I Heart Costco Art


I’ve been working on decorating Wilder’s nursery lately and I wanted to give you guys a little peak.

The Grit and Polish - Costco Photographs

Aren’t they lovely images?  They hail from Costco.  Yup, Costco!  Did you know they sold art?

Best. News. Ever. Right?!

Costco.com has an expansive gallery of everything from Monet to historic photos of the 1950’s World Series.  My sis introduced me to it last year and I am obsessed.  Best part is that prints cost $1.39 for an 8″x10″ and $2.99 for a 12″x18″.  Yes, I have a big heart for Costco art, and no, Costco did not sponsor this post ;)

The Grit and Polish - Costco Photographs 2

I don’t plan to hang more than a half dozen photos, so I definately over-ordered.  But I like options.  Plus the photographs were so beautiful, I just couldn’t stop.  Can’t wait to show you guys some of these pieces up on Wilder’s wall!



p.s. Some of my favorite gallery walls.

p.p.s. Oh Martha what lovely kitchens you have…sigh.

p.p.p.s. Awesome quotes from the ladies to get you pumped up about work.

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