Happy Friday + Links 12/8/17

Happy Friday!  Can we talk about Christmas for a minute?  I’m feeling soooo behind this year!  Christmas is less than 3 weeks away, and we have yet to even get a Christmas tree.  Eeech!  Thankfully I got our Christmas card photos taken this week and rush ordered some cards (totally going to blame the post office if I don’t get them addressed and out the door in time ;).  Plus we decorated the Porch House with some garlands and wreaths for our upcoming finish party.

The Grit and Polish - Porch Kitchen Xmas 3 Wreath

So the holiday spirit is alive and well in the Poshusta family, and we’re all excited to spend a little time baking and decorating at the Farmhouse soon!

Well it’s Friday again, so I’ve scoured the internet for lots of great links.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

“Speak up. Even if your voice shakes.”  Wisdom from Reese Witherspoon.

Transforming a tiny 1950’s house for $125k.

Minimalism during the holidays with children.  I love the focus on experiences!

Diane Keaton via House beautiful


Diane Keaton’s home is as amazing as you’ve heard it is!

My friend Karrie’s HGTV pilot was picked up for a season!  I can’t wait to see what her and her handy son cook up in Bend, OR.

Hard to call this old home in Nashville an office, but a few lucky ladies get to!

Getting sh*t done from a girl that gets sh*t done.

It’s another Premier Day sale and just in time for the holidays.  A few of my favorites: this red velvet pillowBrass and glass lantern (I’ll take them all, please!).  Hello doormatWool and cotton stripped pillowDark throwPeppermint bark (yum!). And if this isn’t the cutest llama, ever!

Have a great weekend!



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Porch House Mudroom // A mudroom sink (with Elkay)

The Grit and Polish - Porch Kitchen Boys in Elkay Sink 6

THE PORCH HOUSE this post is sponsored by Elkay. sink (ricotta) // faucet (lustrous steel) The mudroom at the Porch House is one of those multi-functional, utility spaces.  It serves as the laundry room, storage room, and because of the large sink we installed, it's also the spot to wash muddy boots, rinse stains out of clothes, and clean … [Continue reading...]

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Happy Friday + Links (12/1/17)

Oh Farmhouse Friday Exterior

Happy Friday and welcome to December! We made it home from Portland and had another busy week full of hustle and hammers and house work.  Of course you can't spend Thanksgiving with 10 little people and not pick up some kind of virus, so Brooks and I have been bed ridden for a couple days.  Ugh.  But the best part of the week: we passed all of our … [Continue reading...]


Porch House // the Floor plan Before and After Renovation

The Grit and Polish - Porch House Sunroom sun 4

THE PORCH HOUSE I've gotten a few question about the Porch House floor plan lately, especially where the mudroom sits in relation to the kitchen.  So today I wanted to show you guys how this house is laid out.  I'll be focusing on the first floor, because the second floor - which houses 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a sun porch - required such few … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday + Links 11/24/17

The Grit and Polish - Terr's House table T, W, and C

Happy Friday!  Are you still deliriously happy from all that pie and stuffing?  Me too :)  Portland was just as fun as I thought it would be, and I've gotten such sweet comments on my sister's beautiful new (old) home over on Instagram.  I'll have to share more photos on the blog soon, but here's a peek at her dining room. So lovely, right?!  … [Continue reading...]

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Porch House Mudroom // Design

The Grit and Polish - Porch Mudroom Ship Lap with W

THE PORCH HOUSE Now that we finished the Porch House's master suite, I wanted to introduce you to the next space we'll be focusing on: the mudroom. Mudrooms and laundry rooms are so often the red-headed step child.  They're last on the priority list to design and they're last to renovate.  For the Porch House, we imagined something different. … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday + Links 11/17/17

faux martha turkey

Happy Friday!  Goodness what a week's it's been.  We finished the Porch House's master bathroom and closet for Thursday's ORC reveal (with like two minutes to spare) plus we've wrapped up plumbing and electrical, trimmed out the powder bathroom, worked on the mudroom and upstairs bathroom, and touched up paint all over the Porch House too.  It's … [Continue reading...]

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Porch House Master Suite // The Reveal! (ORC Week 7)

The Grit and Polish - Porch Master Bathroom Bench in Doorway

THE PORCH HOUSE This post is part of a 6-week series for the One Room Challenge, a blogger makeover challenge hosted by Calling it Home every Fall and Spring. We're tackling the Porch House's master bathroom and closet this go around.  Thanks for following along! You can get caught up on previous posts here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part … [Continue reading...]


Happy Friday + Links 11/10/17

The Grit and Polish - Porch Family in Kitchen 1.3

Happy Friday!  We received a fun bit of news this week...the new name for our HGTV pilot!  It is now being called MASTERPLAN.  What do you think?  Garrett and I both like the new name better than 'Rehab Crazy' and can't wait to see the finished episode (which might not be until it airs...eeech!).  We're still waiting on an airdate; I'll pass that … [Continue reading...]