The Dexter House Paint Job


Well guys its been a mad dash around here as we finish up the renovation and get moved in all before baby arrives. I am constantly reminded that Garrett and I are crazy (who does this at 39 weeks pregnant and why?!) but am so blown away by the progress and my love of this house that I’m totally okay with our kind of crazy.  Know what I mean?

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys a few shots of the painting process.  We used a paint sprayer again (like at the Ravenna House), and it went pretty smoothly.  Well I should say that it went smoothly for Garrett and Papa – they finished this up during my last week of work before maternity leave.

I decided to paint the entire house Simply White by Benjamin Moore.  Walls, ceilings, upper cabinets, and moldings.  Everything except the floors, lower cabinets, and one small wall in the boys room – those got painted Onyx by Benjamin Moore.  Sometimes all-white can get a little sterile, but at the Dexter House I love it.  We get a lot of natural light in the main living spaces of the house and white feels fresh and bright and has a Spanish/white-washed kind of vibe.

Here are a few progress shots during the painting process.  It’s pretty crazy to think that these were taken just 4 days before we spent our first night at Dexter!

The Grit and Polish - Wall Paint Prep Living RoomThe Grit and Polish - Wall Paint Prep Dining RoomThe Grit and Polish - Wall Paint Prep Kitchen Primed

And this next shot was taken after the guys painted the lower cabinets in high-gloss Onyx.  For about two seconds I was a nervous about just how shiny these cabinets turned out.  Then I realized that they are awesome!

The Grit and Polish - Wall Paint Kitchen Paint

There was quite a bit of cleanup after the paint was done.  We had to remove all the masking and floor covering.  And then there was that little incident of black paint soaking through the rosin paper and onto my newly-refinished hardwoods in the dining room… That’s since been mostly cleaned up with mineral sprits, Oops! Painter’s Choice, and some serious elbow grease.

The Grit and Polish - Wall Paint CleanupThe Grit and Polish - Wall Paint Living Room DoneThe Grit and Polish - Wall Paint Dining Room CLeanup

It’s starting to look like a real house, right?!  I have to say that I am really, really excited to be living in the Dexter House – it’s my favorite renovation to date!



p.s. I’m kind of obsessed with Pinterest lately!  I’m really trying to stay off my phone during maternity leave, but they don’t make it easy.  My favorites Pins from this week: this kitchen, this bedroom, and this salad.

p.p.s. We have spent approximately $1 million dollars on Amazon during our move to Dexter but I’m most excited about this purchase!

p.p.p.s. I’ve been loving Andy and Candis Meredith’s old-house-renovation Instagram feed for a year or so now!  Cannot wait for their DIY Network show premier on October 7th!

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  1. I’m really interested to see this one finished. Will you keep your other house or sell?

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