Farmhouse Master Bedroom // One Room Challenge Reveal


Today is the day! Week 6 of the One Room Challenge has arrived, and I’m so excited to show you guys our finished master bedroom.


Six weeks ago, this room was dark and ugly and it’s 104-year-old charm had been hidden away behind bad carpets and even worse drapes.  In case you forgot, here’s what the space looked like on day one.


Bad, right?!  Somehow Garrett and I lived in that for 3 months.  The carpets were stinky and stained and screaming to be pulled, but we held off for the One Room Challenge, mostly because the boys’ bedrooms were the priority.  But once the boys were settled and October hit, Garrett and I got right to work on this room.  We painted, pulled up carpets, refinished the floors, rewired some unexpected knob and tube, replaced the lighting, added base shoe, hung drapes, made nightstands, and decorated.  The end result is bright, welcoming, and sooo us.


My goal for this space was a breezy, historic, and country bedroom.  I kept the decor simple – white paint, original wood trim, cozy layered textiles, and lots of vintage pieces.  Most everything in this room is new – or at least new to us – besides the headboard.  I bought a lot of pieces from salvage shops, antique stores, and the Junk Tiquing event in Ellensburg (thanks Amber for telling me about it!), which kept the renovation in line with my goals of historic and country, not to mention affordable.  I did splurge on a new rug and lights from Rejuvenation, which fit in perfectly with the vintage pieces.  (Links to resources are at the bottom of this post.)


The vintage theater seats, were one of the first things I picked for our master bedroom.  I only had to search for a couple of days before finding our chairs at a salvage shop in Seattle.  We also brought in a hanging chair for the corner by the windows.  And let me just say, that chair has proven to be nothing short of perfection!  We have quite a few trees on our property, some with colorful leaves still waiting to drop, and I intend to soak up every last bit of Fall from this spot.  We had originally bought the hanging chair for Brooks’ nursery, but since he’s become a fearless climber at 13 months, the chair needed a new home.  And truth be told, I’m so happy with it in here that I’m pretty sure Brooks will never get it back.


If you’ve followed the Grit and Polish for long, you already know that this room was more of a cosmetic update than a full fledged renovation for us.  Nonetheless, we ran into a few hiccups during this project.  The hardwoods were in rougher shape than we had hoped; we found knob and tube wiring which required an extensive rewiring of the upstairs; and the existing molding stain was a custom color we couldn’t quite match.  All in all, none of the surprises were too major, but they definitely slowed us down.


Garrett built our nightstands using leftover marble countertop from the Ravenna kitchen renovation.  We used an antique table base for my side of the bed and a DIY shelf for Garrett’s side.  Our small nightstands provide plenty of space for our essentials without leaving so much space that they end up cluttered.  Garrett’s shelf also affords room for a basket of kids supplies for early morning snuggles (way, way too early of morning snuggles…thank you Day Light Savings).

Last week, I talked about the wild goose chase I went on looking for an antique fireplace.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I miss the ambiance that a fireplace would have added to the room, but even so, I love the vintage pie safe I found for our large white wall.  If we ever do find that antique fireplace, I’ll happily move this piece to another spot.


This is my first time participating in the One Room Challenge, and I’m very aware of what a privilege it is (yes, even though I’m just a guest participant and I volunteered for it).  Six months ago I wouldn’t have had the bandwidth or time to really take this on, and I’m sooo thankful I do now.  Sometimes dreams do come true…after working really f*ing hard for them 😉

Now for my favorite part of any renovation, the before and afters:

the-grit-and-polish-master-ba-doorthe-grit-and-polish-master-ba-corner the-grit-and-polish-master-ba-windowsthe-grit-and-polish-master-ba-chair

It’s so much better, right?!  Garrett and I are so happy to finally have a space we enjoy being in!

My favorite part of this competition has been that it makes you finish a room 100%.  Garrett and I are notorious for not finishing the final 5% of a renovation until we’re about to move out, so the One Room Challenge was the perfect cure for that. Thanks ORC!


And thank you for following along!  I’d love to hear what you think of the space.

You can get caught up on my previous posts here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5.  And if you’re looking for more One Room Challenge makeovers, they’re all linked here.  I’ll share some of my favorite ORC rooms next week here on the blog too.

Resources: bed, Restoration Hardware (ours is from the outlet) | velvet pillows, Pottery Barn | accent pillow, Anthropologie (similar) | sconces in Aged Brass, Rejuvenation | cord cover, Amazon | Skyline rug, Rejuvenation | hanging chair, Serena and Lily | plaid throws, Pendleton (ours are from the outlet) | stripped pillow covers, Ikea (not online) | Faux sheepskin, Ikea | round mirror, Anthropologie | overhead light, Rejuvenation (6″ Jefferson in old brass with 14″ Classic Opal Schoolhouse Shade) | curtain rods (on sale!), Restoration Hardware | drapes, Pottery Barn | bird postcards (in frames), Amazon | Claire Elsaesser print, Etsy | white pitcher, Le Creuset | Birdy side table, Urban Outfitters | votive, Glassy Baby

Wall and ceiling paint: Benjamin Moore, Simply White



p.s. wallpaper in the kitchen is nothing new, but this big, bold, floral print in the kitchen…wow!

p.p.s. the styling of this bed has me feeling all sorts of cozy!  I’d love to buy a linen duvet cover, but I don’t dare until our boys are older.

p.p.p.s. I’ve been hearing good things about Amazon’s new “Good Girls Revolt” show.  Have you seen it?  I’m excited to try it!

