Vintage Sinks in the Kitchen


Let’s talk about vintage kitchen sinks for a minute.  I LOVE the look of vintage sinks in kitchens, especially in remodeled kitchens in older homes.  So when we began the kitchen remodel at the Dexter House, I scoured salvage stores and stalked Craigslist daily.  But I just couldn’t find the right one.

That’s when I stumbled upon vintage replica sinks…

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Kitchen After

This 42″ washboard sink looks old but is actually brand new.

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Kitchen After Sink Wall

The sink fit perfectly in my kitchen design.  And we were able to tuck the dishwasher underneath the washboard side to save space.  And while I would have preferred to use an old sink (that’s just how I roll…), I love that this sink improved upon some of the pitfalls of antique sinks: it has a deeper basin and the drain hole is wide enough to accommodate a garbage disposal.  So even though the sink was over $700, it was a no brainer for this remodel.

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Kitchen Sink Flowers

We’ve been using this kitchen for six months now and are pretty happy with it.  I wish the basin was still a little deeper, and Garrett wishes we picked a lower faucet so water wouldn’t splash outside the sink as much.  But we both love the integral backsplash and the built-in drainboard for drying dishes and baby stuff.  I would definitely consider using this sink in another remodel, and of course I would definitely consider using a vintage sink, should the right one come along.

Here are three other kitchens who I think are using vintage sinks (or well-done replicas) awesomely:

Dexter Kitchen Sink Inspiration 1 Dexter Kitchen Sink Inspiration 2 Dexter Kitchen Sink Inspiration 3

Sources: One | Two | Three

That first image is my all-time dream antique sink.  A washboard and an apron front (!).  Which I would put in my dream country house, of course.

I’d love to hear what you guys think.  Would you ever use a vintage sink in your kitchen? How about a vintage replica sink?



p.s. I spend my time reading about historic kitchen materials.  It’s cool.  Get on board!

p.p.s. Loving the idea of a fireplace in a dining room.  It seems so cozy.  You’d never have to leave the table in a room like this!

p.p.p.s. And speaking of dream dining rooms…oh weren’t we?! Mine would definitely have a table like this one in it. Must see if Garrett can build me one!

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  1. kddomingue says:

    Oh, definitely! I have a vintage stove that I’m waiting to install and I’ve been on the lookout for a vintage sink with double drain boards. But I’ve been questioning whether a vintage sink is a good choice. My husband’s grandmother had one that was a wide, single basin sink with double drain boards but it wasn’t very deep. My mother in law’s house has a double basin, double drain board sink and the basins are deeper but not very wide. Sigh. So I’ve thought about a new vintage style sink. We have a vintage styled clawfoot tub and pedestal sink in our master bath and absolutely love them. So, the likelihood is that we’ll go with a reproduction unless something fabulous falls in my lap……much the way my stove did, lol!

    Your kitchen is really lovely by the way. Very homey and comfortable and vintage without being a parody of a vintage kitchen as too many people are apt to do.

  2. We lucked out and found a vintage double drainboard sink that was once in my husbands grandmothers home – an original early 1900s farmhouse in Ellensburg. It is in surprisingly great shape for being stored in my in-laws yard for years. I had contacted several people about having it refinished and was advised against it. One refinisher said he would do it, but wouldn’t warranty it. His explanation was that sinks take a lot more abuse (than say bathtubs) and the finish will eventually chip again. I appreciated his honesty and we chose to keep it as is and use it in our laundry room. I love having not only a beautiful vintage sink, but a piece of family history as well! Here is a photo during construction – my dad built the floating counter, which was quite the feat as this thing is HEAVY!

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