Happy Friday + Links 2.10.17

Next week is Valentines Day and it’ll be pretty low key around here, like always.  Most importantly, there will be a cake, which the boys will *help* me bake.  There is something so sweet about the mother-son (and father-daughter) relationship when it comes to Valentines Day, don’t you think?

Growing up, my dad always gave my sister and I roses on Valentines Day, and it meant the world to us.  It was like even though we didn’t have any admirers that day, we still had our flowers and an awesome dad.  And that was pretty great.  Eventually I’d like to start a similar tradition with my boys, but for now, we bake together.  Nothing says love like sugar, right?!

Tessa Insta


Now that I have dessert on the brain, let’s jump into some links from the week.  Grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a donut…it is Friday after all) and enjoy:

Tessa’s Instagram account is amazing if you’re into sweets.  Tessa not only shares recipes on her website, but she also authored one of my favorite cake cookbooks (and that’s her pup above!).

Learning to love an imperfect kitchen.  I loved reading this (how did I miss it back in July?!). There’s something so much more comfortable and welcoming about a kitchen that shows wear and imperfection, don’t you think?

A few candy-free Valentines card suggestions.  I love the bird whistle one!

These books would make great Valentines Day gifts for little ones (and they’re all on Prime!): one, two, and three.

Ten of the most popular chocolate recipes from bloggers.  And this homemade breakfast cereal recipe is SO cute.  We usually have Scottish Oatmeal or another hot cereal in the morning, so what a special treat this would be for the kiddos!

THIS house!  Actually I should call it a grain-mill-turned-house.  If I had to pick just one style to call my own, it’d look just like this.  The old beams and tall ceilings are everything.

May your weekend be slow and lasting!



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  1. So much yummy-ness! What are you and the boys going to bake?

  2. This is such a random question, been meaning to ask for ages and the pic of the dog on this post reminded me. I would love to hear a bit more about your dog(dogs?), I think you have had a German Shorthaired Pointer since pre-kids (think I’ve also seen a Weimaraner in your posts somewhere?), and I wanted to know what you think about it/them as a family dog. I know they need A LOT of exercise and I’m wondering how that actually looks in your family of small kids and renovations. Are you out hiking every day? I love GSPs and want an active family dog but I’m just unsure without hearing from as many people as possible.
    Long time reader from New Zealand 🙂

    • Yes! We do have one German Shorthair Pointer named Hacker Pschorr (the Weim is my sister’s dog). Our pup is about the most energetic dog I’ve ever seen but he’s so fun. We take him hiking ~3 times a week and throw the ball for him at home. He’s not the best dog around little kids as he knocks them down all the time. He also wasn’t friendly with our first son when he was little and in general we watch Hacker closely when any kids are around (especially when he’s tired and laying down – he growled at Wilder a few times like this). Now that we live in the country Hacker is so much better with the kids (probably because he has plenty of his own space and exercise galore), but I wouldn’t recommend a GSP without adequate outdoor and dedicated indoor space for them. Also, Hacker is pretty stubborn and could have used more training as a little pup. I also might recommend a female if you have kiddos. and PS I love our Weim dog but she is crazy, eats everything she can find (food on counters, compost, chickens), and is agressive with other dogs. I’d love to hear what you end up with!

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, that is super helpful!! I’ll keep you posted. And …. congratulations again!! So excited to follow along with your baby girl journey. I have the opposite to you, girl first and then two boys. 🙂

  3. My dad sent my sister and I roses too and actually still does. It’s the sweetest thing. He said he thought he’d be off the hook when we both got married but I let him know that nope… doesn’t work that way. Ha.

  4. I’ve been thinking about this and would love to hear your thoughts. I really love celebrating the mother-son and father-daughter relationships, but I also wonder about linking that to romantic love (e.g. father-daughter dances). Are we implicitly teaching our children that only heterosexual relationships can be celebrated in these romantic ways?

    Thanks for all the great Valentine’s Day ideas – I love this holiday!

    • That’s a really good question Megan and one that I haven’t thought about before. When I wrote this post, I was thinking about the difference between the genders (or lack thereof) and wondering if it was fair to designate mother/son, father/daughter. I think it really should be mother/kids and father/kids.

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