Our Favorite Kitchen Renovations To Date

We’ll be getting into the Porch House kitchen renovation here on the blog soon, but before we do, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Garrett and I have renovated 7 kitchens to date – 5 of which we’ve lived in – and we’ve each liked and disliked different things about them. Functionality, finishes, memories…it all plays a role in the impression we’re left with. So today I thought it would be fun to share which of our previous kitchen renovations Garrett and I liked best and why.


Cathy’s Pick // Bryant House

subway tile, antique hutch, butcher block, kitchen

It’s really hard for me to pick favorites between our homes (because I love them all for different reasons), but the Bryant House kitchen definitely sticks out. I love the simple white and wood color palette, the antique hutch in the corner, and the attached dining nook. But best of all, this kitchen gets the best natural daylight. We tore down an interior wall and aded two sliding doors and now you get light from three sides in here so even when the weather is dreary (which is a quite frequently in Seattle), this space shines.

Favorite memory: We had our first baby, Wilder, in this house and the kid could not be set down. He would just cry and cry so he spent most his time in my arms. I would spend hours sitting in here drinking coffee at the table, catching up on blogs (before this one existed), and just holding my baby. I feel like I really became a mom in this kitchen and I’ll never forget it.

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Garrett’s Pick: Dexter House

When I asked Garrett why Dexter? He said: “Well, it starts with the Blue Star range and ends with the Blue Star range!” We’ve had 7 different cooking surfaces  including an induction range top and the open, star-pattern burner on the Blue Star is the runaway favorite. “I also like the layout and natural light from the skylights.” We actually shrank the kitchen down during the remodel but that made it so much more efficient. The kitchen is wide and even though it doesn’t have an island, there are a few nice stretches of counter for prep.

Garrett’s favorite memory: walking down to the farmers market for fresh ingredients and then cooking summer dinner with a glass of wine.

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Those are our favorites to date. Are you surprised?

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  1. Allison Reeme says:

    Hi Cathy,

    My husband and I just purchased a century-old farmhouse and are planning a kitchen remodel. The wall space by the sink is very limited due to a heating vent on one side (low) and the basement door on the other. I was hoping to add a dishwasher to the space but it’s going to be very tight. Looking at the pictures of your Dexter kitchen, it looks like the style of farmhouse sink you chose allowed you to snug the dishwasher closer (or under) part of the sink. Can you tell me where you found that style of sink and approximately how wide the sink/dishwasher space is?

    Thank you,

    • Yes, Allison I know that space issue well! The drainboard sink should be linked in our “tours” page. It’s a replica and made out of fiber glass so while it’s a great space saver, it does scratch and feel more hollow than a cast iron sink. I love that the dishwasher can fit underneath the drainboard side (we opted for a panel front to keep the cabinet look consistent)!

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