We Bought a House!


Guys, we bought another house!  This deal has been in the works for a good six months, so I’m beyond excited to finally show you guys the property!

photo 4

Fixer #4, aka The Dexter House, is a 1905 Spanish style house with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the main floor and another 2 bedrooms (non-conforming) and 1 bathroom in the super-super-super-short basement.  The house is generally in original condition with the exception of the basement, which is in a half-finished/poorly-finished state.  And, as usual, the whole house is a fixer.  What I’m most excited about in this little house is how light-filled and quaint it is.  Oh and the overgrown, Jumanji-inspired, secret-garden-leaning backyard complete with a bird bath!!!

Today I’m going to show you guys the main floor.  I took these pics on my phone a few days before we closed on the property, so please excuse the photo quality.  But at least the low-definition photos hide some of the grime, so I should say, thank you iPhone!

photo 17photo 14photo 15 photo 11photo 12photo 8 photo 9photo 10 photo 7 photo 6If you can look past the dirt and grime (yes, I’m talking about you, bathroom!!!), it really is a cute house…right?  My mind is reeling with possibilities!

We’ve been wrapping up some lingering projects at the Ravenna House (mostly in preparation for some really exciting guests we had over the weekend), so demolition at the Dexter House won’t begin for a couple weeks – except that wall Garrett and I couldn’t help but take down when we finally got the keys – which leaves us time to come up with a renovation plan, pull the necessary permits and iron out the property’s zoning with the city.  More on all that, as well as much much more, later.

What do you guys think?  Did we just buy a lemon or is this another diamond-in-the-rough?  I hope you guys are as excited as we are to watch the transformation!



p.s. Speaking of Seattle real estate, the close in neighborhoods grew 18.9% over the past year. How insane is that?!

p.p.p.s. Also, this 2 bed/1 bath house was so cute and SOOOOOO expensive.  Have you ever heard of a 2 bed/1 bath house with only 1060 finished square feet and in need of a new kitchen selling for over $800k?  What is Seattle coming to? (See p.s. above)

p.p.p.s. How fun is this eclectic house?  I mean how could you not have fun living there?!  And the best part is that it’s 160 years old!!!

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  1. It’s amazing. Really, it is! I ♥ the arches and rounded ceiling!

  2. So exciting!

    I know you probably won’t be living in the Dexter house while you are renovating, but I know you did that with some previous properties. My husband and I are thinking a fixer-upper will be the only way to go (we also live in Seattle and want to stay close-in)… I’d love to hear some tips about how you live in a house while it’s in various stages of disarray/demolition!

    • Great topic Becca! Dusty business that living in a renovation…! I’ve been meaning to put a post together about that very topic, so will get on it! Gotta love Seattle when it’s sunny like today 🙂

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