Appliance Mutiny

THE RAVENNA HOUSE Guys, there's an appliance mutiny going on at The Ravenna House.  And it isn't pretty.

First our stove igniter went out.  Just one day after the warranty expired.  Yes, really!  We don't know how it happened.  One minute Wilder's cousin Winnie was playing with the knobs and next thing we knew, the stove was all, "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick..." and it kept on ticking until we unplugged it (it's a gas stove but has an electric igniter and oven).  We tried everything we could think of to stop the problem, even enlisting Garrett's electrician dad to mess with the wiring, but all to no avail.  The Ravenna House was full of "tick, tick, tick, tick..." anytime the appliance is plugged in.  So it's been a lot of pizza delivery and microwaved soup for suppers lately.  Fortunately the repair man came last week and had the thing back up and running after replacing the igniter box.

The Grit and Polish - White and Marble Kitchen with Professional Stove

Next the hot water heater's compressor pump failed.  Actually it's been out for a while, but we finally decided to do something about it.  So we drained the heater's ginormous tank, detached the power and plumbing, and took the whole unit back to Home Depot.  Luckily it was under warranty so they replaced it free of charge, but unfortunately we had to go without hot water for a good six hours.  Not the end of the world, but a bit of an inconvenience.

Next up was the fridge.  That's a real unfortunate deal since it has been leaking for months...onto my newly-refinished (ish) hardwood floors!  Turns out the filter was clogged causing ice build-up and leakage.  No permanent damage to the floors, thank goodness, but frustrating. Kitchenaid was kind enough to extend the warranty on this particular issue so we had a repair man out free of charge.  The repair man had the filter switched out in approximately 30 seconds and went merrily on his way, leaving me wondering why I hand't called on it early.  Really, why didn't I...?!

Kitchen Fridge and Bench

And last but not least we had an error on the washing machine that had our laundry at a standstill.  No idea what caused the error code to keep popping up on the display, although it did strangely coincide with Wilder's peaked interest in the machine and his ability to reach the controls.  Hmmmmmm....  It took the repair man two visits to get this problem hammered out.  And unfortunately we had to go without a washer for a good four weeks.  Tough when you've got a make-a-mess-of-a-clean-shirt-in-30-seconds toddler on  your hands!

The Grit and Polish - Laundry Space Viewed from Bathroom

Amazing how many of our new appliances have had issues in barely over a year.  I suppose this confirms my suspicions that the Ravenna House is haunted.  Except perhaps not by Josephine, the last resident, but by an angry appliance repair man that has some gripe against the remodel.  Let's just hope he doesn't have a gripe with cookies, because I'm planning a Christmas-cookie-baking-extravaganza and a stove is kinda essential for that!

But in all seriousness, this is pretty crazy, right?  Have you ever had so many appliances go out.  Especially new appliances, barely a year old?



p.s. Speaking of holiday desserts (oh, weren't we?), I've made this noel log twice and Garrett is obsessed!

p.p.s. New babies are hands down the most special thing ever.  And a new baby around the holidays for one of my favorite bloggers...even better!

p.p.p.s. The cast of Love Actually, then and now.  I knew I'd seen Rick Grimes before...