A Look at Style: Natty Bohemian

My high school math teacher used to call me Bohemian.  I think it was an ode to my less-than-preppy style, but looking back, it seems like Mr. Johnson had high powers of foresight.  Because sitting at the table next to me was a boy who was Bohemian by birth-right and that boy was about to become my boyfriend.  And five years later, he would become my husband. Now it's probably best to tell you that Garrett was all collars and letterman's jacket to my knit cardigans and embroidered book bags so if Mr. Johnson could really see the inevitable sparks between us, than he was an extraordinarily gifted seer.  But I digress.  What I'm really trying to say, is that I've always been a bit of a bohemian whether legally-bound to one or not.  I expressed it first in my clothes and now in my house decor.

Over the years my style has become a bit more preppy than it was in high school (due to a certain gentleman's preferences) but I still tend to the unkept, the eclectic, the Bohemian.  Just a cleaned-up version.  I call it Natty Bohemian.  So today I'm going to show you 5 truly inspiring Natty Bohemian interiors that I would love to live in:

The Grit and Polish - Natty Bohemian Interiors (Design Sponge 2) The Grit and Polish - Natty Bohemian Interiors (Design Sponge) The Grit and Polish - Natty Bohemian Interiors (Lark and Linen) The Grit and Polish - Natty Bohemian Interiors (Lonny) The Grit and Polish - Natty Bohemian Interiors (Ryan White Designs)

Photos: Design Sponge | Design Sponge | Lark and Linen | Lonny | Ryan White Designs

So what do you think of the Natty Bohemian aesthetic?  Is it as sweet as my budding high-school-romance-turned-life-partners?  Or do you prefer a bit more structure and prep in a house?



p.s. Turns out it's never too late to start!

p.p.s. Speaking of natty bohemian...I'm currently obsessed with blue velvet couches like this one (in Vance Indigo).  Kinda random I know, but it's just so lovely!  Think Garrett would notice a $1400 charge on our credit card?

p.p.p.s. Dear Landlord...love these tips from a renter.  Anything you could add?