Sometimes New Windows Just Make Sense


Happy Halloween everyone!  On this freaky Friday, I want to talk about…windows!  I know, not very scary, but it’ll have to do.

You may remember that last month we finally decided to replace the original, non-functional and poorly-maintained windows with vinyl.  It was a hard choice for this old-house-lover to make, but it seemed like the right thing to do for all sorts of reasons: condition, sound, safety, heat, time/cost of repair, and longevity.  As Garrett likes to tell me, “you have to pick your battles.”  And with a to-do list a mile long at the Ravenna House, fixing the old windows was just not a battle we were prepared to take on.  So we ponied up for new vinyl windows and scheduled them to be installed while we were in New Orleans.

We came home from vacation to these…

The Grit and Polish - Window Replacement Bench

And…I love them!  Yes, I’m saying that I love vinyl windows.  Surprised?  Me too.  But the house is so much quieter (we live on a busy street) and the windows actually open now and you can no longer see through our bathroom window into the shower and I don’t even worry when Wilder leans up against the window above the kitchen bench because it’s tempered!  Now, if they could just make finger print-proof glass...

The Grit and Polish - New Window Collage

When we started this whole “let’s replace the windows” thing, I was excited about one thing.  Getting rid of the front windows.  At some point in the 88-year history of The Ravenna House, someone replaced the matching two double-hung windows on either side of the front door with single vinyl sliders.  Downright monstrocities.  

The Grit and Polish - Old Front Windows Before

They look awful, right?  Well I figured this was my big chance to change the windows back to their original configuration.  So we did.

The Grit and Polish - Window Replacement Front Window

Okay, they aren’t exactly what used to be.  They’re plastic, not wood; single-hung, not double-hung; and they don’t have divided lights in the top pane.  Plus the post between the windows still needs paint.  But the idea is there.  And they look a whole lot better.  Right?!  I think so.  I am really, really happy with this change!!!

So am I a convert to new windows?  No.  I’ll still keep every old window I can.  But I am happy with our decision to replace the windows at the Ravenna House.  Sometimes it just makes sense.



p.s. Home as a haven…this made me tear up!

p.p.s. I’ve never seen ‘fish scale’ tiles before, but I am officially obsessed!  How much do you love this tile in the bathroom!

p.p.p.s. I’ve been getting back into cooking lately (okay, I’ve made 2 real dinners in the past couple weeks) and this recipe has me really, really excited it’s fall!

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  1. Portland Mama says:

    i can’t believe I’m saying this, but the vinyl windows look great! Maybe it is baby Wilder’s cuteness in showing the new windows off.

  2. They look great! Yay for functional windows! Reminds me of about 7 years ago, we pretty much spent all our wedding gift money to replace the windows in our old house. Splurged on aluminum clad wood double hung ones and I’m so glad now that we did! Ps your little guy looks so cute in the pics!


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