Farmhouse Friday 3/2/18

Happy Friday! We were planning to spend the weekend in Portland finishing up my sister's bathroom renovation and celebrating our joint birthday (we're identical twins). But alas, the flu has hit the Farmhouse. Gah. All three kids and Garrett are sick (but not me...?), so I've been fluffing pillows, warming tea, checking temperatures, and playing Planet Earth on repeat. But not all is lost. That bathroom renovation will get finished and birthday cake will be eaten, just later in the month when we're all healthy.

One fun thing about spending so much time at home this week is all the baking I've done. We're finally getting the hang of sourdough, and I made my best loaf yet (shown above). I think our breakthrough was storing our starter in Daphne's room over night (it's the warmest room in the house). Garrett and I were joking that we treat our starter like a pet - putting it to bed at night and feeding it regularly. Ha!

Well it's Friday again, meaning I've scoured the internet for lots of great links. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

It's hard to put yourself out there. Hard to disappoint people. And even harder to walk away from success - be it a well-paying career or a podcast - when your heart just isn't in it. I so related to Julia's sentiments this past week about stopping her podcast. And Melissa's about not quitting blogging (and going grey ;).

A garage turned dining room. What a transformation!

A case for letting the universe decide because sometimes goals are over-rated and maybe even counter-productive.

I've been following this renovaiton of an Edwardian home in South London on Instagram. So good!

6 mistakes even smart women make with their money.

Goodness I love this large block print fabric art! Jacqueline made it herself, and it sounds like a totally doable DIY.

Speaking of birthdays, I asked Garrett for a few hours to start this book. I also picked up a copy for Nana, who has a birthday this weekend too!

Have a great weekend!