Porch House Master Suite // The closet + “Where is the Tub?!” (ORC Week 6)


This post is part of a 6-week series for the One Room Challenge, a blogger makeover challenge hosted by Calling it Home every Fall and Spring. We’re tackling the Porch House’s master bathroom and closet this go around.  Thanks for following along! You can get caught up on previous posts here: part 1part 2part 3part 4, part 5

We are in such a mad rush to get the Porch House master suite done (along with the rest of this house) that I just have a short update for you today.  This week was another productive one, and guys, we are soooo close to finishing this renovation!  There’s a hanging rod in the closet, a curb for the shower, and all the little details that finish off a space are starting to come together.  And let me just say, wow, I couldn’t love the space more!

The Grit and Polish - Porch Master Suite Closet Pegs

The closet in this space is ‘U’ shaped closet and about 6′ wide so we decided to design a simple closet.  We opted to skip the classic rod-hanger/shelf brackets and install something custom and crafted.  That entailed hanging rods on two of the walls with shelves above and a row of shaker pegs on the third wall.  Garrett built the shelving to match the open shelving in the kitchen, and I love the repeated detail as it helps to tie the house together creating a cohesive and finished space.

The Grit and Polish - Porch Master Suite Closet Hanging WallThe Grit and Polish - Porch Master Suite Closet Far Wall

The pine boards and rods still need caulk, wood fill, primer, and paint, but hopefully you can get a feel for what it’s going to look like.  The closet rods will be white to match the walls.  We added base shoe between the molding and floor boards, after I took these photos, so that will need caulk and pain as well.

This week we also finished the shower curb.  We debated for quite a while on whether the curb should be concrete, tile, or marble, as all three work well in the space.  We ultimately decided on marble.  Besides never being a bad choice, marble ties into the bathroom vanity countertop and ties the space together.  Last time we were in Seattle, we picked up two pieces of 4″ marble backsplash from our supplier, and Garrett cut them to fit the curb with the tile saw.  Here’s a peek at what the marble curb will looks like.  Pretty fantastic, right?!

The Grit and Polish - Porch Master Suite Marble Shower Curb

One question you might be asking yourself, is ‘where is the bathtub?!‘.  As a bath-lover myself, I’m a little ashamed to say there isn’t one.  Originally we had planned on a large soaker tub against the empty wall with the swing arm lights, but the plumbing inspector informed us that if we wanted a tub there we’d have to put in a tempered glass window.  We had already been having a hard time finding a cast iron tub that fit in the budget, so coupled with the inspector’s news, we decided to bag it.  No tub.  Of course this bathroom already has a 30sf shower so I’m hoping the tub won’t really be missed.

The Grit and Polish - Porch Master Suite No Tub Wall

Of course now I have a giant empty wall to deal with.  Stay tuned on what we will do here.  I’m thinking a row of shaker pegs and a bench, but we shall see!

That’s all I have this week.  I can’t wait to see how this room turns out and share it with you in next week’s reveal!

ORC guest

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  1. oh this bathroom will be a sensation. Love the marble with white subway tiles AND the sconces!!! sorry about the tub but can’t wait to see what your plans for the wall next week!

  2. The bathroom plus the closet is huge! It’s like a spa locker room with all that space. I’m trying to think of other needs of a bathroom – laundry sorting area, ironing station, washer and dryer, a big armoire, a morning coffee bar, full length mirrors and such for dressing?

    Also, would love to hear more about the numbers of this investment. Maybe when it’s all said and sold.

  3. Love this bathroom, it’s coming together beautifully. A bench does seem to be the perfect solution, possibly bringing some more warmth into the space if you kept it wood like that beautiful custom vanity.

  4. I am looking forward to your reveal! That’s disappointing news about the tub, but that is one heck of a shower. 🙂

    The layout of the closet is so smart!

  5. I love that shower!! Cannot wait to see the reveal!

  6. Did my comment get deleted? I only asked a couple of questions.

    • I haven’t seen it. I’ve had a few people tell me that my blog is ‘eating comments’ so I’ll check the spam folder. What were you asking?

      • I was politely mind you, that is hard to convey in writing, asking….If you would buy a house you couldn’t bathe the kids in and what you thought no tub would do to the resale value? We put a walk in shower in our house (we have no children) and were told it would hurt the re-sale.

        • That’s a great question. Chris Loves Julia just did a survey and people preferred one large shower over a shower/tub combo OR a small shower and separate tub in a master bathroom. At the Porch House there is a bathtub upstairs in the bathroom next to 3 more bedrooms. I definitely would always make sure a home had a bathtub and while one in the master is nice, in my opinion a bathtub is a must next to the kid bedrooms!

          • Ok, it all makes sense now. Thank you. I didn’t know how big or how many bathrooms the house has. Wow you two took on a big house this time. I am used to you doing smaller houses. I would love not having a shower curtain. Lucky ducks that buy the house 🙂 By the way, I don’t think you two are exactly retired. Seems like you are working harder. Happy Holidays to you all.

          • Ha! Yes, working too hard at the moment. Yes, this is a big house, but the flow and space distribution is much better post renovation. It’s hard to convey the whole picture through writing, but also so important. Will have to try and get more info across next time!

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