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A Garden Enthusiast Plans a Garden

A garden enthusiast…that’s me. I’m far from an expert when it comes to gardening. Heck, I’ve killed every indoor fiddle-leaf fig tree I’ve ever bought. But I grew up with a vegetable garden in the backyard and I have high hopes that our kids will too. It’s a pretty cool thing to know where your food comes from and the effort it takes to produce it.

So this year we made it a goal to tame our wild garden area, plant some vegetables, and create a relaxing seating and eating area to enjoy our summer evenings in.

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A Farmhouse Laundry Room Design + an Update

Remember our laundry room? That one we’ve been working on at a snails pace? Well it finally has a functioning washer and dryer (!!!), and we’ve made some other progress too. So today I’m sharing our design plan, a construction update, and all that good stuff. Despite our slow pace, I’m really happy with the decisions we’ve made. And I won’t be surprised if this tiny room ends up my favorite spot in the house. Yes, really!

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Our Final Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Plan (And How We Made the Decision)

Sometimes it takes being away from home to really give you clarity about your home. At least that’s what Garrett and I found while on our recent 3-week road trip. 

We spent hours (and hours, and hours…) in the car. A couple of those hours were spent talking about our home and upcoming kitchen renovation. But most of the time, we didn’t even think about our Farmhouse. We were too focused on our family, where we should stop next, and having fun.

And all that non-thinking-about-our-home turned out to be gloriously freeing and enlightening. By the time we got home, both Garrett and I knew exactly what we wanted to do with our kitchen. And I think our choice will surprise you, because it certainly surprised me!

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How to Replace a skeleton key For An Old Door

Has this ever happened to you?

You buy an old house (or 6…) and it has mortise locks in the beautiful, old interior doors. But the last owner didn't leave any skeleton keys. Not one. In their defense, the keys were probably lost long before they bought the house. But still, one lock-able door would be nice, even if it was just on the bathroom. What’s an old home owner to do? Well we’ve got you covered! Scroll down for the easy solution.

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A Review of our IKEA LENDA curtains

The IKEA LENDA curtains in our master bedroom are almost 2 years old now, and over the years we’ve gotten quite a few questions about them. Do we like them? Are they light-blocking enough for a bedroom? How do they hold up, especially considering they’re so cheap? Well today we’re answering all those questions and sharing an honest (and unsponsored) review of our inexpensive LENDA curtain panels.

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