Our HGTV Pilot "Master Plan" Aired! (and here's how to watch it)

our HGTV pilot, “Master Plan” aired (and here’s how to watch it!)

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If you missed our quick media blitz on Saturday, our HGTV pilot, Master Plan, aired!

Our Porch House renovation // project featured on HGTV's master plan

I woke up from a nap on Saturday (a weekend luxury for this tired mama) to find a text message from a friend saying that our show had already aired in California and would air in Washington later that afternoon. Thanks Christine! A quick peek at blog comments and sure enough people from around the US had already tuned in. At that point, we had about 2 hours before the show was going to air locally so we shot out some messages and scrambled to find somewhere to watch it ourselves (we don't have cable at the Farmhouse). We ended up at the local brewery who thankfully let us take over their TV for 30 minutes, while 2 of our kids took their afternoon naps on our laps. So our first time seeing the show - hours after many of you had already seen it - was with a bunch of locals over beers at Whipsaw. It was perfect.

How to watch now (updated 2/7): For those of you who missed it, Master Plan will re-air on HGTV soon. And if you don't have cable, we'll let you know how else you can watch it. Once we hear an air date, we'll get the word out on Instagram and Facebook. (update 12/10): watch our pilot online here with your cable login!

all Porch House sources here

It was a trip watching ourselves on national television but less so than I would have thought. Probably because we were still in shock that today was "the day" and out of breath from all the scrambling. I will say that Wilder loved seeing himself on the big screen (Brooks slept through his cameos) and it was really fun seeing myself pregnant again, while holding a now 6-month-old baby Daphne. Seeing our hometown, Ellensburg WA, on HGTV was a huge highlight for Garrett and I as well. But the biggest trip had to be for family, friends, and locals who missed our media blitz and just happened to be sitting at home watching HGTV on a Saturday afternoon when our faces popped up. Ha!

For those of you who watched Master Plan, wanted to watch it, follow this blog, or have supported us along this journey... THANK YOU! We've been working on "show stuff" in bits and pieces for 3 years now and it was fun to see it culminate in this pilot (you can read about our first sizzle here and our eventual pilot here and here). We thought the show turned out great thanks to all the hard work of our construction crew (notably Tyler Lee of 3rd Gen and Ryan Frye), Scott Sternberg Productions, Brenton our affable show runner and his awesome crew, Shawn at HGTV, and our neighbor Aaron who let us film in his backyard and fixed that beautiful pocket door overnight. Also, I apologize to any brick masons who had to watch us butcher their craft on national television ;) DIY for life! 

If you've been a long time follower of the Grit and Polish you know that all of our projects receive a huge helping hand from friends and family and the Porch House renovation and Master Plan pilot were no exceptions. Without these lovely, supportive people in our lives none of this would be possible. Love you all!

all Porch House sources here

All photos from our Porch House, renovation featured on HGTV's Master Plan pilot episode


all Porch House sources here

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-Garrett and Cathy