A Reclaimed-Wood Shed


While Garrett and I are busy working on the plans for the Dexter House, I thought it was a good time to show you the backyard shed we built at the Ravenna House.  If you follow along on Instagram, you know it took us a good 3 months of weekends to build this thing.

The Ravenna House is, like most small old Seattle houses, a little light on storage.  So Garrett and I planned on building a shed from the get go.  We discussed a few different design ideas, but ultimately ended up with a sloping roof with an overhang big enough to leave the stroller under, and salvaged-wood siding (saved from the garage tear-off).

The Grit and Polish - Backyard Shed

I should mention that we’d still like to finish out the shed’s soffit with some sort of bead board and add a facia piece, so we’re not 100% done.  But I’m really not sure we’ll ever get to it, so we’ll just call the shed done enough.  Did you catch that sneak peak of the fence and grass?  Don’t worry, I’ll get to that in another post!

Here’s what the process of building the shed looked like:

The Grit and Polish - Shed 1The Grit and Polish - Shed 3The Grit and Polish - Shed 4The Grit and Polish - Shed 5The Grit and Polish - Shed 6The Grit and Polish - Backyard Shed Siding

After the siding was complete, we built an oversized (about 40″x8′) door, hung it, and covered it in old fence slats (removed from the Bryant House), which we laid in a herringbone pattern.  I wish I had taken pictures of the chevron-laying process, but we installed it during one of Wilder’s naps, so we were a tad bit rushed.  The door actually turned out to be my favorite part of the whole shed, but really I’m happy with the whole thing.  It’s functional and big and a tad bit whimsical…perfect for a Poshusta backyard shed!

The Grit and Polish - Backyard Shed

Wilder, as always, was a big help on this project.  He “worked” on the shed, rain or shine, as long as there was a tool for him to hold and a dada to follow around :)  Really that kid loves tools and building more than any youngster I’ve ever known.  I’m not sure if building is just something that he loves or it’s how we’re raising him, but I often think that at the ripe old age of not-even-2, Wilder is already destined to become a contractor or an architect or something in the building industry.  Dare I say, it’s in his blood?!

The Grit and Polish - Wilder with Hammer 2

Who needs toys when you’ve got a hammer…!

Here’s a look back at earlier progress on the backyard and even farther back.  What do you think?  Do you like how the shed turned out?  Stay tuned for a full backyard reveal,  including that grass yard and cedar fence!



p.s. loved this eclectic house tour, especially the reclaimed shelves in the kitchen!

p.p.s. What you’ve always wanted to know: why asparagus makes your pee smell.  You did want to know, didn’t you?!

p.p.p.s. Best real estate markets for buyers and sellers in the US.  Seattle ranks 4th as a seller’s market.  Not super surprising, but still pretty crazy!

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