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! You continue to inspire me and motivate me to trust my instincts! I can not wait to see how your house evolves!

  2. Allyson H. says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I’m so glad I found your blog through this challenge (I’ve been following along for the last two weeks now). Excited to follow your progress in the rest of your house 🙂

  3. Whoops, I just went bonkers pinning your gorgeous space! WOW!

  4. Beautiful transformation – love all your special touches…and that brass plant stand…I laughed out loud…too cute! I will enjoy following along with you.

  5. Cathy and Garrett, It looks clean, fresh and wonderful. The mirror looks great! I am glad you decided on that and not art. I think the chair belongs in your room. Where oh where do you put your clothes? No dresser? Do your curtains block enough light? You must be up with the chickens ha. At the end of the day we all deserve a nice resting place and too often it gets put off. I would say you achieved that. Beautiful job. Enjoy your tree gazing.

    • p.s. You did a great job with the before and after photos.

      • Oh, and I went back and searched the farmhouse tours and see you have a huge closet. You said in one of your posts that you wished they had left the upstairs alone, it could have been much worse and they painted all the beautiful woodwork.

  6. Whoa! What a beautiful transformation. Mouth gaping. I love the original wood trim with the white walls. It’s just a gorgous contrast. And I’m digging the wall-hung shelf in lieu of an end table on one side. Clever idea.

  7. Cathy – this is so beautiful! I absolutely love how it all turned out!! What a stunning transformation!! You have to be so proud of the results!

  8. beautiful! i love the mix of woods, the hanging chair for a more modern funky touch! such a great mix for a lovely relaxed retreat.

  9. Joan Miller says:

    Wow! This doesn’t even look like the same room…..its just beautiful!

  10. so, so great. I’m totally in love with the little spindle side table. It’s divine.

  11. It is beautiful! I would sleep really good in this room.

  12. Simply white is such a good color. This room is all perfect. Beautiful, calm, and with the perfect vintage pieces! Congrats

  13. Beautiful, love the vintage vibe and this room looks so peaceful!
    Love also the hanging chair!!!
    Great job

  14. I love, LOVE this space! The change is unbelievable. Your work is inspirational and motivational, and I can’t wait to watch what you do next!

  15. GORGEOUS!! Your space is lovely and what I love the best is the curated feel…Congrats on your first attempt at the ORC – it turned out amazing…I would love to have a swing like that in my room, but alas, our master bedroom is way too small for that! I’m a new follower – you’ve got great style!

  16. Cathy!! I am new to your blog through the ORC- but I have to say I love this! The lamps, the swing, the theatre seats… everything is just so beautifully curated.

  17. Your room is so inviting and bright! I love it! And I really need to find a space for a hanging chair like yours. One of these days, I’m sure I will.

  18. All the heart eyes over this makeover!! I adore it so much! Congrats on the beautiful (finished!) room!

  19. I laughed out loud about the working F hard. So true. You did a wonderful job and are the true definition of the title. The Challenge is to finish One Room. Well done!

  20. Simplicity at the best. This is absolutely stunning! Great job and I am so happy you kept the stained trim work.

  21. Such a beautiful room! I especially love the rug and round mirror. Nice work!

  22. So, I’m little late to the game with my response to this beautiful space but holidays and family has had my mind elsewhere these last few weeks! I love your room and it has me all kinds of excited to work on our own! We have used Rejuvenation for lights all over our home and was so happy to see the light fixtures in your room! My only question is that your overhead fixture was not linked. It looks to be a 6 inch Jefferson in old brass but I’m not sure about your shade size? Did you use the standard 12 inch schoolhouse shade or did you go larger? Again, I think your bedroom is so stunning!!

    • Thanks Clare. Goodness I love Rejuvenation lighting too and plan to use their lights as much as possible in our farmhouse! I added a link and description in the resources for the overhead light, but it’s the 6″ Jefferson in old brass with a 14″ Classic Opal Schoolhouse Shade. For scale, our bedroom ceilings are 9′ tall and the room feels pretty large, so the 14″ shade works well in here.

  23. Really neat room! I just stumbled across your blog this morning trying to figure out how to make my wooden drawers in the pine dresser I just bought & finished not stick (thanks for that!). One thing I noticed when I got here though was that it was hard to find your other posts – I could only find the few on the front page and then your About and other headers. The categories for posts were way down at the bottom! I’m still learning web design, so I’m new, but if you are ever thinking about updating, think about moving those further up the page. I was bound and determined to find them, so I did, but others may not be as determined as I am.


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