Farmhouse Friday 05/11/18

Happy Friday! Guys, I've really fallen in love with Spring this week. Fall used to be my favorite season and then Summer and now Spring is giving me a run for my money. It's just so beautiful. The flowers are in full bloom, the grass is oh so green, and in-between all the sun we've had the best rain storms. Keep it up, Spring, and that top spot will be all yours!

Our Farmhouse // master bedroom // Skyline rug (on sale!), Swing-arm sconce (on sale too!)

I snagged lilacs from Nana and Papa's old house last week. I can't quite believe this, but their home sold within 10 days and we moved the last of their stuff this past weekend. It's the end of an era. Garrett and I started dating when we were 18, about a year after they built that house and there are so many wonderful memories wrapped up in it. I drank my first wine cooler while dipping my feet in their jetted tub with my sister and future sister-in-law. I played countless games of Perudo and cribbage around their dining table. I spent my first Christmas as a mom there and too many birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to count. And of course, I fell in love with an incredible man there at that house. Needless to say that home will be missed. But we're all very excited for new memories at their new home, the Porch House!

Well it's Friday again and I've found lots of great links from around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

Modern traditional style (and furniture). I'm very, very in! I often find it hard to define my style, but it's definitely along those lines. Also: the alternative names readers gave are even better: ‘Millennial Primitive’, ‘Modern Country’, ‘Contemporary Farmhouse’, and ‘Minimal Traditional’.

The Why of Financial Independence (an oldie from Choose FI podcast). "Not only is this about happiness and reclaiming your time. But it's about freedom. It's about freedom to have potentially decades back in your life that otherwise would have been spent at a job that you may or may not like."

Reusable wool dryer balls. Do you use them? I'm a recent convert and kind of obsessed.They decrease drying time (when we're not line drying) and cut out dryer sheets altogether, something Garrett is dead set against using.

via: NY Times // design: Leanne Ford // photo: Tessa Neustadt

Leanne Ford is a very talented designer (and new HGTV host) and her little cabin in the big city. I sure can appreciate her love of white and neutrals.

Made these smashed chickpea salad sandwiches this week. The verdict: easy and good (my 4 and 2 year-olds ate them too).

Does outsourcing unpleasant chores lead to happiness? It's an interesting question. Maybe you shouldn't outsource everything after all. 

Have a great weekend...and enjoy the Spring!



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