A Valentines Day Surprise


Happy Valentines Day!  We’re celebrating the holiday with lots of chocolate and cake and extra snuggles with my little ones.  Speaking of little ones, I wanted to share some exciting family news with you guys.  I mentioned last week that Garrett and I have come up with the perfect use for the nursery (once Brooks moves into Wilder’s bedroom)…a nursery for our baby girl to be!!!

The Grit and Polish - Me in Nursery

That’s right, I am thrilled to announce that we’re adding a third baby to our brood and she’s due in July.  We found out the gender super early this time with a DNA test (at 10 weeks, I think), and let me just say I AM THRILLED to be having a girl.  I absolutely love having boys, but I’ve always wanted a daughter too and since this is *probably* our last baby (I only said probably to appease Garrett…I’m like 99.5% certain we’re done), I was really hoping for a baby girl that could be my partner in crime forever.

Ever since we found out baby’s gender, I’ve been dreaming of how I’ll change up the nursery.  I’m thinking touches of pink (it’s never been my favorite color, but after 2 boys I’m obsessed with it) and feminine dresses hanging on cute hooks (even though I’ve always been more of a jeans kind of girl) and a dresser that’s low enough for diaper changes and wide enough to fit all my nieces very cute hand-me-downs (thanks Auntie Terr for hanging on to them!).  The full-size bed is slated to go to one of our rentals, so I’ll likely fill that space with a new antique daybed – I’m thinking a twin-size spindle bed – or some fun toys like a play house or tall stuffed animals.  There’s plenty of time to decide on the nursery since baby will be in our room for quite some time after she’s born.  But oh goodness, I am EXCITED!

The Grit and Polish - Baby Girl Dress and Pig

dress | pig (old; equally cute hippo here) | quilt

For those of you into pregnancy and such things, I’m 18 weeks along and finally out of the yuck stage.  I was definitely sicker with this pregnancy than the previous two.  And tireder.  And I’ve had way more food aversions.  For those reasons, I had a feeling we were having a girl.  Luckily, both Garrett and I are home right now, so I’ve been able to take it easy; naps and baths have been my salvation.  Of course, we’re about to start a brand new renovation (aka the flip house), so life will get hectic once again.  But that’s nothing new.  It seems that we just can’t renovate a house without a baby on the way 😉



p.s. Brooks’ birth announcement and my pregnancy with him (Wilder was born before I started this blog).

p.p.s. We’ve been reading this new sibling book with the boys. We’ve had a few such books, but this one is definitely the cutest!

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  1. Congratulations! A baby is a great home improvement project. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!! I’m so very excited for you and your family, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery for this sweet baby girl!

  3. Congratulations! Such a perfect reason to revamp the nursery! Can’t wait to see how your home and family life evolves!

  4. Congrats! So excited for you guys…and jealous!

  5. Happy News for you. Congrats! Will the room or the wallpapered space be the nursery? And a flip house? When did you find one?

    • We’re still working on the flip house (we haven’t closed yet) but as soon as we do, I’ll share an update on that! The whole room will be the nursery for our baby girl, since that will be her forever room 🙂

  6. Ooooh, Cathy! 2 boys and then a GIRL is sooo much fun. Jean dresses, polka dots, floral and yes…touches of pink. So much love to you guys! The blog is looking awesome lately!

  7. Squeeee!! So very happy for all of you! I hope that everything goes smoothly for the rest of your pregnancy as well as the new house flip. I can’t wait to see how you add some feminine touches to the nursery…I’m sure it will be gorgeous, as always. Congratulations!

  8. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! Super happy for you guys xoxoxo

  9. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations! I had two boys and then a girl, and I think it is the best configuration. Those boys will dote on their little sister (and keep her safe). That said, my daughter always wished for a sister…

  11. Such exciting news for your family 🙂 Congrats! That little dress is precious <3

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