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I’m Cathy and this is my merry band of renovating gypsies. We fix up old houses in Washington state, moving into many of them as we turn run-down properties into great family homes.  “The older the better” is our motto and we love a good design challenge (small kitchens, knob-and-tube wiring, and even rat colonies don’t deter us!).  We’re hard-working, nature-loving, beer-drinking, family-first kind of folks and although we may be busy, we sure have a good time working and playing together!  


I am the classic-leaning, comfort-driven designer behind this renovation duo but I also get my hands dirty with pretty much anything else Garrett needs help with.  I love old houses, sleeping babies, food from scratch, and baking for my brood. Garrett does most of the construction work on our houses with help from his dad.  He also manages our rentals, flips a mean pancake, and is a walking encyclopedia for pretty much any animal you’ve ever seen on the Discovery Channel. Garrett and I met in the 7th grade when his family moved to my hometown of Ellensburg, WA and ten years later he asked me to marry him (spoiler: I said yes!). After ten years of living and renovating old houses together in Seattle, we moved back to our hometown with our two boys and bought my dream home, a 1912 farmhouse in the country. Now we spend our time renovating homes for others and hanging out as a family.  Life is good!

For more info on our journey from first-time home buyers to early-retirees, landlords, and renovators, read this post.


family photos by Ryan Flynn

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-the Poshusta Family

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