Because less really can feel like more, you know? Anyway, here are a few more photos of the Dexter kitchen from the week, just because it’s been awhile. pssst: you can read more about this kitchen renovation here and the budget here

Pretty good, right?! I’m planning to make a few changes to the art in the house in addition to maintenance projects, so I’ll definitely be sharing more of this beautiful house on Instagram this Spring.

Before I get to links today, I have one housekeeping note…our Facebook page is finally up and running! So head over there and give us a thumbs up or say hi. Our goal is to make that a landing page for everything going on: blog, Instagram, HGTV pilot, and a couple other things I haven’t talked about on the blog yet.

Now for those links, grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

A wonderful story of a beautiful old house (slated for demolition), a determined buyer, Magnolia (yes, as in Waco, Texas), and the most amazing transformation. This is one of the properties that Chip and Joanna showed to clients on Fixer Upper but it wasn’t selected and thank goodness for that, because the future owner nailed it!

The four-poster bed of my dreams is featured in this bedroom makeover!

An interview with interior designer and artist William McLure. I have to admit, this was my introduction to his work, but count me in!

No shopping for a whole year. Would you do it? My answer: a resounding yes (for us adults anyway!).

More trips to Seattle means more time in the car to listen to podcasts. I’m caught up on How I Built This but looking for more! Do you have any favorites?!

Interior inspiration for your Friday: this kitchen (!!!), this dining room, this entry, and this dilapidated greenhouse (oh how I wish it was on our property!).




Farmhouse Friday 2/9/18

Happy Friday! What a whirlwind of a week it was. Our pilot aired on HGTV last Saturday, and while it was a momentous occasion – one we’d worked towards on and off for 3 years – it was over in a flash. On Sunday we were back to dealing with our rental properties, wrangling kids, and visiting late into the night with friends 🙂

We’ll definitely let you know if and when Master Plan airs again on HGTV. And don’t worry, we requested more notice next time 😉 A lot of you are asking when to expect more episodes, which makes all of that hard work on the pilot seem worth it! But honestly, we just don’t know if anything will come of it. HGTV is rumored to commission upwards of 60 pilots a year, some of which are aired, some of which are not, and only a handful get picked up for a first season. We’re just happy that ours saw the light of day.

In other news, our boys…

Our Farmhouse // Master bedroom (update post coming next week)

These boys (and Daphne too!) really do make things fun. Hard and exhausting at times, yes – I think that goes without saying when you have young kids – but also so fun! Case in point: Valentines Day. As I mentioned last week, Valentines Day used to be little more than an excuse for Garrett and I to cook dinner together. But now, it’s a thing at our house. We make cards, write sweet notes, read extra stories, and bake!  Thankfully the boys seem to have inherited my sweet tooth (or maybe not thankfully, but you know), and they are even more excited than I am to make our traditional Valentines Day treat: extra-large, heart-shaped sugar cookies with super thick pink frosting. It’s Nana’s recipe!

Well it’s Friday again, which means I’ve scoured the internet for great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

I mentioned last week that we purchased an inexpensive soil moisture sensor for our new fiddle leaf fig and I’m kind of shocked at how little it’s telling me to water. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been slowly killing our houseplants. 😉

Baby Bennett’s nursery reveal is up on Wit and Delight and it’s just as beautiful and fun as I thought it would be. Kate always gets it right.

Ever wonder what people think about their kitchen renovations years after they’ve lived in them? Stefanie is sharing 5 mistakes she made a decade later. Related: earlier this week Garrett and I shared what we liked best in the 7 kitchens we’ve renovated to date.

Planning to make these falafel burgers tonight.  Fingers crossed they are as delicious as the recipe looks.

My love for antique beds knows no bounds, but this beauty stopped me in my tracks.

Jenna’s DreamStone Diaries vlog is awesome! Have you guys been watching? It’s definitely worth a follow if you’re into houses, design, or real estate investing!

Have a great weekend!



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Happy Labor Day + Links


Happy Labor Day! It may be September (how…?!), but I’m just not ready for Fall.

So we’re soaking in summer this weekend. We’re grilling dinner, eating ice cream, and dining alfresco. And celebrating one little guy’s special day…my nephew George’s first birthday! Auntie Sis (that’s me) made two birthday cakes for him, one he can destroy and one for us to enjoy.

My nephew George's first birthday cakeThe Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Pottery Apple Bread 2

(Those stunning bowls are from Farmhouse Pottery and were the sweetest house warming gift from my sis!)

Georgie and his family are coming into town tonight along with two other families (ten house guests in total…!!!) for the local fair and rodeo. So Garrett and I are stocking the pantry and scrubbing the floors, not to mention making a whole lot of beds!  Wilder keeps asking, “are they coming today? today?”. Well today is the day, buddy.  TODAY!

Wilder's bedroom, currently

That’s Wilder’s bedroom, which is far from finished, but it’s a start nonetheless. His cousins will be camping out in here with him tonight and I’m sure a whole lot more silliness than sleep will take place. But hey, isn’t that what weekends like this are all about when you’re young?

In case you already finished your cleaning for the weekend, here are some cool things to check out from around the web:

// Loving this renovation. What a beauty.

// Eyeing 59 national wonders.The National Park Service turned 100 earlier this month so go ahead, take a moment to appreciate nature. Also: thanks Orlando for reminding me and sharing your childhood home!

// Serving this potato salad and our favorite local bratwursts this weekend.

// Reading this. In another life, I fought forest fires and rappelled out of helicopters, so this is making me nostalgic.

// Coveting these housewares: this hammockthis chair, and these mugs.

// Baking my way through this cookbook (well I’m on cake #1, but I have plans…).

The Grit and Polish - Birthday Cake 2

Happy Labor Day!



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