6 Day Kitchen Reno // Reveal


Well the day is finally here. I get to show you the finished kitchen renovation for our #6daykitchenreno project! And if you have no idea what I’m taking about, you can get caught up on the design here and construction here. Or just watch this 11 second clip for the cliff note version.


That’s us up there, and you can see how happy and exhausted we are after a week of non-stop renovating. Even with the help of the homeowners (our friends Julia and Garrett), we barely finished this project in 7 days. But the experience was as fun as it was hard, and I can’t wait to tackle our next quickie project!

With or without the short timeline, I’m really proud of this renovation. We turned a dark and dated kitchen into a bright and beautiful space.


Let’s talk about the navy! The color is Naval by Sherwin Williams (stay tuned for all the kitchen resources next week), and I love it. We had originally planned on gray base cabinets and than switched to white.  At the last minute, Julia decided that in her heart of hearts, navy was what she wanted, and I was 100% in. The navy color was a bit controversial with lookie loos during the renovation, but hopefully the finished kitchen sways them. What about you guys? Do you like the navy?


Obviously, there’s a lot that I love about this kitchen, but at the top of that list is the sconce that we hung above the sink. It’s from Rejuvenation and just So. Darn. Pretty! This is actually the first kitchen I’ve done using brass hardware (I know! where have I been?!), and you can consider me firmly on that band wagon from here on out. Brass is just so warm and pretty and I can’t wait to use it all over the farmhouse!


The floors were another last minute change that I’m so happy we made! We had originally planned to use 12″x24″ tiles on the floors in here, but when we laid them out with the countertops and backsplash, they just looked flat. So on day 3 of the remodel, Julia and I ran around Seattle in rush-hour traffic to find pre-finished red oak floors. And it was totally worth the hassle, because these floors are stunning. Sometimes game day changes are the best decisions you make all renovation long!


Another big feature in this kitchen is the subway tiles. We were absolutely crazy to tile every wall surface during a week-long kitchen remodel, but I’m so glad we did.  The tiles bounce the light around the room and the white on white tile/grout/cabinets combination gives the space a really polished look.


Garrett and I are thrilled with how this quick kitchen renovation turned out, and even more importantly, the homeowners are too! It’s amazing what you can get done in 7 days with the right planning and a whole lot of elbow grease.


Stay tuned for resources next week.  Anything else you want to know about this quick kitchen reno? Leave me a note in the comments.



p.s. About that fast timeline… Veronica puts us to shame. She’s designed 300+ homes and most of them were constructed from the ground up in 7 days (!!!). Consider me blown away!

p.p.s. A few home tours to peruse instead of being productive during nap-time: 1, 2, 3. You’re welcome.

p.p.p.s. Bringing more joy into your home. Isn’t that what design is all about?!

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  1. I loooooove the navy!

  2. WOW. It is stunning, and the timeline is SO impressive. I have been living with a 75% finished kitchen for a few months now (missing backsplash, shelves, trim). ☹️ My question is about the countertops- my understanding is that you had to have base cabinets in place before countertop company would come out and measure, and then your lead time is additional 3+ weeks for quartz. How did you get around that? When we were planning our renovation, we chose to do butcher block because we didn’t want to be delayed by that lead time. Oh, the irony!

    • Thanks Brooke! We picked out and scheduled install one month in advance on the countertops (you can read more about that here). The Quartz was bought from Pius in Seattle and they sell pre-finished lengths of stone and then come out and cut them down to length, finish the ends, and cut out/finish for the sink and faucet. It’s an inexpensive option for solid surface tops, but at least twice the cost of good old DIY butcherblock (our go to material too).

  3. I love the whole thing. It is beautiful! The warmth of the floor does add a lot, so I’m glad you guys made the last-minute switch.

    What is the flooring in the rest of the house? How did you handle the transition from the old flooring to the new?

    • Thanks Katy! The rest of the house has 2″ red oak, running the same direction as the new floors. Since the kitchen floors are about 3/8″ taller, Garrett customized a piece of the new 2 1/4″ oak to ramp up to the kitchen floors. The finish is different between the old and new wood, but the homeowners can refinish everything at a later date for a more cohesive look.

  4. This is just SO good. Would love thoughts on using the cabinets you used/painted yourselves vs IKEA. Also, what would you recommend for the transition to new wood floors if the rest of the house is old wood floors?

  5. I’m in love with your navy and white kitchen! So original. It is funny, your’s is the first navy and white kitchen I had seen, but since you started sharing it, I’ve noticed a few others on Instagram/pinterest including this one from Studio McGee: http://www.studio-mcgee.com/portfolio/lynwood-remodel.

  6. Yes I like the blue, reminds me of Emily Henderson’s kitchen. I think the blue makes the kitchen really, if it had all been white it would have been washed out. The brass accents are the “jewelry” and are perfect. The kitchen really turned out nice, great job guys. I read that you are ready to do another one, yes that is insanity. Ha. 🙂
    I really like your p.s.’s could you tell me who Veronica is? I don’t see a link. Lastly that photo of Garret and the baby at the sink is ADORABLE. Off to check out the rest of the links. Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful kitchen! Great job on such a fast remodel. Love the two tone cabinets, subway tiles, and that french door to the outside…speechless! The best part is that Julia is my dental hygienist! Small world indeed!

  8. Love the kitchen, love your family. Thank you for sharing the journey. Seven days is blowing my mind!

  9. This is so clean and beautiful! I love the navy. Do you describe somewhere how you planned and mounted the cabinet next to/under the beam? We have a similar situation in our kitchen, if we were going to remodel.

    • Thanks Jane – we just bought a shorter cabinet for that spot. We ended up having to run it through the table saw to shorten it a bit more to align with the bottom of the neighboring cabinet, but it wasn’t too difficult. Good luck!

  10. I love this kitchen! I’m hoping to do something similar, but have a “stock” gray speckled granite countertop. The cabinets are white and backsplash is also a white subway tile with a white grout. Do you think I can pull off the brass hardware too? Or is that a no-no with a more gray counter? Also, where is your hardware from!? Love it so.

    • Thanks Danielle and yes, I definitely think you can pull off something similar even with gray granite. I actually really like gray and brass, there are some beautiful examples on Pinterest! This hardware is Martha Stewarts from Home Depot (and super inexpensive). Direct links are in the resources post (search ‘#6daykitchenreno resources’)

  11. What paint and sheen did you use for the cabinets?

    • We used a Sherwin Williams paint in satin. I don’t remember the exact product, but it one of their paints meant for cabinets and trim.

  12. Do you have the source for the cabinet hardware and faucet? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  13. Great job on your kitchen. What is the source for the countertops?

  14. Love the cabinets and want my kitchen in the same color. The color swatch for naval is much darker. Did you do anything to get that brightness?

    • The lighting makes a huge difference. This kitchen has large south facing doors, so the blue looks bright during the days and darker at night and on overcast days

  15. Absolutely amazing! My kitchen took 7 weeks, not 7 days. I’m assuming you added the upper crown to the stock cabinets to make them look that amazing?

  16. Stunning! What shade of white did you use on the upper cabinets?

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