Back Door Guests are Best

THE DEXTER HOUSE I've been a little slow on updates lately.  My apologies.  The whole two kids thing has been slowing me a good way of course!  On the plus side, I've been mastering the art of one-handed typing and putting a toddler to bed while nursing a newborn.  These are skills people.  Serious skills. And to those of you that have three kiddos, my hat's off to you.  You are amazing.  Like a cross between a superhero and an Olympic endurance athlete!

But back to the matter at hand.

Today is really about the mudroom. Do you remember the 28-squre foot space that sits between our kitchen and backyard?  I got a lot of great comments from you guys when I posted it a couple of months back, and I'm excited to give you an update.

The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 1The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 6

You guys suggested that I leave the existing tile floor alone (I had thought about replacing the terra-cotta with patterned cement tile), and I listened.  I'm not sure if the terra-cotta has grown on me or if I'm just at that point in a renovation where anything that's already done starts to look good, but the tiles really don't bother me anymore.  So we're leaving the floor as is.

Another great recommendation was from Aunt Sue who suggested we bring in lots of plants, and we've started to do that.  I don't have a great track record with plants (i.e. I've killed every single house plant we've ever owned), but here's to hoping these ferns last awhile!

The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 2 The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 8

I just can't look at that old dutch door without thinking of the phrase I read a million times during my childhood at the home of a close family friend.   Back door guess are best.  Because they really are.  And if you show up at our backdoor, you get treated like a celebrity, apparently.

The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 10 Wilder

Maybe when he's five, I'll actually buy Wilder a camera for that tripod...and a shirt ;)

A couple months ago, I had a whole list of things I planned to do to the mudroom, but I've scrapped most of them.  I really like this room as is.  There's something special about how original this space feels with all it's character and quirks and warmth.  Know what I mean?

That bench was a pretty good find on Craigslist.  It's an old English church pew from the 1800's, and best of all, it fits perfectly in the space.  Garrett and I did a little gluing and clamping to sturdy the thing up and now it's a great little piece for taking off shoes and snuggling babies.  Just ignore those God-awful slippers I'm wearing.  New ones are already on my Christmas list, along with shirts for Wilder ;)

The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 11 Wilder The Grit and Polish - Mudroom October Progress 12 W B

Resources: bench, vintage | blanket, Crate and Barrel | Pillows, Crate and Barrel | Baskets, Ikea (similar) | Light fixture, Pottery Barn | Plant hanger, Amazon

One of my favorite features in this space is the star pendant.  It's a fun, whimsical touch in this room and I really love the light and shadows it gives off at night.

So what do you guys think?  Do you still like this room, or would have you done it differently?



p.s. This is essential Halloween information for adults!

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