Our First Road Trip with the Trailer // Where We’re Going, What’s Broken (already!), and What we named our Airstream!

Last week we set off on a 3-week road trip to Minnesota, our first with the new camp trailer! Having a little trailer for trips like this has been a dream of our’s forever. And we’re pinching ourselves both about the trailer and about having the time to take another long adventure. We’re still getting to know our new trailer, but unfortunately…well…we’ve run into a few issues. I wanted to share those today along with where we’re going and the trailer’s new name.

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Happy Friday 7/12/19

Links from the week including…an island in Greece that will pay you $20,000 to move there; Pula Pant’s 6 simple rules on money, work, and life; how to talk to people according to Terry Gross; a beautiful kitchen remodel and what it cost; a book I bought; a brief history of s’mores; my new running shoes (LOVE!); and the power you wield as a blog reader/viewer/follower.

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DIY // How To Build A Patio And Lay Pavers

We’ve been loving our garden patio for a couple of months now, and thought it was time to share a DIY. Building a patio and laying pavers is definitely a do-it-yourself kind of project. It’s more labor than skill and relatively affordable. This project is all about the prep, so don’t skimp on that. And you’ll probably need to brush off the old TI-85 (aka calculator) to determine how much gravel and sand you’ll need. But if you have a long-weekend on your hands and a friend or two, this is a project for you!

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