Real Renovation Budgets // 3 Bathrooms Under $3000 from our Archives

Over the past handful of years, Garrett and I have renovated (and added) quite a few bathrooms in our old homes.  Not surprisingly, all of these bathrooms have been completed on a budget. Budget is a driving factor in everything we do because like most people, we have limited funds (duh), and because unlike most people, our homes are investments (as in they provide us with rental income). We rely on these homes for our livelihood – you can read more about that here – so the money we invest in them needs to equate to returns. And I should note that for us ‘returns’ means both higher rents and less maintenance/repairs/design-changes in the long run. So we’re not looking for the cheapest finishes, but we’re investing in good-quality, long-lasting, age-appropriate materials and beefing up the structure and systems of the home. And doing it all as inexpensively as possible.

With all of these bathroom remodels under our belts, I thought it would be fun to showcase a few and talk about what they cost us.

Dexter Bathroom

Budget: under $1000

Description: I don’t think you’ve seen this bathroom on the blog before, but it’s the main bathroom at the Dexter House. When we first bought the property, this room was the nicest space in the whole house, so we didn’t touch it during the renovation. But once everything else was renovated, this space felt kind of lackluster, so we did a budget-friendly refresh. We swapped out the sink and faucet, installed new wainscot, replaced the sconce, brought in a cabinet from elsewhere in the house, and painted everything. Then we gave the existing floors, tub, and tiles a good scrubbing and called it good.

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Porch House Powder Bathroom

Budget: $1,220

Description: this bathroom was a brand new addition to the Porch House. We stole 34sf from an adjacent bedroom and framed in this rectangular bathroom. We added paneling and wallpaper on the walls and installed a pedestal sink, faucet, sconce, and toilet.

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Dexter Master Bathroom

Budget: $2,995

Description: this 36sf master bathroom at the Dexter House was originally the dining nook. We walled it off and added an entrance into the bedroom and then created this tiny, cute bathroom. We brought in a salvaged tub and sink, painted the floors and walls, and repurposed the existing storage.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I love this post! The Porch House bathroom is my favorite, I think. Would love to see a similar post on the kitchens you’ve redone! We are about to tear ours out and start fresh (unfortunately zero good bones to save), and I have to keep reminding myself this is not our forever home and it needs to be on budget for numerous reasons!!

    • Thanks Alexandra – and I am planning a similar kitchen post. Fun you have a kitchen to do and I can totally relate to that mind set!

  2. These price tags are insane considering how beautiful the space turned out! WOW!!!

  3. I LOVE these budget posts — so many real-life renovation decisions are based on unexciting budget realities. Thanks for this roundup!

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