Bryant House // Living Room Airbnb Makeover


This is part 2 of our Bryant House Airbnb makeover.  See more of this series here: part 1 (why we turned a traditional rental into an Airbnb).

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Living Room long

sources: couch, hanging chair, blue stripe throw, blue dot art, side table, rug (similar), pillows (IKEA)

The Bryant House’s living room is spacious and full of natural light. The front door (a dutch door!) opens into this room, so it’s also the main entry. When we got over to the Bryant House at the end of August to complete our 3-day Airbnb makeover, this room needed a good clean.  But other than that and a broken blind, it was in pretty good shape.  Have a look:

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Before Living Room 1 The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Before Living Room 2

Since this is the first room that our Airbnb guests and month-to-month tenants see when they walk into the house, I really wanted to make sure that it sets the stage for their stay.  My goal was a welcoming, bright, organic, and comfortable feel.  That meant lots of throw pillows, slip-covered seating, a neutral palette, plants, relaxed art, and a compiled-over-time vibe that only comes with the addition of antiques.  Thankfully we were able to reuse a lot of furniture that we already owned for this space (the benefit of owning 6 homes…), but we did buy a new sleeper sofa and some finishing touches.

Airbnb Host tip // first impressions are important.  Start your guests’ stay off on the right foot by creating a welcoming entry space.

This house doesn’t have any impressive architectural features.  It’s simple.  Eight foot ceilings, original fir floors, and simple moldings.  But I think that simplicity makes this room really comfortable too.  The space feels humble and approachable, allowing the decor to shine.

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Living Hanging Chair 3The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Living Room to kitchenThe Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb After Living TVThe Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Plant and Art

sources: art print, gold frame, gold bar cart

This room is arranged to accommodate TV watching and hanging out, but also provides additional sleeping arrangements with a pull-out couch.  The hanging chair is something we bought for the Farmhouse, but wasn’t working, so it found a home here.  The chair adds an element of fun to this fairly basic room and has turned into one of my favorite spots in the house.

I tried to mix a few vintage pieces in with the new finishes we bought for the space. Okay, so I always mix in vintage pieces into our spaces, but in this house I felt it was extra important since so much of the furniture was coming from Ikea and other big box stores.  This room has a 50s-era dresser under the TV, an antique armoire, which serves as the coat closet, and a vintage trunk and picnic basket to give the space a little character.

The internet login information hangs on a clipboard by the front door so guests are sure to find it.

Airbnb Host Tip // place wifi login info in a prominent spot for guest’s ease (by the front door or on the fridge)

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Living Room 2The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Art VignetteThe Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Old House Photo

Many of our guests are families with young children, so we tailor our spaces accordingly. Baskets of toys, books, and games provide entertainment for little ones throughout the house. And to ensure the house remains tidy, we limit it to that.

Airbnb Tip // Make kids’s stays more fun with books, toys, and games placed strategically throughout the house!  To ensure the house remains tidy, keep it contained to a couple baskets

The Grit and Polish - Bryant Airbnb Living Room Couch

That’s it for the living room.  Next week we’ll look at the master bedroom.



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