A Few of My Favorite ORC Reveals


Now that the One Room Challenge is behind us (phew!), I wanted to share a few of my favorite room reveals with you.  There are so many great ones, both from the featured designers and the guest participants, that it took me most of my flight from Seattle to New York to narrow my favorites down to a manageable six.  Granted airline internet is sloooow (and wow is it expensive), but yeah, so many good ones! the-grit-and-polish-orc-roundup

1 Jest Cafe // This living room.  It's definitely the surprise room of the ORC for me.  It's simple (i.e. barely furnished - I'm guessing they'll fix that eventually) but colorful and beautiful and it had me coming back again and again to see it.  Well done!

2 Megan Pflug // I don't like to play favorites, but Megan's Airbnb suite is my soooo good.  It's stylish and cozy and I'm dying to stay there!

3 coco kelley // Not surprisingly, Cassandra nailed it. Again!  Her beautiful living room is so comfortable and understated...I'm ready to move in.

4 Chris Loves Julia // I would have LOVED sharing this room with my sis growing up.  The big win in here for me was how Julia merged funcitonality and kid-friendly in such an artful way.  What a fun space for her daughters!

5 702 Park Project // Sarah's stairs are one of my favorite before and afters of the whole One Room Challenge.  Pretty stunning!

6 Bre Purposed // I'm new to Bre Purposed, but that wood wall stopped me in my tracks.  Wow!  The whole room is beautiful, but that wood wall and bench was one of my favorite moments of the whole ORC this fall!

Check out all the designer reveals here and the guest participants here.  I'd love to hear, which rooms are your favorite!