Craigslist Scores: June Edition

THE DEXTER HOUSE I've gotten some great scores on Craigslist lately and I'm really excited to show you a few!  I love finding unique, quality stuff and I love getting a Craigslist and I are pretty much a match made in heaven.  Garrett may call my Craigslist shopping an addiction bordering on hoarder-ish tendencies, but I call it a healthy habit that's saving us money (come on...back me up here!).

Here are a few of the awesome things I've bought lately for the Dexter House:

Vintage school, pull-down map, $75

CL World Map pull down $100 Wallingford 6-29-15

Cool, isn't it?!  I'm planning to put this map up in the boys adventure-themed bedroom, probably over Wilder's big kid bed.  It's in really great condition and came out of a school remodel nearby our Wallingford house.  The coolest can date the map by looking at which countries were around when.  This one seems to be from 1961-1964 due to the appearance of Tanganyika in Africa.  Wilder's geography will probably be a bit off due to the dated map, but this Craigslist score is just too darn cool to pass up!  

Twin-sized Bed, $60

CL Twin Bedframe $60 5-30-15

Speaking of Wilder's big kid bed, I'm planning to get him into this one when we make the move to Dexter.  It still needs a bit of sanding and a finish, but since the seller agreed to $60, it is well worth the added work.  

Queen-sized headboard, $195

CL Head Board in Kirkland tall wood 195 6-24-15

Okay, this 7-foot-tall headboard has got to be one of my favorite Craisglist scores ever.  I actually saw this ad when I was on a train to Portland with Wilder to visit my sister. So I sent Garrett, who had stayed behind to work on the house, to go pick it up.  I should say that I giddily sent him to pick it up.  When I returned from Portland and saw the massive thing in our garage, I literally said, "holy f*@k it's sooooooooo cool! I love it, I love it! I really do!"  Garrett was a bit more subdued.  He said something like "Yeah it's fine. It looks just like the photo".  But let me tell you, it's so much better in person.  And it's going to look killer in our master bedroom.  The seller's wife got the piece from an interior design shop (perhaps he meant an antiques store...?) for "way more money".  I was happy to pay every penny of their $195 asking price for this piece!

Normandy Wardrobe, $300

CL Wardrobe from France $350 North Capitol Hill

The owners brought this wardrobe over from their Normandy, France country house, so it's legitimately French Country. I know that's such a cliché term these days, but this beautiful wardrobe really does the genre justice.  It's just so gosh darn pretty.  And a steal at $300.  I had originally been planning on putting in an Ikea wardrobe in the master bedroom, but this one is so much better.  It's solid wood and really beautiful and half the cost of Ikea's Pax wardrobe.  Plus we got to peak inside the grandest old house in Capital Hill when we picked this heavy sucker up - and let me tell you, I probably should have paid them $300 just for the experience!

Radiators, $750

CL American Radiator Co. Cast Iron Radiators 6-10-15 copy

I have a post for next week on these beautiful radiators, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak!  We'll be using these to heat 4 rooms at Dexter and let me tell you, they are truly stunning!  

Stay tuned for more of my Craigslist addiction.  And pictures of finished rooms with these beauties in them!!!



p.s. Did you guys catch this house on 702 Park Project?  Sure hoping we'll get to see more of it!

p.p.s. The barn room at For the Love of a House is truly stunning and I love how it's decorated for summer.  Check it won't regret it!

p.p.p.s. We're heading into the 4th of July weekend and this potato salad looks delicious!   You're welcome.