Bathroom Inspiration and Collard Greens

THE RAVENNA HOUSE I really wish that I had a ton of progress to show you guys on the basement this week, but I don't.  We've put up a little tile-backer in the shower, some trim here and there, and done a bit of sanding on the exposed beam.  But that's it.

See we've got this baby.  His name is Wilder.  And he is good at many things, but sleeping is not one of them.  So we've put a moratorium on work during nap time.  And the 30 minutes before nap time.  And at bedtime.  And don't even think about picking up a hammer after he's down for the night.  Cause if you wake him, you take him.

So we're basically working at the pace of a snail.

But that's okay.  Sometimes renovations just need to fit around life.  Especially when that life involves a 10-month-old energetic little boy.  And you live in the house you're renovating.  Just how it goes.

What I can show you guys is what we're planning to do in our basement bathroom.  We've actually purchased quite a few of the materials already.  So I will show you those.  Here's a little materials montage:

Rustic Classic Basement Bathroom

Wood tiles: similar to Home Depot's | Hexagon Tiles: Home Depot | Salvaged Wood: We'll check out our local ReStore | Subway tile: Home Depot | Vanity: Home Depot | Hook: Home Depot

It's probably obvious that we're going with a "rustic-classic" style.  The hexagon and subway tiles will connect the space to the upstairs and make it feel like it belongs in a 1926 home. I'm still hoping to find a white vanity or something I can paint white.  Perhaps a used one off of Craigslist (for a screaming deal no doubt).  We'll top it with thick, salvaged wood to match the beam and posts that we left exposed in the family and laundry rooms (more on that in a minute).  I'd love a large utility sink of some sort, but we'll see what I can find.  And as always, white towels and hooks for guests.

Here are a few bathrooms I've used as inspiration:

Basement bathroom Inspiration 2 5-2-14

Decor Pad

Bathroom Inspiration 3 5-2-14


Herringbone Wood Tile Floor Inspiration 5-2-14

Source Unknown

Basement bathroom Inspiration 1 5-2-14

Domino Magazine

The first picture has the same tile shower surround that we'll be doing.  The second picture has a great wood vanity and large sink for inspiration.  The flooring picture has a herringbone tile pattern that I'm hoping to mimic.  And the last image is just beautiful.  And we can all do with a little beautiful!

So we've come to the point in this post where I must show you where we're at with the bathroom renovations.  This is going to be one of those dessert before dinner kind of posts.  So I apologize for the big heaping of collard greens I'm about to serve you.  Here it is, the current state of the bathroom:

IMG_0308 IMG_0306

Excuse the mess!  Hard to believe that will ever be a finished bathroom, right?

You can see that we've got a ways to go, still.  But the tile backer is mostly up.  And the floors are really close to being ready for tile (just need to add slope to the shower floor with a small layer of grout).  And hopefully someday soon there will be a 48" vanity next to the toilet (where the light is sitting).

Here are the exposed beam and post in the family room that I mentioned earlier:


Notice I included the built-ins in this photo.  I've been doing a lot of thinking lately: to paint or not to paint.  All along, I've been planning to paint these Simply White.  But now that I see them next to the exposed beam, I really dig the wood. So I'm thinking the wood stays.  Even if they do look a little '90s.  (Don't you hate it when words come back to bite you in the ass.)


p.s. what a fun, colorful, inspiration-packed patio!

p.p.s. I'm obsessed with Nicole's front porch!  That beadboard, those arches, that screen door!  Perfect for an evening game of cribbage!    Hey it was 80 degrees in Seattle yesterday, so I'm entitled to be thinking about summer!

p.p.p.s. More white and wood.  These shots of Paris are beautiful!