A Bit of Fall Stowed Away

THE RAVENNA HOUSE Last weekend I went grocery shopping and a couple of Fall foods stowed away with me. Heirloom tomatoes, black mission figs, chantrelle mushrooms, and squash.  What, you're probably wondering, was I going to cook with all that?  No idea.  But they sure do make beautiful Fall decorations in the kitchen...

The Grit and Polish - Bright Colors for Fall

Not that I told Garrett that.  I have a tendency to buy groceries on a whim - whatever looks good goes in the cart - and it drives a certain person nuts.  So I told Garrett I had no idea how those tomatoes, figs, mushrooms, and squash ended up in my cart.  It was one of those great mysteries of the world.  Like "how did they build the pyramids" or "where do all of Wilder's binkies disappear to".  

I'm not sure he bought my story.  

But much to my liking, the kitchen is feeling more like Fall.  Plus I came up with a plan for those chantrelle mushrooms, so Garrett's a bit happier too.  In case you find yourself in the same predicament, I followed this recipe to sauté the mushrooms and then tossed them into angel hair pasta with cherry tomatoes, garlic, prosciutto, and olive oil.  It was delicious!  Now what to do with those figs...

The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Open Shelves with Figs The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Open Shelves Fruit Bowl

I should probably do the grocery shopping more often!  Happy almost-Fall everybody!

And in case you're interested, kitchen resources here, open shelves DIY here, kitchen renovation hereherehere and here.



p.s. Fascinated by this Pennsylvania farmhouse and the mama who lives there.

p.p.s. Look, I found something to do with those figs!  Or maybe I'll preserve them or bake them or roast them in prosciutto.  So many delicious options!  See Garrett, totally not a wasteful purchase.

p.p.p.s. Alert the world...royal baby #2 is on it's way!!!!