Happy Friday 6/14/19

Happy Friday! It’s our oldest kiddo’s 6th birthday today and with our kitchen under construction, we opted for a simple family get-together at Nana’s house. And as for the homemade birthday cake that I always make him, well that got simplified too with a quick stop at Costco.

In the end, Wilder’s never going to notice who made his cake and regardless of the size of his party, he’s going to feel loved and celebrated on his birthday. So I’m washing the guilt right off. Here’s a gentle reminder to myself (and to you too if you need it): it’s okay to shorten your to-do list. Even throw it out entirely. Say ‘no’ to something instead of being busier. Get a book out and read for an hour. Play hooky on a Thursday and take the kids to the water slides. Stop and smell the roses. And then cut some for your nightstand so you can smell them first thing in the morning. It’s summer after all, so cut yourself some slack. Costco sheet cakes taste just fine, too.

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Farmhouse Kitchen // Picking our Unlacquered Brass Hardware

Brass was the metal of choice in most turn-of-the-century homes, at least the ones I’ve seen, and not surprisingly our Farmhouse is full of it. Doorknobs, sash locks, cabinet latches…it’s everywhere! And I’m so glad because it’s my favorite metal finish.

When it came time to pick the hardware for our Farmhouse kitchen renovation, there was no question it would be brass too. And to be sure the new brass ages well and patinas like the old brass, I picked out an unlacquered finish (also called living, unfinished, or raw).

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Happy Friday 6/7/19

Happy Friday! And welcome to June. We started work on our kitchen renovation this week and I’m pretty sure we’ll never move, ever again. Because I am in complete love with this house. Even with no countertops. 😝 The weather doesn’t hurt either. Actually, I *may* profess my eternal love for this house every year around this time (and revoke it in January when our $800 electrical bill arrives 😕)!

In my defense, the summer truly is magical out here in the country. Windows flung wide open. Dinners eaten outside. The natural air-conditioning of our century-old Elm trees. The kids coming in to bath-time with wind-swept hair and dirt between their toes. The chorus of frogs and owls lulling us to sleep. Pure magic!

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Welcome to the Poplar Cottage!

We’re the proud owners of a new (old) rental!!! I really can’t put enough exclamation marks on that sentence, because I’m that excited about this cute little house.

The Poplar Cottage is tiny (575sf) and quaint and just feels good. It was built in 1940 according to city records, but I suspect that at least part of it is older. It’s located in our small town (Ellensburg WA), which is a college town with a pretty robust rental market. Of course the house needs a little work, too. But you probably already guessed that.😉 Before we kick off any renovations I wanted to give you a little tour of this little house.

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