Winnie’s Bathroom // Before + After


Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you we were going down to Portland to work on a bathroom at my sister’s house? Well it’s done! It took a little bit longer than expected (that sunshine and those Portland breweries were calling) but it turned out beautifully!

I wish I could take credit for the finishes in here, but alas, most everything was picked by the homeowners and a talented local¬†designer. You see this bathroom was part of a much larger renovation of the entire second floor of my sister’s home including 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a laundry room. It was such a big project that they enlisted an architect, designer, and contractor with the renovation lasting the better part of a year. When it was all said and done they had an absolutely beautiful second floor except for this bathroom, which was left for my sister and her husband to wrap up.


Here’s what the space looked like back in 2016 when my sister and her husband bought the house.

When we came down in early March, the wallpaper had been replaced (professionally…phew!), a new toilet installed, the tub removed, electrical updated, and the ceiling light replaced. The big question was what to do with the floors (that didn’t match the rest of the second floor) and how to get it done.

My sister and her husband decided to paint the floors, a decision I wasn’t 100% sure about because the wood was in decent condition. But I’m so glad they did it because these floors make this bathroom! During our first work weekend, we removed the plumbing fixtures and helped get the floors prepped and primed for paint (3 coats primer, 3 coats paint in all). And then last weekend, we helped find a few long lost items (aka we went shopping ūüėČ and put the bathroom back together. Obviously, I was super bummed to hang out with my sister over the two work weekends but we managed…;-)

I have to say, I loved all the “OMG are you twins?!” comments on Instagram! While my sister and I used to hear that daily, it’s been years since we lived close enough to each other for that. And I sure miss it. My sister and I are super close (like¬†super super) and we miss each other. Our husbands think we’re funny but we still talk every day, usually a few times. And thankfully our 6 children love hanging out so they’re an easy excuse for frequent visits. Being a twin is awesome!

Now about that bathroom…

Isn’t that doorknob beautiful? Apparently it’s called a crystal ball knob. Something about the tapered shape of the glass made them hard to produce in the early 1900s. My sister and I found two sets at Hippo Hardware while we were looking for a cabinet latch, and a couple employees filled us in on how rare and cool these door knobs are. This bathroom originally had a brass doorknob when my sister and her husband bought the house, but this doorknob came from one of the many closets that were removed during the second floor renovation.

This old bathroom was full of old, worn brass.  All of it was tarnished with water stains and calcium gunk.  Honestly, this hanging soap dish looked like a goner when I first saw it, but a little warm vinegar bath and a lot of elbow grease brought it back to its cute and charming self again!

The original details add so much charm to this light and bright bathroom.  The claw foot tub. Chunk moldings.  Brass accents.  And this push-button light switch.  Be still my old home loving heart!

This bathroom is just so beautiful.  Winnie is one lucky girl!


floor paint color: BM Kennebunkport Green // trim paint color: BM Frostine // wallpaper // mirror // towels // shower curtain // brass shower riser // ceiling light // bath mat

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  1. Ahhh, I love this! The wallpaper, the hardware, the doorknob, the push-button switch – it’s all so good. Well done!

  2. It looks great! Where is the window covering from?

  3. The green floor does really compliment the wallpaper, and I was in the don’t paint camp when you asked on Instagram. I just noticed the timer dial for the fan. I got one for our bathroom but I’m not sure if I should put it next to the light switch or around the corner next to the toilet.
    When we had the electrical updated in our house a year ago I asked them to put in regular switches so that we could be sure to pass inspection but I intended in reinstalling the original push button switches. However when I went to put them back in I noticed a lot of scorch marks and a couple didn’t function anymore. So we still have the plain switches and I need to buy reproduction push button switches. What’s interesting is that only the “public” rooms had them and the bedrooms and bathroom had toggle switches.

    • Yeah we need to replace that fan switch :/ I did see some new push button switches which I didn’t know existed – may have to start adding those to our old houses! Such a fun detail

  4. So adorable! I am an identical twin too and we are besties, talk multiple times a day as well. Nothing like having a twin. Getting ready for our bathroom remodel. Any toilet you recommend? I know,not glamorous, but figure you have had good luck with some brand. My house is 1930 colonial so something like the one used in the makeover. Thanks! All the decision making is getting overwhelming!!!

    • I love this Beth…thanks for sharing! Being a twin is the best ūüėČ We usually buy a Kohler toilet from Home Depot, and this one is a Kohler, although I don’t know the make. hope that helps!

  5. This bathroom is so good and that doorknob makes my heart flutter.

  6. This is gorgeous! If you happen to have any advice for first-time floor painters, I would love to hear it!

    • Thanks Carolyn! And goodness, painting floors is an inexpensive option, but know that it can chip and scratch. We did 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint here. Tinted primer is a good idea so that scratches of the top coat won’t show

      • Wow! So it sounds to me like we should buy way more paint and primer than we expected. Now I am curious to see if you will end up doing it again at the farmhouse!

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