Farmhouse Friday 2/16/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? Ours was filled with too much sugar and more than a little bit of excitement. Garrett's sister, Naysa started a big kitchen renovation, and we're super excited to get our hands dirty.  This is the sister that stayed up with us into the wee hours of the night painting shelves and moving rugs until they were juuust right for the Porch House reveal on HGTV.  She is the best!  And we're thrilled to be returning the favor by helping with her kitchen renovation.

Demo and planning are underway, so we will be sharing all the details soon.  This project is a totally different style than we've done before, and on a small budget, which will flex our creative muscles in the best possible way! It's going to be a good one.

Well it's Friday again, which means I've scoured the internet for great links. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

How to parent an Olympian (or just a good human). I sent this article to Garrett and my sis - such a good read!

Four amazing self-taught designers shared how they got to where they are on CLJ's podcast this week. This is so worth a listen if you're interested in interior design or just interested in self-made success.

The sun has been shining all week, so naturally I've been thinking about our garden. I'd like to find a tool bag this year (like this one) and more copper garden markers.

You're in for a treat! Jessica Helgerson just released photos of her Park Slope Limestone project and it's good. I especially love it as inspiration for our Farmhouse since there's so much wood. I've often wondered if you can pull off wall paneling in the same color as the wall instead of matching the moldings and it turns out you can!

source // design Chelsie Lee for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design // architects were CWB Architects //photo by Christopher Sturman

Food blogger Molly Yeh got to be a commentator on the @olympicchannel this week and it was so fun!

Have you guys stayed at an Airbnb before? A few reasons to try it (and there's a discount code at the end).

Few things scare me as much as the news from Parkland Florida this week. Here are a few ways to help from Cup of Jo.