Dexter Backyard: the Beginning


When we first bought the Dexter House last year, the backyard resembled a wild, overgrown jungle.  There was so much foliage that you couldn’t even see that there was paving on the ground.  I wish I could dig up a picture for you guys, but apparently I never took one.  Anyway, sometime mid-summer, Garrett and Papa unleashed a pruning massacre upon the backyard – which was totally unsanctioned, I should add – that left nothing in their wake.  I was less than pleased.  The backyard was now sparse and looked even worse than before.  But even I had to admit, at least we could finally see what were working with.  The backyard also served as a staging ground for construction debris, which explains what you’re about to see.


Yeah, it’s bad.  I know.  But we’ve been sporadically making progress on the backyard ever since.  We’ve pressure-washed the concrete patio, turned the broken fountain into a planter, did some more pruning (seriously, those tree/bush/shrubs grow like weeds!), and tore down that old, rotting fence.  I’ll show you more about that in the weeks to come.  But today I wanted to introduce you to this space and show you what we’re working with.  Here are a few pictures from earlier this year.

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Backyard in MarchThe Grit and Polish - Dexter Backyard From Door 03-2016The Grit and Polish - Dexter Backyard Door Trim 2

Our backyard is 780sf.  Not big.  But still pretty awesome for a small, urban house in Seattle.  Garrett and my goal is to turn this space into a welcoming courtyard.  A secret getaway in the middle of the city that doesn’t quite feel like the middle of the city, if you know what I mean.  Sure, this isn’t going to be an outdoor spot to play soccer or host a wedding but hopefully it will feel like another room for us to share with the boys during the summer months.  Here are a few inspiration images:

Inspiration Worthminer paved backyardInspiration CocoCozy Gravel Inspiration Megan Pflug backyard

sources: One | Two | Three

Okay, what do you guys think?  Are you on board for our courtyard/getaway/outdoor-room concept?


p.s. Did you guys see this master bedroom makeover?  It’s sooooooo good!

p.p.s. Have you guys been listening to the Chris Loves Julia podcast?  I especially love episode 3 about renovating with children.  Don’t leave a kid alone in a room with a can of paint…SOLID advice!
p.p.p.s. Vintage Chic in Paris.  This is just So. Dang. Lovely!
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