Curtains, Affiliate Links, & Happy Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Friday!  This Friday is so much more glorious than the last because we finally have a couch to lounge on, and that makes movie night SO MUCH BETTER!  Even if we will have to watch the Peanuts Christmas movie yet again ;) What are you up to this weekend?  I'll be working on our living room, trying to find some pretty things for this space.  One thing I've been struggling with is curtains.  I had always imagined flowy white drapes (they just scream country to me), but now that I've gotten a glimpse, I'm just not sure.  Hung high or low, long drapes seem to distract from the millwork.  Perhaps no curtains at all is the answer (like Julia mentioned in last week's podcast).  Or maybe something simpler like roman shades.  What do you think?!

The Grit and Polish - Living Rm Curtain 1 The Grit and Polish - Living Rm Curtain 2The Grit and Polish - Living Rm Curtain 3


One 'behind the blog' item I wanted to share with you today is that I've started using some affiliate links.  For those of you who don't know, affiliate links are customized links to products that we use or love.  Those links allow this blog to receive a small commission when the item is purchased.  Affiliate links won't affect what I use/recommend and don't affect how much you pay for the item, so they seem like a win-win in my book...and a good first step towards making this blog profitable, a goal I set for the Grit and Polish last November.

DeVOL kitchens Instagram Inspiration

source, more on deVOL Kitchens in a minute...

Now on to the good stuff.  Grab a cup of coffee, and check out some great happenings from the internet this week:

There's still time! Enter to win the Chris Loves Julia Lowes Spring Makeover and you could be looking at a new kitchen or bath!

Manhattan Nest is one of my all time favorite renovation blogs - do you follow it?  I cannot wait to see how this bedroom turns out!

The Academy Award nominees are out!  Have you seen La La Land yet?  I'm dying to watch it!

The most beautiful wedding.  Related: why am I still so obsessed with weddings?!

I've been looking for a stylish outdoor thermometer and this weather station fits the bill.  And yes, that was an affiliate link.  Just getting you used to the idea ;)

Old Home Love episodes are finally available online!  Now all you millennials can finally watch it (and yes, I realize I'm a millennial too).

In case you're not already following the British masters of kitchen design (aka deVOL Kitchens), check them out.  And get ready for a healthy dose of kitchen envy!